How To Unlock Johnny Silverhand’s Outfit, Gun, Car In Cyberpunk 2077

Read this guide to learn how to get a Johnny Silverhand clothing set and how to customize his appearance in Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll come across Johnny Silverhand, who is a military veteran rock boy with a great sense of style. He fought against the NUSA government and the megacorporation after being declared a terrorist.

His major military skills came during the Second Central American War. At some point in his life, he was the representative of the legendary chrome rock band Samurai. Read this guide to learn how to get a Johnny Silverhand clothing set and how to customize his appearance.

How to get Johnny Silverhand’s clothing set

Johnny’s Aviators (Face)

There is a side job named A Cool Metal Fire inside the Chippin’ In quest.  After completing the A Cool Metal Fire, you can automatically receive Johnny’s Aviators.

Johnny’s Samurai Jacket (Outer Torso)

You can find Johnny’s Samurai Jacket while doing the Chippin’ In quest. This quest will be given to you by Johnny who will do the whole side job with you. At the start of the side job, you will get Johnny’s Samurai Jacket from the Rogue.

Johnny’s Samurai Jacket is a replica of the original jacket of Johnny’s Samurai. The original one was lost and this one is custom-made by Rogue.

Johnny’s Tank Top (Inner Torso)

Johnny’s Tank Top can be found in the fifth and the last phase of the Tapeworm quest. There is a side job inside the quest named Search and Destroy. When you complete this side job, you will meet with Johnny in the motel.

The last task of Tapeworm is to leave the hotel through the window after talking to Johnny. You will automatically get Johnny’s Tank Top after this task.

Johnny’s Pants (Legs)

After starting the Gig: Psychofan quest, you will find Johnny’s Pants in Kerry’s apartment. This item can easily be collected as loot from the suitcase inside the apartment.

Johnny’s Shoes (Feet)

You can find Johnny’s Shoes while doing the Gig: Family Heirloom side quest. After accepting the gig in the Heywood, you will find Johnny’s Shoes alongside the Bootleg Shard and Car Keys in the locker.

How to get Johnny Silverhand’s gun

You can find Johnny Silverhand’s Malorian Arms 3516 pistol during the Chippin in Side job. After you have defeated Grayson and the Maelstorm gangsters, you can find the gun from group leader Grayson.

You will question Grayson who is about to die and he will give you the location of Johnny Silverhand’s Malorian Arms 3516 pistol.

How to get Johnny Silverhand’s car

You can get the keys to Johnny Silverhand’s car while doing Chippin in Side job. You will defeat the Grayson and the Maelstorm gangsters in this mission. After defeating them, you will get two choices which will be to either kill him or let him go.

Both choices will give you the keycard of Johnny Silverhand’s car. If you let Grayson go, he will give you the keys to the car by hand. And if you kill him, you must search his body to find and recover the keys.

How to customize Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077

To customize Johnny Silverhand’s appearance, you must head inside the settings. The customization menu of Johnny Silverhand will be under the Additional Content tab. Once you have located this tab, you must find the Johnny Silverhand Appearance tab inside it.

Then change the flicker setting to the Alternate look from the default. Doing so will change the appearance of Johnny Silverhand.

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