How To Get Gloves Of Dexterity In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Baldur's Gate 3 Gloves of Dexterity is a powerful pair of gloves that provide a huge increase in dexterity that can be used to deal damage to the opponents.

The Glove of Dexterity is a set of robust gloves you will find in Baldur’s Gate 3. These gloves will give you a huge advantage in Dexterity and attack rolls. You can benefit from this glove immensely if you have the proper dexterity-based build.

The BG3 Gloves of dexterity can only be found when you move along the story and reach the Underdark region. You can find the gloves in one of the boxes, untrapped, and regular chests. However, this challenging endeavor will consume a lot of time, and it is better to avoid it. The second option is to buy the Gloves of Dexterity from the A’jak’nir Jeera.

BG3 A’jak’nir Jeera location

Baldur’s Gate, 3 Gloves of Dexterity, can be found from a Githyanki merchant named A’jak’nir Jeera. You can get to her when you reach Creche Y’llek. There are many ways you can reach the Creche Y’llek.

In Act 2, when you are in the Shattered Sanctum, you can find a transition point that will take you to the Rosymorn Monastery. Travel northwest through the lush forest until you reach the Rosymorn Monastery waypoint.

From here, make your way through the ruins of the monastery until you get a door that leads to the Monastery Basement in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Head inside and talk to the guard. If you have Lae’zel in your team, she will care for them. Now, move through the large doors and, at the intersection, take a right. On your right will be a small door. Move in and talk to the merchant named A’jak’nir Jeera, standing close to her stall.


Her location is shown above. Choose the barter option to open her inventory. There, you will find the Gloves of Dexterity in BG3. They will cost you 500 gold, but they are worth this price.

Gloves of Dexterity stats and uses

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Gloves of Dexterity is a powerful pair of gloves that significantly increase dexterity. It is an ideal choice if you are early in the game and suffer speed and evasion.

When you equip the Gloves of Dexterity, your character will get a dexterity of 18 and a +1 bonus in attack rolls. This will significantly help if your character relies on Dexterity checks and saving throws.

Any class and race can also use the BG3 Gloves of Dexterity without restriction. Still, these are more suitable for the Rogue, Ranger, Fighter, or Barbarian, which depend on Dexterity and speed.

If you use the Gloves of Dexterity with the Barbarian Berserker build, you will get a free armor class for this build.

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