Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Races For Warlock

You must remember two things to choose the best race for Warlock in Baldur's Gate 3, the proficiency in magic and use of melee weapons.

While choosing the best race for Warlock in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must remember two things. The first one should be that the race you chose should be proficient in magic use, and secondly, that race should also use weapons for melee-based attacks.

Since your primary spell-casting modifier is charisma, you can become an excellent talker and persuade others easily in BG3. We have highlighted some best Warlock races for you to choose from in BG3, and these include:

  • Mephistopheles Tiefling
  • Asmodeus Tiefling
  • Githyanki
  • Half-Drow
  • Half-Elf

Mephistopheles Tiefling

The Mephistopheles Tiefling is Warlock’s best race in Baldur’s Gate 3 since it offers traits similar to the Asmodeus Tiefling, which include (+1) Intelligence and (+2) Charisma. The only difference you will face here is Mage Hand (Cantrip). That can be useful to reach some spaces which are otherwise difficult to reach.

Moreover, it also comes with the cantrip Mage Hand, which allows you to access items at a certain radius. So you can use this to manipulate things, so these attributes contribute towards making this race the best choice for the Warlock in BG3.

Lastly, the Mephistopheles Tiefling will be able to gain the following spells when they reach certain levels in BG3. This will include spells like Burning Hands at Level 3 and Flame Blade at Level 5.

Asmodeus Tiefling

The Asmodeus Tiefling also grants you significant resistance to fire and Hellish Rebuke. Looking at the stats, you get (+1) Intelligence and (+2) Charisma.


Since your Warlock skills in Baldur’s Gate 3 will heavily rely on the latter, you can use Intimidation and Deception effectively on your enemies. You can also get a decent increase in your strength and dexterity ability points.

Lastly, you must know that warlocks are charismatic conjurers who can balance magic abilities and effectively deploy them against their enemies.


The cool thing about the Githyanki is that they immediately get light and medium armor proficiency. Moreover, they can use various weapons proficiently, such as the Shortsword, Longsword, and even Greatsword in Baldur’s Gate 3.

In terms of skills, the Githyanki get +2 strength and +1intelligence, making them excellent fighting spellcasters. Furthermore, they also have Astral Knowledge, so they gain a different Proficiency each time they rest.

That, coupled with the fact that the Githyanki can also use martial arts, makes them an ideal candidate for the Warlock in BG3.


The Half-Drow have the same things for the most part when it comes to the ancestry that elves do when they get Superior Darkvision etc. They also get Drow-Weapon Training, so they are good at using both Rapier Shortsword and Handcross bow.

Their subrace doesn’t give them any difference here, so the Half-Drow can create a cloud of darkness, diminishing the visibility of the enemies within. This way, the one stuck inside cannot make ranged attacks at you, and it will allow you to take them out effectively as well.

So judging from these attributes, the Half-Drow will be a good race choice for the Warlock in BG3.


Half-Elf can also work well, mainly if you want to be tankier via the Civil Militia perk in BG3. This will let you equip shields, and when it comes to High Elf, it will even provide you with extra Cantrips.

This will be mostly the case for the Warlocks, as they are notorious for starting rather bare bones in the ability department. Here your starting cantrips will be the Eldrich Blast, which will be your main attack skill, as it will boost later with more damage and pushback effects.

It would be best to get the Bone Chill cantrip as well since it will prevent the target from healing until the next turn. Lastly, you should choose the Dark One’s Blessing for your sub-class. This will let you gain four temporary hit points whenever you bring a creature down to zero hp. So this helps and ensures your survivability as you continue in combat.

Moving onto the spells, the Armor of Agatha spell will last even when you take a long rest, provide you with extra HP, and also deal cold damage to any enemy that hits you in Baldur’s Gate 3. So all these factors contribute towards making Half-Elf an excellent choice for the Warlock in BG3.

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