How To Kill Each Dead Island 2 Apex Zombie Variant

An Apex Zombie is among the toughest in Dead Island 2 and their variants are even deadlier. We will help you defeat them all.

Apex Zombies are the strongest enemies in Dead Island 2. As the name suggests these variants are basically souped-up versions of regular zombies that can make your life a hell in Hell-A should you run into one. All Apex Zombies are different, have different powers and different abilities, as well as unique weak points that you need to target when fighting them. This guide will help you defeat all the different Apex Zombie variants in Dead Island 2.

How to defeat each Apex zombie in Dead Island 2

For the most part, you will encounter Apex zombies during missions or as bosses in Dead Island 2. If you see a named zombie, chances are that it is an Apex variant. However, that is not always the case as some named zombies in Dead Island 2 can be pretty weak as well.

Below are the details of how to defeat the Apex variant of typical Zombie types in Dead Island 2.

Crushers/Inferno Crushers

Although different, both are variants of the same Apex zombie, with the only difference being that Inferno Crushers are on fire and deal fire damage as well.

This Apex type is a slow brute that keeps on pacing towards you slowly. Mostly using punches, a single punch from Crushers and Inferno Crushers will knock you down. Other than that, Crushers can use a jump attack to close in distances and attack you as well.

The best way of dealing with Crushers and Inferno Crushers is to attack their legs. A few well-placed shots or attacks on their legs will break off and dismember the Crusher’s legs, killing them.


Bursters take on the kamikaze tactics to attack you since these are the exploding type zombies. You can easily spot them from the large swelling on their body. The Burster’s method of attacking is to run to you once they spot you, and then explode, dealing damage to you and all and any zombies around them. They can be used to take out multiple zombies if you use them properly.

Bursters are the easiest zombie to kill in Dead Island 2. A few shots will cause them to explode on your demand. If you don’t want to waste your bullets, you can allow a Burster to get close to you and as soon as it starts wriggling, indicating that it’s about to explode, you can dodge away from the zombie to get away.

Two dodges in the direction away from the Bruster will put you far enough to be safe from the Bruster’s explosion.


Slobbers come in different variants. There are the basic Slobbers, Purified Slobbers and the Firestorm Slobbers. These are the strongest Apex zombies, just because they are quite literally damage sponges. There are giant fat blob zombies, rumbling towards you and attacking you with powerful swings.

Other than that, these Slobbers have ranged attacks as well. The basic Slobbers spit acid, the Purified Slobbers spit exploding traps and the Firestorm Slobbers spit fire.

To defeat them, you need to depend on your ranged weapons. Keep your distance, and keep on shooting the Slobbers. If you notice, one of the Slobber’s legs is rotted and the bone is exposed.  Shoot this leg and focus on it to land critical hits.


The most annoying Apex Variant to deal with, Screamers are mutated female zombies who scream when they see you. The main purpose of this zombie is to attract other zombies to attack you, and always give away your location. On their own, Screams are not so difficult. There is also the Volcanic Screamer version, where the Volcanic Screamers also shoot fire at you.

Try to kill off the Screamer before it can start screaming. Shooting or hitting it with throwable weapons allow you to repeatedly stagger the Screamer, forcing it to stay quiet. If you manage to sneak up on the Screamer, you can simply bash hit in with your melee weapons and kill it quickly. Screamers are weak to melee attacks but are quite vigilant, so sneaking up on them is not so easy.


Butchers are the most dangerous Apex zombies in Dead Island 2, because of their agility and extensive damage. Butchers are fast and nimble, close in distance in an instant and attacking you ruthlessly. Their attack chains are complex as compared to other zombies in the game.

The worst part about Butchers is that these zombies have the ability to heal themselves as well. When you deal some damage, they can feed on corpses lying around to heal themselves, so you cannot just allow them to retreat away from you at all.

You need to attack them after their chains have ended, provided you are using melee weapons. For ranged weapons, some Butchers can block your attacks, so you need to find an opening to attack them. Furthermore, always keep on their tail and don’t let them retreat or run away, otherwise you might come face to face with a healed Butcher.


Lastly, Mutators stay amongst the hordes as walkers, and only transform into their monstrous self. Mutators are extremely powerful zombies, moving fast and absorbing almost everything you throw at them. With long attack chains, and powerful hits that knock you back, you need to watch out for Mutators.

Your best bet to kill them is to kill them in walker form before they mutate into their final form. Do this by taking a headshot at them in their walker form. After the transformation, keep your distance from the Mutators. You should depend on your ranged weapons to take them down.

Aim for the head and use your strongest weapon whilst doing so. Lastly, if you are depending on your melee weapons, always attack after the Mutator’s attack chain has ended in order to land a few hits safely. As such, either aim for the head or its legs to deal critical damage.

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