Assassin’s Creed Origins Hippodrome Racing Guide

The following guide is going to talk about Assassin's Creed Origins Hippodrome racing events, how to race, time trials details, tournament details.

When you reach Kanapos village in Assassin’s Creed Origins you will be able to access Lageion Hippodrome. Here you can participate in chariot races. You can compete in time trials as well as a complete tournament. The following guide is going to talk about Assassin’s Creed Origins Hippodrome racing events, how to race, time trials details, tournament details, and tips to do better. These races will allow you to get some extra cash.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Hippodrome Racing

You will be allowed to participate in Hippodrome Racing once you’re done with the main quests. There will be a stadium located to the east.

Once you’re here, you will search for a tutorial race. In order to grab trophies, you will have to enter the Hippodrome Race to win against an opponent.

You can press the heavy attack button to accelerate and use the sticks to steer. You can also use the interaction button to boost. The boost meter regenerates itself but winning heavily depends on how you utilize the boost.

Keep in mind the closer you are to your opponent the faster the boost will recharge. You can hold the draft button to drift around the corner.


You will also need to drift around corners at the right time so that you don’t have to use the boost for this purpose. This means that you will be required to master your corners.

You can cause damage to your opponents chariots by getting close and pressing the Grab Ledge Button. The shield button helps you brace when close to an opponent.

You will need to know how to operate the ramming-your-chariot controls for this. If you’re close enough, one single ram can bring a full health bar down to zero. Whenever you notice someone trying to overtake you, you can ram them from the side to slow them down.

You should also save up your stamina for the right use. Use the stamina on straights and during small bursts. If another rider is right behind you, the stamina boost can get you out of their path otherwise you can get rammed.

Hippodrome Time Trials Racing Tips

Time trials are very basic so all you need to know is that there are obstacles on the track that you need to watch out for. Save your boost and slow down at tight corners, boosting as soon as you safely make a turn.

There are four-time trials and getting the best times in one unlocks the next. There are no opponents in these races so no need to try and smash the Ghost Chariot running alongside you.

Hippodrome Tournament Racing Tips

Nike’s Winged Victory: It’s a clockwise 3/3/3 race. There are no obstacles on the race track aside from broken chariots. Get alongside your opponent and take your best shot to take the chariot out of the game.

The last man standing or the first man to cross the finish line is going to win. Keep Boost in reserve in order to get out of corners faster.

Ramesses Divine Justice: It is a counterclockwise 3/3/4 race that is slightly more difficult. The same track was used for Time Trial II so you should be familiar with it.

There are statutes in the middle though, so you need to be watchful of those. Statues force the players to stay inside or outside of the lane.

You can rame rivals into these objects. In the second race, it rains so it becomes harder to control your chariot. But it is the third race that is the hardest as the audience throws smoke on the track.

Sol Indiges’ Cursus Magnus: It is a 3/4/4 clockwise race. The same track was used for Time Trial III and each turn opens into dangerous obstacles. It is best to stay in the lane you are most comfortable with – inside or outside.

Understand the course in the first lap so it is OK to stay behind opponents just enough to benefit from the draft.

Once you have an understanding of where the obstacles are you can attempt to take the lead. Time your attack so that your enemies crash into the obstacles.

The audience will once again play a role as they throw firebombs at you. There is nothing you can do about it if you fail to spot the firebomb. Your reflexes need to be a 110% during each section of this race.

Darius’ Great Battle: It is a counterclockwise 4/4/5 race. There are fire blazes, statues, the strategy is pretty simple here; you need to make sure you stay focused on the track and use your boost wisely.

There is fire all around the track which can be used to hurt your opponents.

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