Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Mauer Der Toten Pack-A-Punch Unlock Guide

Easy to unlock. Easy to use.

Unlocking the Pack-A-Punch machine not only provides players with a stronger weapon but also completes one of the steps for the main Easter Egg in Mauer Der Toten. Compared to other maps of Call of Duty: Cold War zombies, unlocking the PaP machine in Mauer Der Toten is a simple task that players can complete in the first few rounds of the game. Here’s what you do.

How to unlock the Pack-A-Punch machine on Mauer Der Toten

Unlocking the Pack-A-Punch machine requires players to first turn on the power to the whole map. To do so, players will be required to kill 2 Tempest zombies around the map. The Tempest zombies will drop Electrical Fuses upon defeat that are required to turn on the power.


Tempest zombie locations will be marked on your HUD with a white indicator.

Take both of the fuses to the Power Room found in the underground subway station and interact with the power switch to turn on the power. Once you’ve turned on the power two new markers will appear on the map.

Follow the marker that leads you to the room where you killed the second Tempest. In the room you’ll find a zipline you can use that’ll take you to East Berlin Street. Use the zipline to get on street level and find the PaP machine right in front of you.

How to activate the Pack-A-Punch machine

After locating the PaP machine, players will be required to complete a ritual to activate the machine and start upgrading their weapons in Mauer Der Toten. The ritual requires players to interact with the PaP machine and spawn a floating Disciple. Simply kill the Disciple and unlock the Pack-A-Punch machine in Cold War zombies.

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