Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten Best Ammo Mod Guide

We’ll be talking about Shatter Blast, which is currently the Best Ammo Mod available for use on the Mauer Der Toten map of Call War Zombies. This ammo mod was nerfed recently, and we will help you figure out if it is still the best or if it’s back to its original pre-season 4 buff state.

Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten Best Ammo Mod

To test whether the Shatter Blast ammo mod is still the best or not, we will be talking about its performance from the first Level up to level 55 as that’s the maximum health cap level right now. The performance will be the same on any level above Level 55.

We will be comparing the damage this ammo mod does to hordes and heavy enemies like the Panzer with the pre-nerf Shatter Blast to see just how much it has been nerfed.

Performance till Level 55

Just like before, we were able to wipe an entire horde of zombies on a single activation of the Shatter Blast ammo mod on Level 8. The Panzer on that Level will also go down very easily, which signifies that the nerf was not major at all.

Moving to Level 16, you can mow down the entire horde on the dance floor with a single activation. And we still haven’t upgraded our weapon because Shatter Blast makes quick work of hordes on the lower levels.

Even on the 28th Level, we were able to manage easily amongst special zombies, panzers, and normal hordes. And the same results continue till we reach Level 55.

Performance after Level 55

Once you reach Level 55, you will reach the maximum health cap in Cold War Zombies, so the performance of any weapon and ammo mod will be the same from here on out.

The Shatter Blast easily manages to one-hit entire hordes, but the blast radius has been nerfed a little. But that can be easily countered by training the zombies together and then activating Shatter Blast.

So, this performance run proves that Shatter Blast is still hands-down the best ammo mod for climbing up to the higher levels on Mauer Der Toten in Cold War Zombies. Simply upgrading your weapon a few times and using Shatter Blast with it is enough to swiftly clear higher levels without relying on camping spots.

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