All Shadowheart Endings In Baldur’s Gate 3

Shadowheart has two endings in Baldur's Gate 3 storyline which depends if you spare or kill Nightsong and also on her parent's life.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can choose from different Shadowheart Endings when you Find Nightsong in Act 2. Shadowheart endings in Baldur’s G3 depend on whether you spare or kill Nightsong.

In the Shadowfall, you will find Nightsong and Balthazar. While talking to Balthazar, you can give Nightsong to Throm or fight Balthazar. If you give Nightsong to Throm, Shadowheart will leave your party.

BG3 Shadowheart spares the Nightsong ending

After you have defeated Balthazar and his minions, Shadowheart will arrive. Shar has instructed her to drive the Spear of Night through Nightsong. Shar has promised Shadowheart that she will be turned into the Dark Justiciar. If Nightsong is defeated, Nightsong tells that Shadowheart’s memories have been tampered with, and she does not know the true story of her origin.

You must roll a Persuasion Check if you don’t want Shadowheart to kill Nightsong. She will throw away the spear when you pass the check and spare Nightsong’s life. She will then change her attire, have full body armor, and ask for assistance to kill Ketheric Throm in Baldur’s Gate 3.

When Throm is defeated, Nightsong will tell Shadowheart about her parents and that they are still alive. They are imprisoned in the House of Grief. You will need to go and visit the house.

Before going to the House of Grief, Shadowheart’s attire will change, and her hair will turn white. You must now visit the House of Grief in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here, you will meet the Mother Superior, the Viconia DeVir, who will demand you to hand over Shadowheart to them, and you will get the full support of the Devotees of Shar. She will, however, leave your party for good.


If you side with Shadowheart, a fight will commence against Mother Superior, and in the end, she will explain all about what had happened to Shadowheart’s memories. You will also find an old friend, Nocturne.

When you reach the Chambers of Loss, you will find Shadowheart’s parents. They will call her by her real name, Jenevelle Hallowleaf. There, Shar will also appear, and you will have two choices.

Shadowheart kills her parents

For this Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart Ending, Shadowheart will kill her parents. If you let her do that, they will be turned into Moonmotes. This will happen once she saves Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3. According to her, these moonmates will always have a shadow on her throughout her lifetime.

During the following dialogues, she will tell you all her good memories with her parents in front of the Selune Statue. Shadowheart will also tell you about her guidance and presence. In short, she missed her parents.

Shadowheart Saves her parents

You can also let Shadowheart save her family. For this, you will need to pass a Religion or Persuasion check. When passed, they will be freed, and Shadowheart will be reunited with her family. They will express their love and acceptance of Shadowheart, and there will be a touching family reunion scene at Selune’s Statue. This will be one of the Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart Endings.

Shadowheart Kills the Nightsong ending

During this BG3 Shadowheart Ending, Shadowheart will kill Nightsong. Now, you can choose to be loyal to Shar and kill Nightsong. Being loyal to Shar will allow her to become the Dark Justiciar and strengthen the bonds with Shar. You will also get the Shar’s appearance of Evening, a legendary weapon with high damage.

You will also get Shar’s Blessing and Shar’s Darkness, but when she becomes the Dark Justiciar, there are few chances you can romance Shadowheart.

After you have killed the Nightsong and become the Dark Justiciar, you will be tasked to kill Throm. Next, you must cleanse the church in the House of Griefs.

When you enter, you will be welcomed at the door. Inside the chamber, there will be a fight against the Mother Superior. This time, you will be aided by all the minions in the chamber. Now, from here, you will need to enter the chamber of loss and find Shadowheart’s parents; now, you will have two choices: kill or spare them for different endings in BG3.

Shadowheart kills her parents

Shadowheart will return all her memories from the forest during the final test. Now, when you let Shadowheart do what’s right, she will proclaim that she should kill her parents and become faithful to Shar. She will then kill her parents and gain more strength and blessing from Shar.

After Shar’s gone, you can ask about her parents, and Shadowheart will reply that they are mere sacrifices for the greater good and were worth it. However, she will become the leader of Shar’s forces and have Shar’s powers at her fingertips. This will be the Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart Ending for you.

Shadowheart saves her parent

During the recollection of memories, you will also have the option to stop BG3 Shadowheart and save her parents before the ending. You will then need to pass a Persuasion, Insight, or Charisma check; if you pass, she will set them free, but she will not get the Blessing of Shar.

She will also get a parting gift from Shar, the memories of all the times she practiced on her parents and inflicted pain and suffering on them.

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