Baldur’s Gate 3 Barbarian Berserker Build and Subclass Guide 

The Berseker Build for the Barbarian in Baldur's Gate 3 turns your character into an unstoppable tide of rage. You do not want to mess with this build that will destroy anything in its path.

Barbarians are tenacious warriors who utilize their limitless rage to defeat and conquer their foes. These fierce warriors are known for their mountainous strength and resilience. The Berserker build takes this aspect of the Barbarian class to the next level, allowing them to annihilate anything in their way, making it the best and the strongest build in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

The Berserker subclass uses their rage to gain strength for both offensive and defensive purposes. You will enjoy several bonuses throughout the game, allowing you to become a force to be reckoned with. Berserker subclass and build are also the best build for Karlach in BG3, so you should definitely have a look at them.

Is Barbarian Berserker any good in BG3?

Like the rest of the Barbarian sub-classes, Berserkers are extremely powerful during combat, and they get bonus attacks each turn. However, unlike the Wildheart sub-class, once a Berserker Barbarian enters rage mode, they become immune to pain. 

This comes with the side effect of taking more damage than usual from the enemy’s close and ranged attacks. They are also vulnerable to magic spells and poor spellcasters in the game. Berserkers get additional bonus actions as compared to Wildheart. However, they can’t shapeshift and utilize Druid’s capabilities.

Starting abilities for skills for Barbarians Berserker Build in BG3

There are several different build options that you can use for a Berserker build in Baldur’s Gate 3. You must select the correct attributes, skills, and proficiencies in character creation to create one. This will give you a nice boost to your stats and make matters easier. 

Class Barbarian – 
Sub-Class Berserker – 
Race Half-Orc The Half-Orc race is the best fit for the Berserker Barbarian. Their racial features, such as Savage Attack, Relentless Endurance, and Darkvision, support the frontline nature of this class. This race is also very proficient when it comes to strength and endurance. This will help you do both: deal damage and absorb it massively. 
Ability Points Distribution 15+2 STR, 14 DEX, 15+1 CON, 8 INT, 10 WIS, 8 CHA Distribute your attributes in the following way. Strength and Constitution get the most points, followed by Dexterity, while Intelligence and Charisma receive the least. This is fine because your role is to deal damage. Leave the thinking and talking to other characters. 
Skills Athletics, Animal Handling, Survival, Intimidation – 

Best background  

The best background for the Barbarian Berserkers build in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a Soldier. This will give you a +1 for Athletics and a +2 for Intimidation skill checks. The lore will also suit your class. Being in the War has molded you into becoming an instrument for Death and destruction. 

Best feats for Barbarian Berserker Build in Baldur’s Gate 3

Feats are special skills and maneuvers that can cover shortcomings in your character and strengthen your build. The best feats for a barbarian will be. 

Level Feat Description 
Great Weapons Master This will give you proficiency when wielding heavy weapons. When you kill an enemy with a heavy melee weapon, you can make another attack as a bonus action. 
Ability Improvement Assign your +2 points to strength, making it a 19. 
12 Savage Attacker This ability allows you to roll your damage die twice and select the highest one as a roll. This will provide you with massive outbursts of damage. 

Best Features for Barbarian Berserker Build in BG3

Level 3: At this level, you will be able to pick your sub-class berserker. Also, at this level, you will get your frenzy as an action. Your rage turns into a frenzy. It allows you to get an improved weapon attack as a bonus action. You also gain a frenzy strike and enraged throw as an action.   

Level 5: You will get extra attacks and fast movement as a class feature at this level. These allow you to do 2 attacks in one turn and move further and faster in one turn. 

Level 6: You will gain additional rage charges as a class feature at this level. This allows you to enter the frenzy mode more times per long rest. You also get mindless rage as a sub-class feature. 

Level 7: At this level, you will gain a Class feature known as Feral Instinct. This allows you to gain +3 on the initiative bonus, and you cannot be surprised. 

Level 9: At this level, you will get a class feature known as Brutal Critical. This allows you to roll an attack die twice on extra damage and use the highest one on a critical strike. And this adds to your normal damage. 

Level 11: You will get a Class feature known as Relentless Rage at this level. Once per short rest, if your HP gets to 0, you will get to 1HP instead of dying immediately.

Best armour and weapon  

Use the following armor and weapon on your Barbarian Berserker. 

Head: Dark Justiciar Helmet. This very rare helmet provides a +2 bonus on saving throws against magic spells. Reduces requirement for the critical strike by 1. 

Armour: Elven Chain. This 14AC garb gives +2 on all Initiative rolls, and you get an advantage on Dexterity saving throws. 

Gloves: Dark Justiciar Gauntlets. Allows you to deal an additional 1-4 Necrotic damage and grants you a +1 bonus against Strength saving throws. 

Boots: Linebreaker Boots. Grants you wrath for 2 turns after using Dash. 

Necklace: Amulet of Misty Steps. Now, you can use the Misty Step spell. 

Ring 1: Callous Glow Ring. Allows you to deal +2 extra damage against illuminated enemies. 

Ring 2: Caustic Band. Adds +2 acid damage to your weapon’s base damage. 

Main Hand Weapon: Ketheric’s Warhammer. This rare Warhammer deals 3-15 damage and unlocks Back Breaker, Concussive Smash, and Weakening Strikes as proficiencies.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Barbarian Berserker Build level progression  

Level Unlocks Description 
Character Creation, Ability Points Distribution, Background, and Race Selection.Go with the recommended settings above 
Reckless attack class action, Danger Sense feature. You have an advantage against enemies, but your enemies also have an advantage against you. 
Berserker sub-class unlocks. Frenzy class action. Your rage turns into a frenzy. It allows you to get an improved weapon attack as a bonus action. 
First Feat unlocks. Great Weapons Master feat to provide you proficiency with heavy weapons. 
Gain extra attack, Fast Movement class feature. These allow you to do two attacks in one turn and move further and faster in a turn. 
Additional Rage charges, Mindless Rage sub-class feature. This allows you to enter frenzy mode more time per long rest. 
Feral Instinct class feature. You gain a +3 bonus for all your Initiative rolls, and you can’t be surprised. 
Second Feat unlocks. Ability Improvement to increase Str ability to 19. 
Brutal Critical class feature. This allows you to roll an attack die twice on extra damage and use the highest one on a critical strike. And this adds to your normal damage. 
10 Intimidating Presence additional action. Inflict fear on your enemies for the next 2 turns. 
11 Relentless Rage class feature. Your HP doesn’t drop to 0; instead, it drops to 1, saving you from death once per long rest. 
12 Final Feat slot unlocks. Savage Attacker allows you to roll damage roll twice and selects the highest value to deal damage upon enemies. 
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