Batman: Arkham Asylum All Riddler’s Riddle Solutions

Riddle me this, Batman.

There are a total of 51 brain-busting riddles that the Riddler has left behind for you to solve in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

They are part of a series of Riddler’s Challenges (over 240) that you must complete for a 100 percent completion playthrough, as well as to take down Edward Nigma.

We will help you find every riddle location on the map and provide their solutions. Most of them are pretty straightforward. You can take this as an opportunity to prove again why you are hailed as the world’s greatest detective.

How to solve riddles in Batman: Arkham Asylum

There are two types of riddles that you will face during your playthrough. The first is word puzzles that will hint at a specific item or scene in the nearby environment. You have to find the right solution and scan it to solve the riddle.

The second one is a bit difficult where you have to find and complete a question mark symbol in the environment. You have to position yourself in such a way that you can line up the dot with the symbol to complete a ? in the game.


Remember that whenever you enter a new area or room, you will receive a notification about an available riddle. Its solution will be within that location, so you do not have to head outside or far away.


Finding secrets maps pinpoints the locations of not only the riddles but also other Riddler challenges in the area.

We recommend going after the riddles once you beat the main story of Batman: Arkham Asylum. This is because you will have access to every area in the game, as well as certain gadget upgrades.

Arkham Island

Riddle #1: The Legacy of this Island has been well and truly buried.
Requirement: None.

Make your way to the cemetery located in East Arkham and locate the headstone for Amadeus Arkham. The headstone can be easily found right next to the broken wooden coffin. Simply zoom in and scan the headstone to solve the first riddle.

Riddle #2: Gotham’s greatest family towers over the city.
Requirement: None.

Head to the entrance gates of Arkham and look for the Wayne Tower on the horizon. The tower can be seen from the end zones of Arkham East.

Stand near one of the cliffs and look across the water to locate the ‘W sign of the Wayne Enterprises building’. Scan the sign to solve the riddle.

Riddle #3 – Question Mark: My challenges appear to those with the correct position in life.
Requirement: None.

Head to the rooftop of the Arkham Mansion located in East Arkham. Activate detective mode for Batman to see the sign of a question mark without a dot imprinted on the roof of the mansion.

Use your grappler to climb on the clocktower in front of the mansion and line the dot for the question mark to complete the riddle in Batman Arkham Asylum.

Riddle #4 – Question Mark: Now I see it, now you don’t.
Requirement: None.

Stand under the entrance of the destroyed building located in Arkham North and activate detective mode. You’ll be able to spot a clear ‘?’ on the ceiling. Align the dot to the question mark to solve the riddle for Arkham Island.

Riddle #5: Let’s face it, there are two Dents on the wall.
Requirement: Cryptographic Sequencer.

For this riddle solution, you must have the Cryptographic Sequencer unlocked for Batman. Once you’ve acquired the Cryptographic Sequencer head to the west guard room and use the Cryptographic sequencer to unlock the room. Scan the desk on the right to solve the riddle.

In the guard room, Batman will be able to collect a Riddler Trophy as well as a secrets map to unlock all the collectibles Riddler has left for Batman.

Riddle #6: Tweedledum and Tweedledee SAW it, can you see it?
Requirement: None.

Just as you reach the exit gate out of Asylum on the Northeastern side of the area, you’ll be able to locate a Seesaw with beanie caps placed on it. Simply scan the seesaw and complete the riddle.

Riddle #7: Does Scarecrow’s gas break down barriers as it drives you insane?
Requirement: Ultra Batclaw.

As you’re about to enter Arkham West, grapple up the archway closest to the gate and look up to find a breakable wall. To break the wall, you must have the Ultra Batclaw equipped. Break the wall and take a scan of Scarecrow’s hidden gas canisters to mark the riddle solved.

Riddle #8: Zsasz is counting on you to find his work.
Requirement: Cryptographic Sequencer with Range Amplifier Upgrade.

Grapple up to the platform above the entrance of the penitentiary to find a guard room. Open the guard room using your Cryptographic Sequencer. And enter to find a few murdered guards placed on the table. Snap a scan of the table to complete the riddle.

Riddle #9 – Question Mark: Do you see what I can see? No? Then maybe I am in a stronger position.
Requirement: None.

Exit the guard room located above the entrance of the Penitentiary and enter Batman’s detective mode. An incomplete ‘?’ will be aligned on the floor below the entrance gate. Move closer to the dot placed on the railing to complete the ‘?’ riddle.

Arkham Mansion

Riddle #1 – Question Mark: This fiendish puzzle literally appears out of thin air.
Requirement: None.

