How To Get The Iguana Pet Easter Egg In Cyberpunk 2077

Get Nibbles a great Iguana friend.

Nibbles is not the only pet you can get in your apartment. Cyberpunk 2077 hides a great Iguana easter egg that you can hatch to get an Iguana pet as well.

The way to get the egg is actually pretty straightforward and easy, but it becomes tedious if you miss it the first time.

We will go through both ways to tell you how to get the egg at any point in your playthrough. We will also tell you how to hatch it to get your Iguana pet in Cyberpunk 2077.

The Iguana egg location in Cyberpunk 2077

If you are starting a new playthrough, you can get the Iguana egg early in the game during the opening Heist mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

When you enter Yorinobu’s penthouse, look to your left to find a log in a display as shown in the image below. The Iguana egg is located right behind the log. Pick it up and leave the penthouse to bag yourself a new pet for your apartment.

The best bet is to get the Iguana egg early in your playthrough.

How to get the Iguana egg after The Heist gig

If you missed the opportunity to get the Iguana egg in the Heist main mission, worry not because you can still get the Easter egg in Cyberpunk 2077. However, you will have to put in a bit of effort to get to the Konpeki Plaza again.


The recent Phantom Liberty 2.0 update has rendered the skylight useless, so you need to find another way to get back in for the Iguana egg after completing the Heist gig.

Fast travel to California & Pershing. Head straight until you see the tallest building. As you go ahead on the yellow indicated path, stop right where the green barrier stops as shown in the image.

You can still get the Iguana egg after the Heist in Cyberpunk 2077.

Make sure you have cyberwares such as Fortified Ankles and Reinforced Tendons, which incidentally is one of the many beginner tips we recommend to new or returning Cyberpunk 2077 players.

After that proceed to jump over the green barrier and you will come across the area of Konpeki Plaza. Head straight forward until you reach the back of the plaza. Then you will see a pair of cars. There will be one car that blocks the entrance to the plaza.

For this to work you have to get the shutter open by parking the car just close to the shutter. As soon as you exit the vehicle from the driving side, the shutter will glitch and open to provide you an entry into the Plaza.

This method has still not been patched in the Update 2.0 and you can use it to get the Iguana Egg. It, however, will probably take a few attempts to get right.

Head straight into the plaza and let the elevator take you to the Conference Room located on the 98th floor. After reaching the floor enter the room and if you move a bit forward you will see another compartment that has a window opened granting you access to get out of the conference room. Align with the window by taking help from the supported glass in the room and jump in an aligned manner.

As you jump you will enter the upper floor. To get access to the floor take the straight path in the image below.

Follow the path as shown.

At the end, you will see a vent labeled exit open. As it opens the exit labeled vent will shift left. Step on the vent and jump in a correct manner such that you get above the glass.

Then jump across the two glass-covered sections and proceed to jump further and get a hold of the upper platform.

You may adjust the time to evening if it’s too bright for you. As you get a hold of the upper platform, it further has another upper platform that you have to go at. Go there and then align with the building nearby. Jump again get over the slanted tiles and make your way up onto the building.

Go to the rightmost corner of the slanted tiles and jump again. You will elevate to the floor that contains the Yorinobu’s Penthouse. Then just walk on the ledge and tread carefully. Go around the Penthouse until you see a window open. Then just head towards the log and obtain the egg.

Walk along the ledge to get the Iguana egg in Cyberpunk 2077.

Getting out of the Penthouse and onto where you were requires the same procedure but reversed exactly so follow the steps in a reverted manner to get to where you started safely.

Cyberpunk 2077 Iguana egg console command

If you do not want to spend time, you can use a console command to spawn the Iguana Egg in your inventory. Type the following in your console to get a new pet for your apartment:

  • Game.AddToInventory(“Items.q005_iguana_egg”,1)

Some players report that the Iguana egg disappeared from their inventory. This was either due to a bug or because they were using the Auto-Disassemble perk which automatically scraps junk items into crafting components.

How to hatch the Iguana egg in Cyberpunk 2077

Getting the Iguana egg is only the first part. You also need to hatch the egg to get yourself a pet Iguana in Cyberpunk 2077.

Once you have the egg, continue playing the main campaign until you reach Tom’s Diner in the second act. Speak with Takemura at the Diner and then return to your apartment. You will find a bowl on one of your tables.

If the bowl is still missing from your apartment, try to return later on after reloading your game. The Iguana easter egg is also apparently exclusive to PC. If you are playing on PlayStation or Xbox, you will not get the bowl in your apartment.

If you have the Iguana egg in your inventory, interact with the bowl to place the egg inside it. Now all you have to do is wait for the egg to hatch. Unfortunately, the hatching process takes 90 in-game days (or maybe even more) in Cyberpunk 2077.

You can either continue exploring Night City and doing missions or skip time. You can also sleep for 24 hours straight back-to-back until the 90-day requirement is fulfilled. If you have installed the Time Mod, you can use it to reduce the time from 90 days to a user-defined value.

When the egg finally hatches, you will have a new pet Iguana waiting for you in your apartment. You can pet the Iguana as well as pet Nibbles.

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