Black Ops Cold War: Mauer Der Toten Requiem Intel Locations

More intel to know more about the plague.

The Requiem intel is part of the four types of intel scattered around the map of Mauer Der Toten. Each of these intel items helps to better understand the Dark Aether story of how the plague of the dead began in Berlin.

There are a bunch of intel items scattered across the map of Mauer Der Toten. To help you find all of the locations for the intel items we’ve curated a guide down below.

Where to find all Requiem Intel in Mauer der Toten?

There are 20 intel items found around the map that are divided into three categories: Documents, Audio Logs, and Artifacts. All three categories have separate challenges and tasks that players must complete to obtain the item in Black Ops Cold War.

Audio Logs

Lost in Transit
The first audio log that players can find is placed inside the Ghost Station. The audio log will be on the western pillar of the station right in front of the Mule Kick perk.

Who’s Laughing Now
Make your way to the CIA Headquarters located in the center area of Mauer Der Toten. The audio log will be on the desk right next to the workbench where Klaus is built.

A Handful
Travel to room 305 in the abandoned Hotel to find a barricaded door. This audio log requiem intel will be placed on the side of the bed in the barricaded room of Mauer der Toten. You can destroy the barricades by commanding Klaus.

Bad Days
This audio log is provided to players upon upgrading Klaus to tier 3 in Cold War zombies.

Final Order
The last audio log is found in one of the last steps for the main Easter Egg inside the secret lab.


Rico’s Note
This document is acquired by completing the training step for the main Easter Egg in Mauer der Toten.

Document: 2-4
The next three documents can be obtained by interacting with the computer placed inside the CIA safe house. The names of the documents are:

  • Subject: Strange Communique
  • Subject: Urgent
  • J Cipher 2

Document 5-10
The rest of the six Requiem documents are dropped randomly by defeating special zombies such as Mimics and Tempests in Mauer Der Toten.


Robotic Hands
The first Requiem intel artifact is placed in the same barricaded room of 305 in the abandoned hotel of Mauer der Toten. Simply make your way to the room and interact with the corpse to receive the Robotic arms. This is also one of the items necessary to build Klaus.

The CRBR-S is the wonder weapon introduced to the map of Mauer Der Toten. The weapon can be acquired from the Mystery Box, Trial challenges, or simply by finding the parts to build it in Cold War zombies.

Hacking Helm
The Hacking Helm artifact can be acquired by collecting all three headgear items for Klaus. This is also one of the steps for the main Easter Egg.

Rico’s Keycard
This Requiem intel item is part of the main Easter Egg and is obtained after the completion of the train step in Mauer Der Toten.

Improvised Collider
To collect the Improvised Collider artifact, players must complete the Uranium and Disruptor satellite step for the main Easter Egg.

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