Batman: Arkham Asylum Chronicles Of Arkham Locations

Piece together the last message of Amadeus Arkham.

The Chronicles of Arkham are more collectibles that are part of the many Riddler Challenges in Batman: Arkham Asylum. They appear as stone slabs with weird markings and symbols with a scarab in the middle.

The Chronicles are messages left behind by Amadeus Arkham who founded Arkham Asylum a long time back for the criminally insane. In reality, though, these were left behind by Warden Quincy Sharp who believed himself to be the Spirit of Arkham.

There are a total of 24 Chronicles carefully hidden across the map. Finding and scanning all of them will unlock the “World’s Greatest Detective” achievement in case you are looking for a 100 percent completion playthrough.

We recommend waiting until you have beat the campaign because some of these Chronicles require certain upgrades and gadgets. Others require you to unlock portions of the map which can only be done by advancing the storyline.

Arkham Island

Chronicle #1 (Arkham East)
You will find this right outside Arkham Mansion. Climb up the wall from the small garden area and look to the west. The Chronicle will be between the second and third pillars.

Chronicle #2 (Arkham East)
This one is beneath the stairs leading into the Botanical Garden. Destroy the breakable wall on your right to get to the Chronicle.

Chronicle #3 (Arkham North)
Right after entering the tunnel to the Batcave, you will spot a ledge. Grapple onto it and the Chronicle should be on your left.

Chronicle #4 (Arkham North)
Head to the marked location on the map above to find an abandoned building near the exit gate. The Chronicle will be on the second floor.

Chronicle #5 (Arkham West)
Use your Detective Vision to find a ledge in the northwest with a breakable wall. The Chronicle is behind it.

Arkham Mansion

Chronicle #1
Find the vent above in the South Corridor that will take you to a platform. There is a breakable wall here that you can destroy using your Explosive Gel to find another Chronicle.

Chronicle #2
Located in the northern section of the main hall. Grapple onto the ledge above the arch and you will find a Chronicle.

Chronicle #3
This Chronicle is hard to miss because it is part of the main storyline of Batman: Arkham Asylum. While escaping Poison Ivy’s spores in Arkham Mansion, you will have to destroy a wall using your Explosive Gel.

The Chronicle will be just in front of you, so scan it before making your escape. Otherwise, you can always return to the spot marked on the map above and grapple through the vent in the ceiling.

Botanical Gardens

Chronicle #1
For this you will need both the Ultra Batclaw and the Line Launcher. In the Titan Production Chamber where you have to fight two Titan thugs, use your Detective Vision to find a breakable wall in the northeast corner. Pull it down with your Ultra Batclaw and then use your Line Launcher to zip your way to the Chronicle.

Chronicle #2
In the Abandoned Chamber towards the western side of the Botanical Gardens, jump towards the ledge, shimmy left, and climb up in the small space to scan the Chronicle.

Chronicle #3
Located right at the entrance of the Botanical Gardens. Look to both sides and you will spot vents. Head down either of them to find the Chronicle.


Chronicle #1
This is one of the easiest Chronicle locations to reach in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Exit the Batcave to enter the Old Sewer. The Chronicle will be on the west wall as marked on the map above.

Chronicle #2
You will need the Ultra Batclaw here. After reaching the Pump Control Room, make your way northeast toward the main Control Room. Pull down the breakable wall here to reveal a secret room.

Chronicle #3
You will need the Ultra Batclaw here as well. The easiest way to get this one is to simply play the campaign until you defeat the Titan. Then drop into the hole he came out from and pull down the breakable wall to reveal the location of another Chronicle.

Intensive Treatment

Chronicle #1
While coming from the door that leads to the Decontamination area, look above to find a vent. Tear it down using your Batclaw and climb inside to scan the Chronicle.

Chronicle #2
If you are playing the storyline, you will come across this Chronicle while climbing the elevator shaft in Secure Transit after it crashes. Once you have beaten up the inmates, use your Detective Vision to find and scan the Chronicle.

Chronicle #3
You will find the next Chronicle in Secure Transit as well. Grapple and climb your way up the elevator shaft in Detective Vision. Once you turn left after crouching beneath a pipe, you will come across two breakable walls. The Chronicle is behind the left one.

Medical Facility

Chronicle #1
The next Chronicle in Batman: Arkham Asylum can be found inside the Sanatorium via a floor grate. You can also use Explosive Gel to blow up the breakable floor.

Chronicle #2
You will need the Ultra Batclaw for this one. Reach the location marked on the map above and use your Detective Vision to find the breakable wall. Pull it down to scan another Chronicle.

Chronicle #3
You will need the Ultra Batclaw for this one as well. Head east toward the X-Ray Room in the Medical Facility. From the entrance, grapple to the top of the room and you will spot a breakable wall behind you. Pull it down to uncover another secret.


Chronicle #1
If you look closely at the map, there is a hidden room behind the cell. Head on inside and use your Detective Vision to scan for the breakable wall. Use your Explosive Gel to destroy the wall to reveal the first Chronicle in the Penitentiary.

Chronicle #2
There is another breakable wall in the south-western corner of the Guard Room, past the Main Cell Block. Head to the location marked on the map image above and blow up the weak wall with your Explosive Gel to reveal the Chronicle of Arkham.

Chronicle #3
You will need to unlock the Line Launcher to reach this Chronicle location in Batman: Arkham Asylum. There will be a corridor of electrified water that you can only cross by using the Line Launcher to zip over it. Scan the last Chronicle using your Detective Vision and head back using the same zipline.

The last Chronicle of Amadeus in Batman: Arkham Asylum

The last Chronicle of Arkham requires you to first scan all the 23 previous Chronicles. Return to the Penitentiary and take the stairs to the Security Control Room. Scan the symbols on the ground to unlock the final hidden message from Amadeus Arkham in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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