Assassin’s Creed Origins Money Farming Guide

This Assassin’s Creed Origins Money Farming guide will tell you multiple ways to maximize your cash flow and yield as much money as you can from the environment around you.

Earning money is very important in games such as Assassin’s Creed. You want to equip yourself with the very best gear that money can buy to increase your chance of success during quests.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Money Farming

Loot Everything
Those who have played games like this before will be aware of the fact that you need to loot literally everything that you see. This will earn you money and XP too if you complete the location objectives.

You can also find treasure chests that will get you weapons and other items, which you can sell to the nearest blacksmith. Lastly, you can also kill and loot animal corpses to sell their remnants to the nearest blacksmith for money.

Salesman Perk
Salesman ability in the Seer section of the ability tree is a very good idea as it will allow you to make more money in your adventures.

Try to grab this ability as fast as you can and then loot animals in the nearby environment to make a profit.

This is a new feature in the Assassin’s Creed game. You can take part in Hippodrome races to net you a small cash prize if you manage to win the race.

Try to find these races as much as you can. Destroying enemies in these races will also earn you the Road Rage trophy so try to do these.

Side Quests
Try to do the side quests, as you will earn a massive reward if the quest giver is a wealthy citizen. Try to avoid the quests given by farmers and peasants, as they will not have much of a reward.

Papyrus puzzles are also a good way to earn payment. Completing a puzzle will grant you a 300-coin payout. Completing all twenty-five puzzles means a reward of 7500, a decent sum of money. You can also buy money using Microtransactions, although what is the fun in that?

Hopefully now with the help of this guide now you know how to quickly farm money in AC Origins.

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