Batman: Arkham Knight Gadgets And How To Use Them

Don't forget to pick up the Freeze Blast!

It would not be a proper Dark Knight experience without his array of gadgets and trinkets, especially at this point in his career. Batman: Arkham Knight enhances the range of gadgets from the previous games and introduces a few new ones as well.

This guide will familiarize you with all the goody doodads in your gadgets list and show you how to use them including one missable gadget.

How to use all gadgets in Batman: Arkham Knight

The gadget selection system received a divisive overhaul in Arkham Knight. Now instead of choosing the gadgets from the d-pad like in the previous games, you can select the gadgets from the Gadget Wheel.

Did You Know

Many console players complained that the new gadget wheel was somewhat immersion-breaking and preferred the older mechanics.

You can open the Gadget Wheel by holding the down key on the d-pad on consoles or the middle mouse button on PC. PC players can also select any gadget directly by pressing the relevant number key and skipping the Wheel to access your gadgets list.


Quickfire: LT (tap) or L1 (tap) or 1 (double tap)

Hardly any other tool in this gadget list will come in as handy as these iconic Bat-shaped throwables. Batarangs are one of the most diverse tools in your Utility Belt.

You can use them for an array of different purposes such as to distract an enemy while sneaking around or stun an approaching enemy while in combat by using the Quickfire feature. They are also useful for hitting a switch from a distance while solving the Riddler puzzles.

Remote Controlled Batarang

The remote-guided version of a standard Batarang has added uses of doing reconnaissance of an area before entering or navigating through tight spaces to solve certain puzzles. During the early part of the story in Batman: Arkham Knight, Batman uses a Remote Controlled Batarang synchronized with satellite tech to survey the whole city of Gotham to locate a certain signal.


Quickfire: LT (hold) + Y or L2 (hold) + Triangle or 2 (double tap)

One of the primary gadgets of Batman, the Batclaw has been a part of Batman’s arsenal since the first game in the series. This essential tool can be used to pull enemies towards you before delivering a clothesline jab or gab distant objects.

Once upgraded, Batclaw Disarm can be used to snatch weapons from an armed enemy’s hands.

Explosive Gel

Quickfire: LT (hold) + X or L2 (hold) + Square or 3 (double tap)

Explosive gel is yet another gadget that has been useful since the earliest days of Batman’s crusade in the Arkhamverse. Explosive Gel can be used to gain access to blocked areas and is the primary tool to destroy the jammers and disruptor towers placed around Gotham City. You can also use the Quickfire feature to knock down enemies while in combat.

Smoke Pellet

Quickfire (When prompted): Y or Triangle or Right Mouse Button
Quickfire (unprompted): 6 (double tap) only on PC

The stakes have never been higher in any Arkham game before, and the enemies know it too. You will hardly find any unarmed enemies later in the game which makes it easier to get spotted and be subjected to immense firepower.

The Smoke Pellet is your way out of any such sticky situation. Quickfire the Smoke Pellet whenever you get detected to escape to a safer place. You can also use the Smoke Pellet before entering combat with a group of enemies to gain a tactical advantage but beware that it has a recharge time before you can use it again.

Line Launcher

Although the game hardly ever presses to use Line Launcher as compared to its previous installations, the Line Launcher is still an incredible tool to have.

It can be used to zip across certain areas and its tightrope feature can also provide a much-needed vantage point during the Predator sequences or when stalking your prey before a fight.

Remote Hacking Device

Batman, during the events of Arkham Knight, has replaced the iconic Cryptographic Sequencer with a Remote Hacking Device. It does everything its predecessor did with some added functionality of hacking Boa drones and sentry guns to temporarily blind them. You can also use it to hack environmental objects such as generators or machines to distract enemies.


Arkham Knight has no shortage of armed enemies, gun-mounted drones, and sentry guns placed in every nook and cranny. Thankfully the new and improved Disruptor can make it easier to deal with these enemies by turning their weapons against them.

You can shoot an armed enemy once to jam his gun or twice to make it explode when used. Upgrading the disruptor will unlock even more features such as knocking out the medics when they try to revive someone or disabling the jammers and stun batons.

Voice Synthesizer

With a new enemy in town who is well aware of how Batman operates, it is only apt that you pick up a few new tricks of your own. Enter Voice Synthesizer, this newcomer to Batman’s gadgets list will allow you to recreate the voice of any of the gang leaders and use it to manipulate their henchmen into doing your bidding. You can use it to make enemies open locked doors for you or lure them into traps for Takedowns.

Freeze Blast

Quickfire: RT (double tap) or R2 (double tap) 5 (double tap)

The Freeze Blast is a completely optional (and missable) secret gadget to get in Batman: Arkham Knight. Considering how effective it is against waves of enemies, make sure to grab it as soon as possible.

You do not need it to complete the main story but it is incredibly useful in combat and puzzle sections. You can grab Freeze Blast the first time you enter the main lab area of Panessa Movie Studios where you meet Robin for the first time.


The Freeze Cluster Grenade upgrade was missable in Batman: Arkham City as well.

Remote Electrical Charge

Quickfire: LT (hold) + B or L2 (hold) + Circle or 4 (double tap)

Even though the game will eventually task you with retrieving the Remote Electrical Charge, you can grab it way earlier in the game. Once you enter the GCPD building, make your way to the Evidence Locker Room.

This is where the GCPD is holding your REC gun as evidence in the aftermath of the events from Arkham City. Feel free to smash the glass and grab the Remote Electrical Charge, no one will dare to stop you.

Batmobile Remote Control

The one standout feature that sets Arkham Knight apart from its predecessors is the inclusion of a fully functional Batmobile. Not only does it offer an incredibly fun way to traverse the streets of Gotham City, but it can be operated remotely from your Gadget Wheel to assist in combat, exploration, and take on the Riddler Challenges.

The Batmobile comes equipped with 2 primary weapons, a Vulcan gun, and a 60mm cannon to take out enemy drones. It can also be upgraded throughout the game to include features like an EMP charge or an Afterburner.

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