Batman: Arkham Asylum Riddler Challenges Guide

Toys, Tapes, and Trophies.

Following his escape from Arkham Asylum, the Riddler went to work leaving quite a few challenges to prove himself superior to Batman. He will even hack your communications to keep nagging you to accept yourself as having a lesser intellect.

There are a total of 240 Riddler Challenges split between six types. Each area has its own set of challenges, and you need to solve almost all of them to locate and arrest the Riddler for his ending.

Note that most of these missions require certain gadget upgrades and unlocks. You will also need to play through the main campaign to get access to the majority of the trophy rooms. We recommend grabbing what you can and then hunting after the rest later in the game.

Completing these challenges will reward you with character profiles and trophies, mini-games, and XP. You have a lot of ground to cover so let’s jump right into it.

Secrets Maps

To reveal the location of all Riddler Challenges in a location, you need to find the Secrets Maps in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Collecting these maps will mark the secrets on your in-game map as white question marks. These nine maps will reveal the position only so you need to do all of the remaining work yourself.

Riddler Trophies

Riddler Trophies are collectibles that you find as green question marks in Batman: Arkham Asylum. They are the most time-consuming Riddler Challenge because there are 101 trophies in total.

Despite their striking appearance, they are not that easy to find. You will need to check behind walls, duck under vents and grates, or use your gadgets to reach well-guarded or hidden areas.


Riddles are a more mental challenge than physical. Every time you enter a new area, you will see a riddle appear on your screen. It will contain clues that describe a certain object in the environment such as a painting or a poster on a wall, a prop on the ground, or a specific scene nearby.

These also contain perspective puzzles where you have to complete a question mark symbol in the environment. In both cases, you need to scan the right object (or scene) to solve all 51 riddles across the map.

Chronicles of Arkham

The decorated stone slabs you find across Arkham Asylum with scarabs in the middle are messages left by the Spirit of Arkham. You need to scan all 24 of the Chronicles of Arkham to decipher the complete meaning behind his words and make progress in the Riddler Challenge.

Note that you will need gadget and map upgrades to be able to reach all the hidden areas, so we advise going for them a little later in the game.

Interview Tapes

Interview Tapes are patient records, case study notes, or simple interviews done under the supervision of Warden Sharp’s team. There are 35 of these collectibles scattered across Arkham Asylum that you need to collect for the Riddler Challenge.

The films are categorized under seven major villains of Gotham. Each villain has five films and can be accessed under their Character Bio.

Joker’s Teeth

These annoying chattering teeth toys are also part of the Riddler Challenge. There are 73 Joker Teeth scattered across the map for you to destroy. Most of them will be found in groups, so you can quickly throw a Batarang (or two) and continue forward.

Riddler’s ending in Batman: Arkham Asylum

The whole point of completing the Riddler Challenges is to find out where he is hiding. You, however, do not need to complete all of the challenges. When you are about five challenges away, Batman will be able to trace Riddler’s call to reveal his location to the GCPD. There is no boss fight here in case you were wondering.

After collecting all the secrets, you will hear from the Riddler once again on the radio. He will accuse you of cheating and refuse to admit that he was outsmarted. During his monologue about creating the greatest riddle of them all, you will hear police sirens in the background. He will be arrested shortly later.

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