How To Find Rolan In The Shadows In Baldur’s Gate 3

Rolan is on a journey to rescue his siblings from the Shadows in Baldur's Gate 3, and you can help him do so.

Rolan is an NPC character whom you will encounter during the second Act of BG3. As it turns out, this Tiefling has gone missing, and you will have to embark on a quest to find Rolan in the Shadows in Baldur’s Gate 3 and bring him back alive.

Rolan left out earlier in Act 1 to find his siblings (Cal and Lia), who went missing after the cultist attack. However, instead of making a safe return, Rolan also went missing. You will learn about his disappearance by interacting with other NPCs. This way, your quest journal will be updated with the Rolan in the Shadows quest in BG3.

This quest is not hard to complete since you will only be tasked with keeping Rolan alive. We will be going through all the details about how you can find Rolan in the Shadows in BG3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Rolan in the Shadows location

To complete this quest, you must rescue Wulbren in BG3 and the Tieflings from the Moonrise Tower earlier. Then you can talk to the children at the Last Light Inn. There, you will learn from them that Rolan went missing for quite a while in search of his lost siblings.

Since Rolan left a message beforehand, this will lead you to believe that he ventured alone to the Shadow Cursed Lands. He made his way toward the Moonrise Towers in search of his siblings. It would be best to find him in that place in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You will be able to discover Rolan’s trace on the southwest side of the Moonrise Towers. Make your way past that area through the bridge. You will find Rolan on the other side fighting the shadow fiends.


How to complete the Rolan in the Shadows quest

The first thing you must ensure for completing this quest is keeping Rolan alive. The shadows will attack him frequently, and you need to protect him. Even during the battles, you need to use the healer in the party to heal Rolan.

Adding Shadowheart to your party is best before going on this quest. She can heal Rolan and keep him alive throughout the Rolan in the Shadows quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. Furthermore, remember to keep healing potions in your inventory because these can also be used to revive injured members.

After you deal with the Shadow enemies, Rolan will be angry at himself for being unable to deal with the enemies. He will mention that he came to save Cal and Lia but instead fell into danger himself and will not be thankful to you for saving him.

After this conversation, Rolan will state that he will head back to Last Light Inn, where he will wait for you to save and bring back his siblings. Then, he will take your leave in Baldur’s Gate 3.

After that, you can look for Cal and Lia at the Moonrise Tower. Then, you can escort them back safely to Light Inn to meet with Rolan again. He will be overjoyed to see them alive this time, and your quest to find Rolan in the Shadow Lands will be marked as complete in BG3.

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