Assassin’s Creed Mirage Mastermind In The Shadows Investigation Walkthrough

Find and Assassinate Al-Rabisu to complete the Investigation.

The Mastermind in the Shadows Investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is based on determining the identity of the Order Member, Al-Rabisu. Following the Follow the Fiery Trail Investigation events, you will learn about another order member by reading a note from Zahra’s Corpse.

This Order Member is responsible for creating a machine and is also experimenting on civilians by killing them. To find Al-Rabisu, you must undertake the Mastermind in the Shadows Investigation in AC Mirage. This Investigation will require you to solve three cases:

I will cover the complete walkthrough of all these cases to complete the Mastermind in the Shadows Investigation.

1. Report to Rafique

The first part of the Mastermind in the Shadows Investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be to speak with Tabid, another fellow assassin. He is at the Bureau on the west side of the Mosque landmark.

Once you approach the building, you will hear Rafiq calling to meet him on the roof. You can climb the building to find him at the top with another assassin.

Tabid will be happy to see you, and Basim will complement him by stating that he has successfully placed his network of spies in the city.


Speak with Rafiq

Basim will then tell Tabid that the Order uses the knowledge for their purpose, making them more dangerous. The Order plans to make a device called the “Great Work” by deciphering the ancient book. Moreover, they are also experimenting on people, and Al-Rabisu is running things at the House of Wisdom in AC Mirage.

Since you suspect the Great Scholar, Fazil Fahim, to be the Order member Al-Rabisu, Basim will tell this info to Tabid. The Rafiq will then give you some vital information that the House of Wisdom will host a Great Symposium. This can allow you to go and check out that place to confirm your suspicions, as it will be a large gathering of all the scholars.

However, Tabid will ask you to use stealth tactics and not to draw your blade out.

2. The Great Symposium

After meeting with the Rafiq (Tabid), you can head towards the House of Wisdom next in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. After entering this building, you can speak with Kahraman and inquire about the great scholar Fazil Fahim. He will say that the scholar will soon lecture about the antediluvian antecedents of humanity.

You can now spend time mingling with the crowd of scholars and learning more about Fazil’s activities. During one of the conversations, you will hear a civilian talking about the Poet Arib and how rare it was to see her outside the Round City. Hearing this, you can find the poet in the eastern outer courtyard of the House of Wisdom.    

Nehal (Inspect Diagrams in Ahmad’s Workshop)

Along the way to find the Poet, you can meet with Nehal, who will tell you she wants to show you something. Follow her inside the office of Ahmad Ibn-Musa in the House of Wisdom and inspect the large diagram on your right side.

Similarly, you will find another diagram on the left end of the office. After you have inspected that, you can also find another diagram depicting human anatomy on a large board. Lastly, you can head toward the bookshelves on the left side to discover another drawing that will illustrate a machine in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Basim has seen this drawing before, so some of his suspicions about the scholar being Al-Rabisu will be confirmed.

Meet Arib

Now you can go and meet with Arib. She will wear a red band around her head and be in a golden robe. Basim can then try some verses, but Arib will tell us to go. This way, Basim can return to the center area where the scholars are roaming around and find Hunayn, the translator.

Speak with him, and once your conversation ends, you will hear Kahraman announcing that the Great Scholar, Fazil Fahim, will begin his lecture shortly.

You can head inside the building and speak with Al-Farghani to pass the time. Afterward, you can return to the Kahraman and ask him if the lecture has started. He will tell you to go inside to attend it.

A cutscene will play in which Fazil will start his lecture, but it will be cut short as the Kahraman whispers in his ear that both Zahra and Hassan are dead in AC Mirage.

Hearing this, Fazil will get suspicious and tell everyone that the lecture has concluded. This will confirm that Fazil is the Order member known as Al-Rabisu, so you will have a new objective to assassinate him in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Find Fazil (Al-Rabisu)

You can look around for Fazil and find a gatekeeper outside the door. Ask the concierge to let you pass, and he will ask you to complete the passphrase “Those Who Came Before are…?”. If you don’t know the answer to this riddle, head up the stairs on his right side and sit on the bench.

You can eavesdrop on the two civilians next to you. One will mention losing the Great Scholar’s masterwork to the Poet Arib.   

Find Fazil’s Book with Passphrase

You must look for the poet Arib’s belongings and find them on the second floor. Climb onto the building to reach that area, and after you read the book’s title, complete the passphrase “Those Who Came Before are Those Who Shall Return.”  

After that, you can return to where you met the gatekeeper earlier and tell him about the passphrase in AC Mirage. He will let you in at this time, so once inside, you can move the bookshelf on your left and discover a hidden pathway.

Assassinate Fazil

Follow the hidden path by descending the stairs and entering the restricted area. You can use your weapons and make your way around it to find the great Scholar Fazil. Along the way, you will find one guard near the door so you can sneak behind and kill him.

Then, you can proceed onwards to find more guards inside. Take your time in dealing with all of them. Afterward, you can enter Fazil’s quarters and find a note on the box to your left. This note will say that Robing is Mandatory and that you will be required to wear some Robes to meet the other subjects of the Order.

Open the door on your right, and you will find some people tortured and dead, wearing some robes. Take the robes from the corpse and wear them to blend in with the other subjects. Then, you can get across the guards without any problem in Assassin’s Creed Mirage Mastermind in the Shadows. You will hear a civilian’s voice ahead, so follow it to find Fazil.

The guard ahead will call you out as a subject, and you can follow him disguised in the patient’s robe. This way, you will finally reach Fazil, who will explain the machine mechanics to some guards.

Then, you can sit in the center while Al-Rabisu approaches you. Once he brings his head closer to you, you can take this opportunity to assassinate him using your hidden blade in AC Mirage.

3. A Job Well Done

Once you have assassinated the great scholar Fazil (Al-Rabisu), you can return to the House of Wisdom and exit it.

Then, you can head directly to the Assassin Bureau at Abbasiyah. Once you arrive there, your mission regarding the Mastermind in the Shadows Investigation in AC Mirage will be marked as complete. Furthermore, this will conclude your assassination work of the Order at the Abbasiyah Region in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

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