How To Open Maglocks In Dead Island 2

Maglocks in Dead Island 2 are a type of lock that can only be opened by cutting the flow of electricity towards the door...

In Dead Island 2, you will encounter doors you can open using a specific key or card. However, there is a lock that is different in its way, the Maglock. Dead Island 2 maglocks are a type of lock that can only be opened by cutting the flow of electricity toward the door. These doors are locked by electricity, and the source of that electricity is the electric panels connected to the door.

How to disable Maglocks in Dead Island 2

Before disabling the Maglocks in Dead Island 2, you need to find them. Finding the first Maglock is pretty straightforward. Simple head to the Emma House, and you will find the Maglock in the mansion. This Maglock is relatively easy to disable. All you have to do is destroy the electric panels you see on the left side of the door in Dead Island 2.

However, you will encounter a Maglock, which can turn into a nightmare if not opened following specific steps. The Maglock at Kiosk Security Room, before rushing in to find the electrical circuits, you must disable the alarm first, which is located above the door.

After disabling the alarm, you need to destroy the electric panel. To find the panel, follow the wires. However, this won’t open the door because the second circuit is inside the security room in Dead Island 2.

You can only find it if you look from the Kiosk window, and breaking the window will make the alarm go off, but since you already destroyed the alarm, you don’t have to worry about that. Now to destroy the circuit inside the room, you need to throw a weapon on the panel as you can’t get close to it.

The moment you destroy the Panel, the door will open. You may face different challenges before opening the Maglocks in Dead Island 2, but the method is the same. All you need to do is Trace the electric wires coming out of the Maglock and find a way to destroy them.


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