Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How To Get The CRBR-S In Mauer Der Toten

One shot, multiple kills guaranteed.

The map of Mauer Der Toten has brought a lot of new content to Black Ops Cold War zombies and one of them is a newly added Wonder Weapon known as the CRBR-S.

The CRBR-S is a cyberpunk-styled pistol with a floating repeater that fires extra shots to make the dead super dead.

If you’re planning on slaying the zombies while having a more total recall approach, the CRBR-S should help you do just that. Use this guide to learn how to get the Wonder Weapon on the map of Mauer Der Toten.

How to the get the CRBR-S in Mauer Der Toten

There are a few ways through which players can obtain the Wonder Weapon. The first method involves taking a gamble and getting the CRBR-S from the Mystery Box. The second method involves completing the trials and getting the wonder weapon from the Legendary rewards.  

If you’re not a gambling man or don’t have many points to spare then complete a few tedious tasks to get a hold of the Wonder Weapon for free in COD zombies.

How to get the CRBR-S for free

The Wonder Weapon is located inside a safe placed in apartment 305’s bedroom. To get a hold of the CRBR-S, players must first find the combination of the safe which is hidden behind a few tedious tasks.

So, to kick off things, players must complete a few pre-requisite missions that are pretty easy to complete:

Once you’ve built Klaus, players must head over to the Power Room where they first turned on the light and throw a grenade at the locker in the room to guide Klaus. Throwing a lethal at the locker will cause Klaus to attack it and reveal a UV flashlight.

Acquire the UV flashlight and attach it to the under barrel of your weapon as it’ll be necessary for the next step. You can press the up button on the D-pad to turn the flashlight on and off.

Now that you have the UV flashlight with you, the next step is to find the 6-digit combination for the safe containing the CRBR-S wonder weapon in Mauer Der Toten. The 6-digit code is divided into three locations around the map, Garment factory, Service Passage, and Grocery Store.

Each of these places will be marked sequentially and offer you two digits each. However, the digits can be anywhere on the walls, and they vary in each game. So, you’ll have to comb the whole place with your newly-found UV backlight.

Location 1 – Garment Factory

The first location that players must head over to is the Garment Factory. Use the UV Flashlight on the walls to find the two-digit code.

Location 2 – Service Passage

The second two-digit codes are found in the Service Passage of the metro station located right below East Berlin Street. Flash the UV light at the walls to spot the third and fourth digit combination for the safe.

Location 3 – Grocery Store

The last two digits for the combination are placed on the walls of the Grocery Store located in the central area of the Mauer Der Toten map. Memorize the codes and head over to Hotel Room 305.

Head over to Hotel 305

With all six digits memorized, head over to room 305 of the abandoned Hotel and interact with the safe. Enter the codes in the sequence you found them and obtain the CRBR-S wonder weapon in Cold War zombies.

How to upgrade the CRBR-S

Being a wonder weapon, the CRBR-S is a robust weapon that will annihilate anyone standing in front of the barrel. But if players want to spice up their game and go towards higher rounds, they can tweak the weapon using the mod kits dropped by killing zombies. These kits are known as:

Blazer Mod Kit: Fire lock on missiles at the zombies. Consumes 4 bullets per missile.
Swarm Mod Kit: Transform the CRBR-S into a laser rifle
Diffuser Mod Kit: Fires blasts at zombies similar to the shotgun. Useful for close-quarter encounters.

These Mod kits will last until your magazine goes empty and will return the CRBR-S to its original state. However, if you want a more permanent fix for the wonder weapon, use the Pack-A-Punch to upgrade it and turn it into the CRB-TRN Duality.

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