Assassin’s Creed Origins Siwa Side Quests Guide

Assassin's Creed Origins Siwa side quests guide will discuss side activities you can do. You can take a break from the main quests and focus on leveling.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Siwa side quests guide will discuss all of the side activities players can do. You can take a break from the main quests and focus on leveling up via side quests. You can earn XP, get gear, rewards, that will help you complete the main quests.

Side quests become mandatory as you move further into the main campaign. You need to level up and increase your damage and defense. Otherwise, it is next to impossible to complete certain main quests.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Siwa Side Quests

Gear Up

Reward: Spade of all Trades, 500XP, Breastplate Upgrade

How to unlock: Complete The Oasis main quest:

You need to craft a breastplate using soft leather which is obtained from hyena, gazelle, and ibex around Siwa. Use Senu to locate any of these animals in the area and hunt them down. Use Gear menu to craft the item. Other upgrades are upto you.

Family Reunion

Reward: 600XP

You need to free the farmer from the military base. It is one of the quests from Hepzefa. Speak with the farmer’s wife and head to the marked location on the map.

Use Senu to locate the man inside the base and follow the marker. You will need to carry him back to the burning cinders for a proper burial. Try to do so during night to avoid conflicts. Also, place Teremun’s body in the same tent as the rest of his family.

Water Rats

Reward: 600XP

There are some bandits in control of farmers water. Locate their hideout in the mountain by using Senu. Speak with the main outside the cave before heading in slaughtering everyone. Can be done both by stealth and aggressively, you can also search the cave for 3 hidden treasure chests


Reward: 500XP, 1 ability point for examining a tablet in the tomb

You need to find the Tomb of the Dead in mountains and locate Chinzara who is hiding inside. Head to the general location marked on the map and use Senu to locate the entrance. Head inside and find Chinzara to bring him back.

As you head out with Chinzara, you will be atracked by a pack of hyenas. Killing the hostile animals end the mission.

Striking the Anvil

Reward: 500XP, a free rare weapon fixed to Bayek’s current stats, blacksmith interaction

Speak with the blacksmith you had his tools taken away. Head to the military base, kill the captain, loot the tools and bring them back to the blacksmith.

The tools will be in a bag in one of the tents. As the blacksmith thanks you, he offers you a Light Bow, Shield or Mace (you get to pick). The weapon are of Rare rarity and fixed to match Bayek’s currant stats.

The Healer

Reward: 750 XP, Legendary Trinket

Go to the marked location on the map, use Senu to search the waters to locate three jars. Head underwater to retrieve the jars and bring them back to shore. The objective will update once you meat Rabiah. Head to the marked location and killed the guards and come back to Rabiah.

Prisoners in the Temple

Reward: 500XP

Head to the Temple of Amun and free the priests. Use Senu to detect their locations within the Temple. You must save 5 prisoners in total and game marks the location of each. They can be rescued in any order.

Bayek’s Promise

Reward: 150 XP, Miscellaneous

Sync with the viewpoint near Camp Shetjeh. Bayek will speak about the Stone Circle once he syncs, use the mount to reach the circles. There are 12 of these that you need to align with the stars. The quest is only available at night. You need to complete ALL the Stone Circles to get the 3000 XP.

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