Cyberpunk 2077 Best Ripperdoc Upgrades

The best Ripperdoc Upgrades you can buy.

Ripperdocs are underground professionals who install and sell various body modifications to your character. You can find at least one Ripperdoc in every area of the game. After playing the game for a while, you can determine the Best Ripperdoc upgrades in Cyberpunk 2077, making your character more formidable.

Best Ripperdoc upgrades to buy in Cyberpunk 2077

Buying the best Ripperdoc upgrades will turn your character into a Cyberpsycho with the most powerful Cyberware. You can do this by visiting the Ripperdocs located in different areas.

Each of these will have a unique Cyberware for your character, and most upgrades could also vary. Below are some of the best Ripperdoc upgrades that you should try.

Synaptic Signal Optimizer

A skeletal Cyberware Synaptic Signal Optimizer has the most basic and useful effect in the game. It straight-up increases your total HP by 60%. This means the higher your HP, the higher your HP boost from this upgrade.

You can buy a Synaptic Signal Optimizer upgrade from the Ripperdoc in Kravitz’s Clinic in Charter Hills for 28000 Eddies. You must have spent 20 points in your Body attribute to get this upgrade.

Bionic Lungs

You are going nowhere if V is in no shape to run around. For this, you need Bionic Lungs. This upgrade increases V’s stamina by 60% of the total stamina. Like the Synaptic Signal Optimizer, your stamina boos only increases as you level up, making Bionic Lungs a very profitable investment.

You can buy Bionic Lungs from the Ripperdoc Nina in Westbrook for 7,000 Eddies. You need to have 18 Body attributes to purchase this upgrade.

Reinforced Tendons

Maneuverability can be essential when you are taking on multiple gang members. Reinforced Tendons allow you to double jump at any time. You can use these to overcome obstacles, reposition yourself, or even get to higher ground in a fight.

You can buy it from Viktor’s Clinic, Finger’s Shop, or Cassius Ryder’s Shop in Night City for 45,000 Eddies.

Titanium Bones

With Titanium Bones, your carry capacity increases by 605 of the total carry capacity. The Ripperdoc sells Titanium Bones in Heywood, Wellsprings for 2,000 Eddies. You need to have 13 body attributes to install the upgrade.

Second Heart

Seeing how much you will find yourself in the crossfire in Cyberpunk 2077, you will inevitably be shot down sooner or later. With the Second Heart Ripperdoc Upgrade, you can revive yourself once every 2 minutes if you get shot down.

The upgrade has a 2-minute cooldown, so try to stay alive for 2 minutes; otherwise, there is only a respawn. The second Heart upgrade can be bought from the Ripperdoc in Heywood, Wellsprings. You must pay 42,000 Eddies for your Second Heart and have 16 Body attributes and 49 Street Cred.


This Ripperdoc upgrade will restore your health to 100% when it falls below 15% of your total health. The upgrade has a cooldown time of 2 minutes so you might carry a few First Aid kits.

You can purchase the BioMonitor for 42,000 Eddies from Badlands Ripperdoc. You need to have 18 Body attributes to get the BioMonitor installed.


Heal-On-Kill Ripperdoc upgrade is a frontal cortex cyberware upgrade that restores 1% health every time you kill an enemy. This upgrade is perfect for anyone who loves engaging in a heated battle head-on rather than sneaking around.

You can get the Heal-On-Kill cyberware Ripperdoc upgrade from Cassius Ryder’s Shop in Northside for 35,000 Eddies if you have 18 points in the body attribute.

Netwatch Netdriver Mk.5

Netwatch Net driver Mk.5 is the best option for your Cyberdeck, as it offers 11 Base RAM, 8 Buffer Size, 6 Slots, and even lets you perform quick hacks on three enemies within a 6-meter radius at once with a RAM recovery rate of 9 Ram per minute.

You will be quick to hack a lot of your enemies to oblivion. Netwatch Netdriver Mk.5 can be bought for 43,750 Eddies from the Ripperdoc in Heywood, Wellsprings. You need to have 49 Street Cred to purchase this upgrade.

Subdermal Armor

As the name says, Subdermal Armor is Armor that goes under your skin. This Ripperdoc upgrade will increase your total armor by 200. The Subdermal Armor can be bought from Dr. Chrome in Kabuki Market for 14,000 Eddies.

Limbic Enhancement System

Critical Hits are always nice. It’s good for taking out stronger enemies, and it’s just plain fun to blast your enemy in just one hit. The Limbic Enhancement System increases your overall critical hit chance by 25%.

You can purchase a Limbic Enhancement System from the Ripperdoc in Japantown in Westbrook for 16,800 Eddies. You need to have 18 Intelligence for this upgrade.


With Cataresist, all your resistances are increased by 35%, allowing you to fight back against thermal, chemical, and even physical damage enemies with more gusto.

Cataresist upgrade can be bought from the Ripperdoc in Japantown, Westbrook, for 11,200 Eddies. You need to have 15 Cool to get this upgrade installed.

Pain Editor

Less damage is always good. You cannot just keep on stacking on your armor to reduce incoming damage as the fights get more intense. You can, however, invest in the Pain Editor Ripperdoc upgrade to reduce all incoming damage by 10%.

The damage reduction only increases as the strength of your enemies increases, allowing you to take more risks when in a gunfight. Pain Editor is available at Japantown Ripperdoc in Westbrook for 22,400 Eddies.

Optic Camo

The Optic Camo Ripperdoc upgrade in Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to become invisible for 45 seconds. You can use this to sneak around, get away, or reposition yourself in a fight. This cyberware has a cooldown of 1 minute.

Optic Camo is available at West Wind Estate, Pacifica Ripperdoc, for 28,000 Eddies.

Mantis Blades

Although Ripperdocs sell Monowire, Gorilla Knuckles, and Projectile Launchers, none can beat the Mantis Blades. These fast, high DPS melee weapons, with the option to install versions that deal physical, chemical, or thermal damage, are the best melee weapons you can pick for yourself.

Mantis Blades can be bought from the Downtown City Center Ripperdoc for 100,350 Eddies. You can also find some for free in various missions in the game, specifically Phantom of Night City Cyberpsycho Sighting. I still recommend buying it for the Legendary variant.

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