Batman: Arkham Origins Penguin Arms Cache Locations

Seizing his weapon crates means stopping his illegal arms business in Gotham City.

Penguin is an optional boss encounter in Batman: Arkham Origins. He is another Most Wanted villain that you need to take down. Unlike the other villains, however, you will not engage Penguin in a boss fight. You will instead need to find and destroy his stolen weapon crates before they are shipped out across Gotham City.

You can unlock the Penguin arms cache mission after defeating Deathstroke and escaping the GCPD. Barbara Gordon will then hack your communications to tell you about the stolen weapon crates.

You need to track and destroy them using your Disruptor gadget. Each location will be guarded by a bunch of thugs, so clear the area before going after the cache.

Where to find every arms cache in Batman: Arkham Origins

There are a total of six arms caches that you need to find and destroy across Gotham City. You will find half of them north of Gotham Pioneer’s Bridge, and the remaining ones in the south. Their locations have been marked in the map images below.

You can reach the weapon crates in any order in Batman: Arkham Origins. You can also check your Most Wanted mission progress menu to mark the waypoint location of the next weapon cache on your map.

We are ordering them below based on how their objectives appear in the game, but as already stated, you can approach them in any order.


Burnley District

The first weapons cache of Penguin is located behind one of Enigma’s Communication Towers in the eastern part of Burnley. A bunch of corrupt policemen will surround the cache. Beat them to a pulp and destroy the weapons crate with your Disruptor to move on to the next location.

Diamond District

Head to the northern parts of the Diamond District to come across a large truck containing the weapons crate. Glide down for a surprise attack on one of Penguin’s henchmen and then go after the rest. You will also face enemies with shields here. Use your cape to stun them before beating them to a pulp.

Coventry District

This arms cache is located in the northern part of Coventry in Batman: Arkham Origins. It is behind the large industrial building right next to the water.

There are a couple of enemies here with shields and guns, so target them first. Do not shy away from using your Batclaw and Batarangs to momentarily disable them. Once the area is secured, take out your Disruptor and target the weapon crate.

Industrial District (Sheldon Park)

The next weapons cache is located in the northern part of Sheldon Park. You need to glide towards the Gotham City Light & Power Building to land on a small balcony on the right. If not for the large neon sign, the building also has a tall chimney with fire that you can spot from afar in Batman: Arkham Origins.

There are three enemies here with guns. The balcony will also not give you enough room to move around. We strongly advise using your Smoke Pellets or the Concussion Detonator to disable the enemies long enough for you to beat them down.

Bowery District

The arms cache in The Bowery can be a little confusing to find in Batman: Arkham Origins. Its location on the map is actually for an underground tunnel.

To get there, you need to find the subway entrance and head into the tunnel next to it. The entrance has been marked on the second image above for your convenience. Glide over the central parts of The Bowery until you see a lot of lights and then head to the lowest levels.

Watch out for the enemies with the knives while making sure that the armored enemies do not get a chance to pick up the knives.

Once the area is cleared, interrogate a thug to ask him about the location of the cache. You will find it hidden behind a weakened wall. Destroy it using your Explosive Gel and then use your Disruptor on the weapons crate.

Amusement Mile (The Final Offer)

If you cannot find the last weapons cache, the crate is hidden on Penguin’s Ship—the Final Offering. Make your way to the ship located in the northeastern corner of the map, directly east of the Amusement Mile.

Head over there and clear the area of all enemies. Players have trouble finding this weapons crate because it is hidden inside a shipping container hanging above you from a crane. Get close to it by climbing the containers on the ship and then use your Batclaw to pry the doors open.

Penguin’s Arms Caches Rewards

Once you have found and destroyed all the six arms caches in Batman: Arkham Origins, you will receive a message about going to “Penguin’s Black Market” for your rewards. These are just additional customization features for the multiplayer mode. You cannot use them in your normal playthrough.

Head into the multiplayer menu and access the store. You will see a list of crates that you can open for cosmetics. You could also buy more Penguin’s stashes with microtransactions, but the game’s multiplayer has since been shut down.

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