Head to the east side of the southern corridor of the Arkham Mansion and use your grappler to climb up the platform right above the fan. Enter detective mode and align the dot of the question mark to complete the riddle.

Riddle #2: What does a Bird need in thin air?
Requirement: None.

This riddle’s solution is located in the South Corridor of the Arkham Mansion. Head to the area with display cases. While entering the hall, look for the one against the wall to find a few umbrellas with Penguin’s branding. Scan the glass case and complete the riddle.

Riddle #3: Isn’t the warden too old for a puppet show?
Requirement: None.

Make your way to the south side of the Warden’s office in Arkham Mansion and scan the glass case that holds Scarface’s puppet. It’ll be on your right if you’re facing the lodge in the office.

Riddle #4: Who is the main man in the main hall?
Requirement: None.

In the main hall of the Arkham Mansion, there is a small alley that leads to the southern Corridor. In the alley, you’ll find the portrait of Commissioner Gordon framed in Gold. Scan the portrait to complete the riddle.

Riddle #5: It’ll be a cold day in Hell when Ghul rises again.
Requirement: None.

In Dr. Yung’s office, head to the morgue area and scan the tag on the dead body with the morgue door opened. Scanning the tag on the toe of the dead body will mark the riddle complete.

Riddle #6: Our records show that a strange transfer request was made in this room.
Requirement: Cryptographic sequencer.

The next riddle can be found in the restricted files area of the Arkham Mansion. Travel to the southern area of the Arkham records room and unlock the security door blocking the way.

Once the security door is unlocked, use the Line Launcher to cross the electrical path to reach the restricted files area. To the right, you’ll find jumbled-up cabinets. Scan the cabinets to solve the riddle.

Riddle #7: Did Amadeus go mad, or was he just dizzy?
Requirement: None.

In the North Corridor before entering Dr. Yung’s office, there is a vent placed right beside the entrance. Enter through the vent and follow along the path to reach a few hidden jail cells. Scan the Spiral marks on the walls of the cells to solve the riddle.

Riddle #8: A game of Cat and Mouse can be painful.
Requirement: None.

From the East Wing Corridor walk through the hall to find a few glass cases showcasing different items. In one of the glass cases, you’ll be able to find Catwoman’s mask. Scan the mask and solve the riddle.

Riddle #9: How do you mask your feelings without losing control?
Requirement: None.

Scan the Black Mask’s mask framed in Dr. Yung’s office in Arkham Mansion to solve the riddle.

Botanical Gardens

Riddle #1: What time is tea time in Wonderland?
Requirement: None.

Enter the second floor of the Botanical Gardens from the South Entrance and make your way towards the statue. On the right side of the statue, there’s a small alley that has a few small teacups set up. Scan the teacups to solve the riddle.

Riddle #2: Remember the Waynes? How could anyone forget?
Requirement: None.

Head to the small corridor before the Generator room to find a statue made in honor of Bruce’s parents. Scan the gold plate underneath the statue to mark the riddle complete.

Riddle #3: The rat catcher needed more than just his charm to lead his army.
Requirement: None.

Make your way through the small air duct placed between the flooded Corridor and the Abandoned Chamber. Enter the air duct and keep looking downward to spot the Rat catcher’s equipment placed in a small room. Scan the equipment through the vent to solve the riddle.

Riddle #4 – Question Mark: This challenge can only be seen by those with a different view on life. Requirement: Batclaw.

This is a question mark riddle that can solved by finding a way up the small waterfall in Batman Arkham Asylum.

Take a left before exiting through the steel doors of the Abandoned Chamber and jump on the small platform below. Run along the platform and use Batman’s hand-held parkour skills to make it across the waterfall.  Climb up the waterfall and use your Batclaw to cut the rope of the metal catwalk.

Walk to the middle of the catwalk and grab the brick wood to your left to reach the next platform. Keep on following the path until it takes you to the highest point. Use your detective mode to spot the question mark. The dot for the’?’ will placed on the edge of the highest platform.

Riddle #5: Looks like all the king’s horses trampled all the king’s men.
Requirement: None.

In the Flooded Corridor of Botanical Gardens, head to the Southern hallway and walk to the end to find a few toys placed on the bench. Scan them to complete the riddle.

Riddle #6: Is this a tribute to what a mad dog left behind?
Requirement: None.

Make your way to the headless statue located in the Aviary. The aviary can be found in the Flooded Corridor section of the Botanical Gardens. Simply get close to the vandalized plate of the statue and scan it to mark the riddle complete.

Riddle #7: There is no closet in the Gardens, so someone is using the roof instead.
Requirement: None.

Head to the western end of the Aviary in the Flooded Corridor section and face the secret doors of the Titan Production Facility.

