How To Fast Travel In Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 allows you to fast travel between places to save up some time but it can be confusing how to unlock this feature...

Dead Island 2 features a pretty sizeable map of LA and San Francisco. While running through it all on foot and killing every zombie you see is fun, it can get tiring constantly going back and forth between places. Thankfully, there is a way to utilize Dead Island 2 fast travel but you might be confused in the early hours of the game on how to do it.

How to unlock fast travel in Dead Island 2

Yes, fast travel does exist in Dead Island 2 but it takes some time for it to get unlocked. Specifically, a fair amount of progress in the main story of the game. After a couple of hours in the Beverly Hills/Bel-Air area of Dead Island 2, you will move through the sewers to reach Venice Beach.

Reaching the safe zone in Venice Beach, the Blue Crab bar. Go through the hilarious cutscene there to complete the Red Mist quest. This is the point where Fast Travel gets unlocked.

Fast Travel in Dead Island 2 makes use of Fast Travel Maps that you can find hanging up or on desks inside safe zones like the Blue Crab. Simply interact with it and you will see a list of possible locations to travel to.

The fast travel options are fairly limited. It’s basically just travel between two safe houses, you can’t just teleport to any location on the map. There are 10 total zones in the game where you can teleport to. Most of them just have one destination.

Fast travel is also the only way to switch between Day and Night at will in the game.

Dead Island 2 fast travel locations

As mentioned before, most districts in Dead Island 2 have only one fast travel map location and it is typically a safe house. Brentwood Sewers and Venice Beach are an exception as each of these locations have two fast travel spots.

Below are all the fast travel maps locations where you can teleport to in the game

  • Bel-Air (starting area) – Emma Jaunt’s mansion
  • Beverly Hills – Roxanne’s House
  • Monarch Studios – Green Screen
  • Halperin Hotel – Janitor’s Office
  • Venice Beach – Blue Crab Grill and The Tower
  • Brentwood Sewers – Maintenance Room
  • Metro – Utility Storage
  • Ocean Avenue – Serling Hotel
  • The Pier – Lifeguard HQ
  • Hollywood Boulevard – Re-Aging Clinic
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