How to Get the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon in Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten

The all-new Mauer Der Toten map in CoD Cold War Zombies has brought along many exciting features, one of them being a wonder weapon named CRBR-S. Our guide takes a dig into everything you should be aware of to get your hands on the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon in Mauer Der Toten.

CoD Cold War Zombies: Mauer Der Toten CRBR-S Wonder Weapon

CRBR-S is basically a powerful pistol that can serve you greatly as you take on the unending hordes of undead enemies in Cold War Zombies.

Although CRBR-S can be acquired from a Mystery Box or by completing Trials on Mauer der Toten, there’s another way of obtaining this coveted weapon, which is absolutely free.

How to Get CRBR-S Wonder Weapon for Free in Mauer Der Toten

The wonder weapon, CRBR-S, can be found inside a safe in the bedroom of Hotel Room 305. However, to open up the safe, you’ll require its respective combination, and that involves several steps.

So, first off, you need to fulfill some pre-requisites of this process.

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll want to equip a UV backlight to your gun.


Get the UV Backlight

With Klaus accompanying you, head to the Switch Control Room, where you’ll find a locker. Point Klaus towards the locker using your tactical grenade, and it’ll break down the locker for you, revealing the UV backlight inside.

Grab the UV Backlight and equip it with your gun. You’ll be using it for the next step while looking for the combination of the safe containing the wonder weapon.

You can control the UV backlight using the up arrow on the D-pad and 5 on the keyboard.

Mauer Der Toten Wonder Weapon Safe Combination

Alright, so, to fix the six-digit safe combination, you’ll need to visit three places, namely, Garment Factory, Service Passage, and Grocery Store.

Each of these places will be marked sequentially and offer you two digits each. However, the digits can be literally anywhere on the walls, and they vary in each game. So, you’ll have to comb the whole place with your newly-found UV backlight.

Location # 1 – Garment Factory

This place contains the first two digits of the safe combination. Using your UV backlight, search around, and you’ll eventually come across them.

This is where we found our desired digits in the Garment Factory:

Der Toten Wonder Weapon Safe Garment Factory

Location # 2 – Service Passage

The third and fourth digits of the combination can be found in the part of the Service Passage directly below the East Berlin Streets.

Again, search all over the walls using your backlight, and you’ll find them.

Der Toten Wonder Weapon Safe Service Passage

Location # 3 – Grocery Store

For the final set of digits, head to the Grocery Store, which is located in the central part of the map, and comb it for digits.

Once you’ve got the remaining digits, you’ll have the required safe combination, consisting of six digits.

Der Toten Wonder Weapon Safe Grocery Store

Head to Hotel Room 305

With all the six digits memorized, head to Hotel Room 305 and approach the safe. Enter the six digits of the combination as you found them, starting from left to right.

Note that while you’re entering the safe combination, none of the zombies will charge at you, so you can be relaxed while doing so.

Given that you enter the combination correctly, the safe will open up, allowing you to grab hold of a free wonder weapon – CRBR-S.

CRBR-S Wonder Weapon Specs

Being a wonder weapon, CRBR-S is an extremely robust weapon. You can further tweak it using three different mods kits, namely the Blazer Mod Kit, Swarm Mod Kit, and Diffuser Mod Kit, which drop upon killing zombies.

Moreover, as in the case of normal guns, you can upgrade it as well, using the Pack-a-Punch machine.