Look up and turn left to find a green skeleton webbed up on the walls. Zoom in and scan the body to complete the second last riddle for Botanical Gardens in Batman Arkham Asylum.

This corpse riddle is easy to miss in the Botanical Gardens.

Riddle #8: Is the number up for these guards?
Requirement: None.

While entering the Botanical Gardens, look to your right to find the dead body of a guard positioned as if they’re reading a book. Scan them to mark the riddle complete.


Thankfully, the labyrinth-like Caves have only one Riddle to solve in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Riddle #1 – Question Mark: A puzzle has many sides, but only some are visible.
Requirement: None.

This question mark-aligned puzzle can be found on the second floor of the Main Sewer Junction in the Caves area. Reach the collapsed column of the main sewer junction and use the brick wall in front of you to handhold your way to the platform above.

Once you’ve reached the platform switch to Detective Mode and face the brick wall to find the ‘?’.

Intensive Treatment

Intensive Treatment has a bit more challenging riddles in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Riddle #1: Don’t cut yourself on this sharply observed portrait.
Requirement: None.

The riddle can be solved by scanning the portrait of Warden Sharp located in the lobby of the Intensive Treatment building.

Riddle #2: You don’t know Jack about Gotham. Tune in to find out.
Requirement: None.

The locker room located in the Utility Corridor holds a radio that Batman must scan to complete this riddle. Enter the locker room and you’ll find the radio sitting right at the beginning of the bench.

Riddle #3: A top hat and tails is the only dress code for this party in the North.
Requirement: None.

The next riddle is hidden in a secret office located in the Holding Cells area. The office can be accessed by crouching through the blocked door. Enter the office and locate the poster with the Penguins advertisement on the south wall. Scan the poster to mark the riddle solved.

Riddle #4: When would I find my home sweet home?
Requirement: Cryptographic Sequencer.

This riddle’s solution can be found in the same area of Holding Cells where Batman: Arkham Asylum began. Scan the green question marks painted on the walls to complete the riddle.

You won’t be able to get the riddle complete until you’ve made it halfway through the game’s storyline.

Riddle #5: Dr. Johnathan Crane plans on elevating fear to new depths.
Requirement: None.

Use the elevator shaft in the Secure Transit area to drop to the second floor into Killer Croc’s area. While staying in the shaft look for a small air duct illuminated by red smoke.

Use your grappler to enter the shaft until you reach Scarecrow’s secret lair. Scan the idea board to complete the riddle.

Riddle #6: Hook up with the relatives before you’ve transferred out of here.
Requirement: Cryptographic Sequencer.

Enter the office adjacent to the Cell Block Transfer and use your Cryptographic sequencer to hack through the Southern Gate. Once the door is unlocked walk up the stairs and scan the portrait of the guard, Aaron Cash.

Riddle #7: Even I was shocked when I saw how Maxie Zeus was treated.
Requirement: Cryptographic Sequencer and Explosive Gel.

Enter the Southeastern room of the Patient Pacification Chamber and blow up the destructible wall using Batman’s explosive gel. The wall can be found emitting blue while in Detective Mode.

Scan the drawing in the secret jail cell you discovered by blowing up the wall to mark an end to the riddle.

Riddle #8 – Question Mark: A puzzle has many sides but only some are visible.
Requirement: None.

This is a question mark-aligned riddle for the Intensive Treatment area which can be found in the starting area of the building. Head to the office located in the lobby and turn to the south-facing glass windows. Enter Batman’s detective mode to find the incomplete’?’.

Medical Facility

Riddle #1: Are you going to take your hat off to Harley, Bats?
Requirement: Batclaw.

While crossing the Secure Access room in the Medical Facility, look for a wall grate hanging beside the elevator doors. Use your Batclaw to cut the grate and open a ledge. The ledge can help Batman find access to a secret room that is known as Harley’s office.

Inside the room, you’ll be able to find Joker’s posters covered in lipstick and Harley’s famous Jester hat. Pop a scan of the jester hat to solve the riddle.

Riddle #2: Shhhhsshh! Rumors persist that Tommy Elliot operates in Arkham. Can it be true?
Requirement: None.

Make your way to the surgery room located in the medical facility of Batman: Arkham Asylum and grapple up to the second floor to find a whiteboard with guard names. Scan the whiteboard to complete the riddle.

Riddle #3: Is this bear the Bane of his life?
Requirement: None.

The South area of the Experimental Chambers contains an office that has the next riddle for the Medical Facility. Enter the office and scan the bear placed on the desk to solve the riddle.

Riddle #4: Was this firefly too hot off the press?
Requirement: None.

There is a small room present in the Patient Observation area of the Medical facility. Enter the room to find two newspapers clipping inside the collapsed roof. Scan the lower newspaper to solve the riddle.

