Batman Arkham Knight Gunrunner ‘Weapon Caches Locations’ Guide

Batman Arkham Knight Gunrunner most wanted mission guide with weapon caches locations map to help you locate all weapon caches to destroy.

During Chapter #3, meet up with Nightwing at the Ranelagh Ferry Terminal to learn about Penguin’s scheme of smuggling weapon cache from Bludhaven.

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Batman Arkham Knight Gunrunner

Below is the map of where you can find all the weapon caches that you need to destroy. Following this map are the detailed locations of each site and how you should go about clearing each area:

Miagani Island – Kingston, Harlord’s Repair
To start, clear the area of six thugs and fire the Disruptor at the first van followed by knocking at the backdoor. As the vehicle speeds away, grapple and glide to follow the van which will lead you straight to the weapon cache.

Do note that you cannot use the Batmobile for the purpose. Soar high and investigate the area to find two Sentry Guns and six armed soldiers.


Use the Disruptor to deal with the turrets before using the hatch inside the roof access to enter the area. Once inside, you will see about twenty thugs and Penguin guarding the weapon cache.

Sneak behind Penguin to begin interrogation and use frequent counters to keep the attacking enemies at bay. After a short while, Nightwing will join the battle and make things a tad easier.

Once everything has been dealt with, use the Explosive Gel to destroy the weapon cache and use the Batmobile to leave the area after eliminating the threat.

Bleake Island – Sionis Industries
At the start of Chapter #5, exit Stagg’s Airship and select the Gunrunner in order to contact Nightwing and acquire another truck’s location. Use the same strategy as before to reach the weapons’ cache.

After you reach the Sionis Industries, head inside the building in the southwest edge using the Remote Hacking Device. Do not rush inside and use the Batmobile Remote to destroy a couple of Gun Turrets inside the area.

Move to the left side and grapple through the overhead hatch. You need to throw switch on the wall in order to open up the rooftop shutters.

Once everything is done, return outside, grapple to the rooftop, and head down into the room below. With the help from Nightwing, clear the area, and use the Explosive Gel to destroy the weapons’ cache before proceeding ahead!

Founders’ Island – The Grinning Fishmonger in Lower Tier
Once you’ve dropped Poison Ivy at the Botanical Gardens, select the Gunrunner in order to contact Nightwing and locate the next truck. Once again, use the same strategy as above and follow the van to the northwest edge of Founders’ Island.

Head over to the Grinning Fishmonger entrance and grapple up in order to perform a Silent Takedown on the sniper above. Head inside the area and make your way through the vents to deal with about 7 enemies before making your way through the wooden wall to deal with another couple of enemies.

Use your Detective Mode and keep on following the path to find weapons’ cache guarded by some more enemies. With Nightwing’s help, clear the area of all enemies and use Explosive Gel to destroy the cache and proceed with the mission.

Bleake Island – Chinatown, Inside Sewers
Once you have dissipated the fear toxin, contact Nightwing and use the same strategy as above to follow the van to the east of Perdition Bridge into the sewers.

Clear the area of enemies near the blockade and grapple to the walkway above in order to use the control panel which lowers the blockade below.

Fire the Batmobile’s Power Winch at the anchor point on the wall and pull it back to create a path and head inside. You will not have Nightwing during this fight and will have to deal with all the enemies yourself!

Once you have dealt with the threat, use the Explosive Gel to destroy the weapons’ cache and an unusual shock.

Founders’ Island – Otisburg, Amertek Building
Head over to the east side of Otisburg in order to find Amertek Building and reach the opening soon sign on the west side of the roof.

Investigate the area and take care of the sniper before dealing with the rest of the enemies in any way you prefer. Once you have dealt with the enemies, use the yellow control box to travel to the bottom of the shaft and find Penguin with Nightwing.

Use the Remote Hacking Device to deal with the Gun Turret guarding the area and follow the vent shaft in order to rescue Nightwing. Use both vigilantes to deal with all the thugs inside the area and Penguin will place a gun at Nightwing’s head.

Use Dual-Team Takedown when prompted followed by using Explosive Gel to destroy the last weapons’ cache in the game. Apprehend Penguin and drive him to the GCPD headquarters to complete this Most Wanted side mission.

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