Dead Island 2 Search For The Truth Walkthrough

The 21st main story mission of Dead Island 2, Search for Truth, is centered around you gathering more intel and uncovering the truth ...

The 21st main story mission of Dead Island 2, Search for Truth, is centered around you gathering more intel and uncovering the truth behind the deadly outbreak that has plagued California. You notice that Tisha has gone missing, and your quest for information has led you to seek Konradt, who may know more about the situation.

How to complete Dead Island 2 Search for the Truth quest

The Search of the Truth mission in Dead Island 2 begins with the objective of meeting up with Reed’s daughter. You will start at the Sterling Hotel, where you are revealed about Tisha’s absence.

You must exit the Serling Hotel area, cross the road before you and continue along this route for a little while. As soon as you spot a set of water sprinklers, take the first left here to find a Crusher blocking the entry to the building just up ahead.

You must take it down to gain access to this building. As you enter the building, head to the second floor to find Trisha waiting for you inside the room down the hallway.

You’ll commiserate over the lack of information access given to you by Dr. Reed in Dead Island 2 and conclude that Konradt might have the answers you seek.

The next step will be to find him for answers at the OSK store. The path that leads to the OSK store’s building is through a narrow alleyway. You can take a left to get on the correct path.


At the OSK store building, you’ll need to give the code word to skOpe at the far wall. Once you try, you’ll soon realize that the servers are down and must be rebooted before you are granted access.

To access the server room in Dead Island 2, you’ll first need to find the keycard that unlocks the door. Check the counter for the “Staff notice GTFO,” which reveals the person possessing the keycard you need.

Find Keycard

You’ll have to find the employee named Henry to find the keycard. Exit through the open door on your left side and turn right to find him. You’ll see that Henry has now turned into a regular Walker zombie.

Take him out to retrieve his keycard. You can now return to the server room and gain entry inside using the acquired keycard.

Inside the room, you must search for the lever to activate the power supply in Dead Island 2. You should be able to spot it as you look to your right in between two shelves. These shelves will be the ones furthest away from you, so move toward them.

Pull the lever and make your way over to the server room. Interact with the switch on them to restore the power supply. Once the power is back on, hurry over and return to the store area.

Upon your arrival there, you will be confronted by a swarm of zombies. This will also include a Screamer and a Voltaic Screamer in Dead Island 2.

You must note that Screamers can break the store’s glass, triggering an alarm outside the store. You must destroy this alarm beforehand to avoid more zombies coming your way.

After eliminating all the zombies, head back to the server room, and scan the area for any remaining stragglers. You can now head back over to the sKOpe device. You will utter the code to the device on the room’s back wall once more to continue the mission.

Once you have given the codeword to the sKOpe device, you’ll play a recording between Dr. Reed and an individual Immune to the virus. After the recording ends, you’ll also find a text with an image attached showing the Randgate building service entry 7.

Locate Randgate building service entry 7

Your next objective for this mission is to locate this point. To get there, leave the store and turn left. After that hug the building’s side until you reach the stairs to your right.

You may also encounter zombies on your way there, so take them out while you’re at it. You should also be on the lookout for Burster zombies in this swarm. Since they are much more deadly, you engage with caution.

Now head towards the ambulance and turn left between the small central building. You must continue uphill on the slope before you, as this route takes you directly to Service Entry 7 in Dead Island 2.

You’ll then use your radio to have Tisha open the gates for you. After the gates open, you’ll be blocked by another set of zombies. This wave will include a Caustic X Walker, a Screamer, and 4 Hazmat Walkers.

Start eliminating them individually; we suggest going for the Screamer first. After eliminating the swarm, head on over to the end of the room. You will find a maglocked door here, and the next objective tasks you to find a way to open maglocks.

Maglocked Door

As you scan the maglock door, you’ll see that it shows three colored lights. To open the door, your current objective will be to find and disable all three panels in Dead Island 2.

You can find one of the panels in a small office accessible through another unlocked door you find in the area. Another panel is inside the garage; you must look toward the right-sided wall to find it.

The third panel is hidden behind two wooden crates on a platform in the corner of the room.

All three panels must be found and disabled to continue. Head back toward the Maglocked door. You’ll see that the door is now unlocked and leading toward a hallway.

You must open the door on your left to access Dr. Reed’s lab in Dead Island 2. You’ll notice a glass box inside. Have a look around the room to find a few items of interest. The first item is the laptop on top of a glass counter.

You will also find a sKOpe on the table right next to it. Finally, as you look to your right, you will also spot a Blood Recorder. Examine each item, including the glass container. Finally, you can use the Blood Drive laptop at the end to begin a cutscene sequence that shows the Blood recorder malfunction.

The scene ends with the recorder electrocuting the corpse inside the glass, mutating and reanimating it. The mutated corpse will burst out of its confinement and begin a boss fight in Dead Island 2.

Specimen: Noah boss fight

Specimen: Noah will be the first mutator you encounter in Dead Island 2 and like all the other zombie variants, the introduction to this type also starts as a boss fight. Mutators have an ability that makes them resemble a Walker or a Shambler until you approach them.

As soon as you are in a certain proximity to them, they transform into a Mutator. Load noises can achieve the same transformation as well. Noah has a standard moveset that comprises Lunges and Swipes. His arsenal also includes AoE shockwave slams, which the Crushers are capable of.

You’ll also have to be wary of jabs and slashes that his extendable Bony arm can deliver. On top of this, Mutators also can fire off bone spikes from their torso, so you’ll have to minimize the distance between them to allow you to dodge and block their shots.

The strategy to defeat Noah will involve using a high-level modded weapon with status-effect-inflicting capabilities. You can also consider weapons that decrease his Stability during the fight.

The environment can be fully exploited to your advantage by using the oil barrels to damage Noah. However, you will also have to vary of Hazmat Walkers that join the fight in Dead Island 2 soon after.

You can rack up a regular amount of Crit attacks by targeting one limb with all your attacks. You will start to fill up your Fury Mode meter throughout the fight against Noah. When his health is significantly depleted, it automatically triggers so you can utilize it to put the Coup de Grace on him.

Confront Konradt and her group

Once the boss fight ends, you’ll be confronted by Konradt in Dead Island 2 and her group. They will boast about them being the “Evolutionary High point of humanity” and reveal no cure for the virus yet.

She telepathically asks you to approach Dr. Reed with this revelation, after which you can exit and fast-travel to the Serling Hotel. You catch a glimpse of an escaping helicopter there.

Climb to the third floor and head toward the main hotel area to be confronted by Jimmy, and you are held at gunpoint by him. In the commotion, Jimmy destroys the Blood Drive laptop in Dead Island 2.

You then calm everyone down before contacting Emma using the radio. You inform her about your idea for an escape option for everyone. It includes using the helicopter at Hollywood Boulevard.

Emma then tells you that Patton must first agree to fly everyone out. As your conversation ends, the Search for Truth mission in Dead Island 2 concludes. You can then carry on to the next story mission, Rage Quit.

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