Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Dark Aether Intel Locations In Mauer Der Toten

Track down the origins of the plague.

The Dark Aether is part of the three types of intel presented in Mauer Der Toten that provides players an insight into how the plague occurred in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies. If you’re looking to acquire all of the collectibles in the game or just want to know what to expect next then this guide should help.

Where to find all Dark Aether Intel in Mauer der Toten

There is a total of 11 Dark Aether intel items scattered across the map. Some of them are rewarded to players for completing trials and some are part of the main Easter Egg. We’ve mentioned all of the locations for the intel items below.

Dark Aether Audio Logs

The Dark Aether audio logs are one of the many forms of intel that players can acquire by simply completing the trials in Mauer der Toten. These audio logs are rewarded randomly so you’ll have to participate in the trials a couple of times until you’ve acquired all three audio logs.

The audio logs are:

  • Lost Souls Valentina 1
  • Lost Souls Valentina 2
  • Lost Souls Valentina 3

Dark Aether Documents

Similar to the audio logs, the Dark Aether documents will be rewarded the same way by completing the trials. You’ll know you’ve acquired the document when an animation of a file appears on the trial computer screen.

The Documents are:

  • Day 4527
  • Day 4771
  • Day 5169

Dark Aether Radio Transmission

The Dark Aether radio transmission will also require players to complete the trials in order to be collected in Mauer Der Toten

The transmissions are:

  • The Forsaken
  • The Consumed

Players can only participate in three trials per game. If players want to collect all 11 intel items, they’ll be required to play the map four times.

Dark Aether Artifacts

The Dark Aether Artifacts are the last of the intel items that can be acquired by completing a few different tasks around the map. The Artifacts are:

1. Electrical Fuse
The Electrical Fuse is acquired by killing the Tempest zombie in the Power Room. Acquiring the Electrical Fuse also helps to turn on the power to the whole map.

2. Tempest Essence
The Tempest Essence is acquired by completing the Harvesting Step of the main quest. The steps involve turning on the canister in the alleyway of East Berlin Street.

3. Corrupted Uranium
This artifact is also part of the main Easter Egg quest for Mauer Der Toten. It is found over the HYT after completing the Uranium step.

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