Black Ops Cold Cold War Zombies: Best Ammo Mods

Give your favorite weapons some powerful buffs.

The Call of Duty franchise has made many changes to its Zombies mode throughout the years. The most notable change they made, though, was with the launch of the Black Ops Cold War. A major change they came up with was the introduction of Ammo Mods.

Ammo Mods are upgrades you can put on your weapon via the Pack-a-Punch machine, giving them several buffs. These buffs become necessary as you progress through the rounds. Without them, beating the hordes at higher rounds is nearly impossible.

Hence why, Ammo Mods play a crucial role in your Zombies gameplay – but which one should you get? Each Ammo Mod provides different effects, some better than others. To answer your question, we have ranked the best Ammo Mods in Cold War Zombies in this guide.

Best Ammo Mods in Cold War Zombies

There are a total of 5 different Ammo Mods in Cold War Zombies that you can choose from. Each Ammo Mod works in its unique way, giving a unique effect that can be upgraded up to 5 times. Each upgrade tier grants a new effect or builds on to the previous effect.

The 5 Ammo Mods include:

  • Napalm Burst
  • Dead Wire
  • Cryofreeze
  • Shatter Blast
  • Brain Rot

Some of the Ammo Mods are better than others depending on what effect they offer and how well that effect scales with upgrades, which is a crucial point to consider.

Before we move on to the ranking, it is worth noting that some of the Ammo Mods deal bonus damage to a particular type of enemy. The elemental weaknesses of each zombie type in Cold Water are listed below:

  • Mimics are weak to Brain Rot
  • Megatons are weak to Napalm Burst and Dead Wire
  • Manglers are weak to Napalm Burst
  • Krashny Soldats are weak to Shatter Blast and Cryofreeze
  • Tempests are weak to Brain Rot
  • Hellhounds are weak to Cryofreeze

5. Napalm Burst

Players who are regular with the Zombies mode and familiar with how things work know that Napalm Burst was never a suitable pick. Even after the recent buffs this Ammo Mod has received, it still doesn’t perform as well as the others.

Although the Napalm Burst is a good Mod to take out groups of Zombies overall, the increased damage it deals doesn’t last long enough. As you progress through the rounds and the difficulty gets higher, the extra damage you deal with the Mod becomes insignificant.

This is partly because the scaling with the weapon isn’t very great either. Although it’s good that it now works on special enemies as well, that’s not until you upgrade it to tier 4. Even at tier 5, the Mod makes zombies affected by burn explode and spread the effect to nearby zombies.

Regardless of these upgrades which may seem great at first glance, the Mod isn’t recommended for the long run. You will mostly be conserving your ammunition anyway, so applying the burn effect wouldn’t matter much because of the insignificant damage output.

4. Dead Wire

Once again, regular players of the Zombies mode would know how overpowered of an Ammo Mod Dead Wire used to be in COD Cold War. Things have changed a lot since the recent update, and this Mod has been nerfed big time, which is why we had to put it so low on the list.

This still doesn’t mean that Dead Wire is completely useless now though, because there are a few buffs this Mod can grant which others cannot. The Dead Wire initially gives you a chance to fire an electricity-laced bullet that shocks the zombies upon impact. When it’s upgraded to tier 5, it can spread that effect and stun multiple zombies, although the number used to be way more than what it offers now.

Lastly, this is the only Ammo Mod in the game right now that can affect Megatons. Therefore, it may be a great option on certain selected maps.

3. Cryofreeze

The Cryofreeze Ammo Mod in Cold War Zombies works a little bit differently than the rest. This Mod is essentially a crowd control mod that focuses on slowing the zombies, and therefore, controlling their flow rather than focusing completely on damage.

As such, this Mod can be used in a variety of different situations, which is why it is considered better than the previous two Ammo Mods. It does require a little bit of strategy to use though, or it will get wasted if you don’t use it as intended

One of the best things about Cryofreeze in COD Cold War is that it also works very well on special enemies. Not only that, the Mod also gives you bonus points for every zombie you slow down and increases the damage you deal to frozen enemies as you upgrade through the 5 tiers.

2. Shatter Blast

The Shatter Blast is one of the best Ammo Mods you can use in Cold War, especially in the higher rounds. This Ammo Mod gives your bullets a chance to deal explosive damage. Each explosion that affects nearby zombies causes them to lose their armor.

The real fun starts when you upgrade this Mod to tier 4 or tier 5, as you then increase your explosion radius and the number of explosions. The Shatter Blast is hence effective on higher rounds because most of the enemies you face are armored enemies which are very hard to take down.

The only downsides to this Ammo Mod are that its cooldown time is too long, it doesn’t give you any extra points, and it only knocks down the nearby zombies that are affected by the explosion. It would’ve been the best Ammo Mod to use if the explosion actually killed the zombies rather than knocking them down.

Regardless of these downsides, the Shatter Blast is still one of the best Ammo Mods to use, and we recommend taking this one if you enjoy higher rounds and don’t care much about the points.

1. Brain Rot

As of now, the best weapon to use in Cold War Zombies is Brain Rot, ranking 1st. This Ammo Mod essentially gives you a chance to turn a zombie you hit to become your ally. This makes that zombie attack others.

Each turned zombie kills a fair number of zombies itself. This makes it very useful not only for the early but also for higher rounds. The main reason why the Brain Rot is ranking 1st on this list is because of its tier 4 and 5 upgrade effects.

The former allows you to make special zombies your allies, which is fantastic because these guys can kill a great number of zombies themselves. As for the latter upgrade, you basically break the game. Tier 5 allows any brain-rotted zombies that die to spread the effect to three other zombies near them.

This way you can start a chain reaction and let the whole zombie horde kill itself. This is very useful for the higher rounds when you are trying to preserve ammunition. The only downside with this Ammo Mod is that it doesn’t give you any points for the zombie kills.

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