How To Defeat Specimen Noah In Dead Island 2

Near the end of Dead Island 2's main campaign, during the Search for the Truth mission, you will run into...

Near the end of Dead Island 2’s main campaign, during the Search for the Truth mission, you will run into one of the deadliest bosses, Specimen: Noah. Dead Island 2 Specimen: Noah is the very first mutator you encounter in the game and as the name suggests, this zombie type can evolve into an even dangerous monstrosity.

If you are struggling to defeat Specimen Noah in Dead Island 2, let us help you out with handy tips and strategies against the boss.

Dead Island 2 Specimen: Noah boss fight

As mentioned before, you will be investigating Dr Reed’s lab in Search for the Truth mission. The lab is in Ocean Avenue and that is where you will encounter Specimen Noah.

 In the Ocean Avenue site, after the existing SKO store find Tisha near a white van. Enter the Service entry and destroy all three power sources of maglocks then continue through the door to reach Dr Reed’s Lab where you will find Noah, a test specimen of Dr Reed.

Since this formidable, mutated enemy is an apex variant of various other zombies, its powers are a blend of other zombies. It comes forward as a Walker or Shambler zombie. As it gets closer, his attack pattern is quite the same. It slams two sweeps of melee attacks in the short-range using its arms and lungs and after that slams the ground to make a shockwave like a Crusher.

Moreover, its sharp bony forearm deals very lethal slashes, straight or diagonally in close fights like a Butcher zombie. Its ultimate and most dangerous attack is throwing sharp projectiles of small bones from its chest which can cause severe damage and bleeding.


The most daunting thing is the Hazmat Walkers, which come in hounds when the gate is opened. They threaten the player when Noah is low on health.

You can defeat Specimen Noah in DI2 if you follow these tips:

  • Players need to block sweep attacks of Noah to stun him and wait after the ground slam so that they can hit him hard.
  • Avoid keeping a distance from Specimen Noah and take a close fight so that he may not throw bone projectiles at you.
  • Try to block and cover yourself during the projectile bones attack and do not risk dodging them when you are not good at timing.
  • Target the chest in all the attacks to deal the damage as hard as you can.
How To Defeat Specimen Noah In Dead Island 2
  • Always use a heavy crowd control weapon to deal with multiple walkers at once
  • You can use ranged weapons like Bodycount or Big Shot to hit from a distance.
  • Get him near the explosive barrels so you can explode them and deal maximum damage.
  • Lastly, use Fury mode when Noah is low on health and Walkers come in because it will help slay them faster and take down the boss easily.

Since this is a main mission, the major rewards you get will be in the form of XP to level up easily.

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