Riddle #5 – Question Mark: A question can only be answered from a new perspective. Don’t you agree? Requirement: None.

This is a question mark-aligned riddle that can be found in the middle room along the western side of the Sanatorium. Head into Detective Mode to spot an incomplete ‘?’ on the sanatorium floor. The dot for the question mark will be placed on the first floor.

To complete the question mark, look for a destructible floor using detective mode and stick explosive gel to the surface. Detonate and you’ll connect the dot with the ‘?’

Riddle #6: What silent killer of the oceans can be found in a tiny jar?
Requirement: None.

This riddle can be found in the morgue of the Medical facility where Batman fights Scarecrow. After dealing with Scarecrow in Batman: Arkham Asylum, look for a glass jar next to the autopsy desk that contains part of the Great White Shark.

Scan the jar from such an angle that reveals all its contents to complete the riddle.

Riddle #7: TICK! TOCK! News flash! Someone is not getting out of here alive.
Requirement: None.

Make your way to the lowest floor of the Sanatorium to find the solution to this riddle. Look for a ripped-open cage with pieces of flesh and skulls placed all around the area. Scan the gruesome scene to complete the riddle.

Riddle #8: Is the generosity of our benefactors on the Wayne?
Requirement: None.

You need to scan a gold-plated plaque on the wall of the Security Access area. This plaque can be accessed after completing the level where Harley is watching over the main foyer. It is hard to miss.


Riddle #1: This room is the end of days for even the most celebrated killer.
Requirement: None.

Look for a small hidden jail cell adjacent to the entrance of the Main Cell Block covered with calendar sheets. You’ll most probably go past this area while chasing Harley Quinn in the penitentiary area of Arkham Asylum.

If you decide to go and explore this area, pop a quick scan of the calendar sheets to solve the riddle and discover info about Batman’s not-so-notorious villain Calendar Man.

Riddle #2 – Question Mark: When is something right in front of you but still hidden from view.
Requirement: Batarang and Batclaw.

This question mark-aligned riddle requires Batman to clear the toxic gas out of the Guard Room in the Penitentiary. This can be done by climbing up the vents located above the two guards in the Guard Room.

Once you’ve grappled to the vent, pop detective mode to find a destructible wall. Break the wall to see another destructible wall across the toxic gas-filled room.

Use your Batclaw to destroy that wall and throw a Batarang at the control box to clear out the toxic gas. Once the gas is dealt with grapple to the ledge right next to the control box and pop your detective mode again to align the dot to the question mark located above the vents of the guards.

Riddle #3: All alone in your cell? Why don’t you break the ice with the most dangerous prisoners?
Requirement: None.

Make your way to the Extreme Incarceration area located east of the Main Cell Block to find a frozen jail cell where Mr Freeze was held captive. Batman will visit this location when he locks Harley Quinn in that area. Scan the frozen jail cell to solve the riddle

Riddle #4: A case of mistaken identity?
Requirement: None.

The back of the Security Control Room contains a Holding Cell with Clayface inside. Head to the door of the Holding Cell and scan the smeared handprints right next to the Danger sign to solve the riddle.

Riddle #5: Two people, one voice, no gun?
Requirement: Batclaw.

The Main Cell Block contains the solution for this riddle. Head to the Main Cell Block and grapple to the small area located above the cages.

If you haven’t progressed much in Arkham Asylum, ignore the captives inside and climb the area to find a catwalk hung with ropes.

Use your Batclaw to cut off the rope and create a path for you to enter the hidden room. Enter the hidden room and scan the Tommy gun placed on the glass frame to solve the riddle.

Riddle #6: What has four walls, two sides, and one ex-DA?
Requirement: None.

The Controlled Access area in the penitentiary contains Harvey Dent’s A.k.a Two Face’s jail cell. It’s tough to miss as it has a huge poster of Harvey Dent himself. Enter his jail cell and scan the poster to find the solution to this riddle.

Riddle #7: Prometheus, Arkham guards’ most wanted and most hated.
Requirement: None.

This riddle’s solution is located in the Guard Room which can be accessed by clearing out Joker’s toxin gas using the same method for Riddle 2 of the Penitentiary.

Clear the toxin gas and enter the Guard Room. Make your way to the lockers and scan the poster of Prometheus on one of the lockers to complete the riddle.

Riddle #8: How do you reflect on your successes and failures, Batman?
Requirement: None.

A restroom can be found on the western side of the Penitentiary’s reception area. Make your way to the restroom and enter the ladies’ section.

Scan Batman’s own reflection on the mirror placed above the sink to solve the first Penitentiary riddle in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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