Assassin’s Creed Mirage Follow The Fiery Trail Walkthrough

Take out the Corrupt Scholar, Zahra, to complete this Investigation.

Follow the Fiery Trail is an investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which requires you to find out the murderer of the caretaker. In the Investigation section, one investigation is highlighted by the name The Book Burner. This investigation is also about the murdered Caretaker. The evidence related to this murder suggests that a woman carried it out.

However, there may be a mystery about why she murdered the caretaker and what she was trying to cover up. To complete this specific investigation, you must complete all the objectives below.

Investigate Ahmad’s Office in The House of Wisdom

The first objective of this investigation is to investigate Ahmad’s office. This office is located in the House of Wisdom (landmark), which can be found on the west side of the Yasriyah region in Assassin Creed Mirage.

Once you enter this place, you can head straight towards the amassing crowd. You will hear a civilian say that their precious books have been burned. After that, a cutscene will play, and Fazil will try to calm the people there by telling them that the situation is under control.

Basim will then inquire about this situation from Fazil. After conversing with him, you will need to find Ahmad Ibn-Musa. Moreover, you will also need to find the Caretaker of the Books to understand this situation, as he keeps all the records of the books in AC Mirage.

The Caretaker of Books – Follow the Fiery Trail

You can look around the area first where the books were burned earlier. On the left side, you will find a small table with some books. If you move towards it, you will find a note with a Missing books list.


This will include books such as (Kitab al-Hiyal, Kalila wa-Dimna, and Kitab al-Azif). Apart from these books, there is also an ancient manuscript that has gone missing.

Now, you will need to find the Caretaker of Books. For that, you will need to make your way inside the library in AC Mirage.

You can climb onto the wood structure on your left to reach the second floor. This way, you will be able to reach the southwest wing of the House of Wisdom in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Once you enter the library, you will find this restricted area guarded, so you must remain hidden. You can use the wooden latches to jump around and maintain the high ground. This way, you will hear one of the guards saying that the caretaker was murdered.

Examine the Caretaker’s Murder

You will need to target the guard next to the caretaker’s room and kill him first. This way, you can go towards the caretaker’s section next and look around to examine his murder.

This way, you will see that he is holding something in his hand: a piece of fabric. Basim will deduce that this piece was torn from a woman’s gown.     

If you look towards the right side, you will observe some papers which you can check to see that the caretaker wrote a Mansakh before his death occurred. As both the fire event and the murder are related, you should carry on with the Fiery Trial investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Explore the Scriptorium

The next part of this investigation will lead you towards exploring the Scriptorium. Since this could have been the last place, the caretaker visited to write his mansakh in AC Mirage.

Climb onto the building ahead to get inside the restricted area and scan the area to check the guards’ positions inside. After looking around, you will see one of the Tha’abeen members, so you should investigate this matter.

You can walk over the rope to the tree and throw a smoke bomb to eliminate the guard next to the door. Then, you can unlock the door and find Hunayn inside the AC Mirage. He will exclaim that he needs time to crack the unknown language on the manuscript you discovered earlier.

Check Hunayn’s translation quarters

Hunayn fears for his life; you can tell him to get to safety before the guards return to check on him. After he leaves, you can look around that area and discover an Orderly Poem on the table next to some manuscripts.

Furthermore, the Order letter will mention a word, Arib, which may be an innocent reference or something more sinister in AC Mirage. You can also salvage Hunayn’s Note, which will be addressed to Zahra.

Lastly, you can check Hunayn’s translation quarters by moving to the upper floor, and there you will find another letter towards the right end. You can read it, and it will mention the Book Deliveries and how Zahra wanted the additional books to be delivered to her residence, which happens to be the Scholar’s Estate.

All of these clues will lead to one possible outcome: Zahra was indeed the woman responsible for killing the caretaker. Moreover, she also may be a part of the Order as well. 

The Book Burner – Find Proof

You can visit Zahra’s estate next and check whether she is involved with the Order to Follow the Fiery Trail investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. For that, you will need to head towards the landmark known as the Scholar’s Estate, but after reaching that place, you will notice that no one is around, which will seem odd.

You can simply search Zahra’s place by breaking the window on the first floor. Then you can go down the stairs and read the note on her table. This incriminating letter will confirm that Zahra is tied to the order, along with Al-Rabisu in AC Mirage.

Assassinate Zahra, the Corrupt Scholar

You must get to the high ground and wait for Zahra to return home. Climb up to reach the rooftop and wait there for the scholar to return. After some time, Zahra will come accompanied by some guards.

She blabs on Hunayn’s incompetence and mentions that translating that book will lead to her becoming the head of the Order.

Before she can finish her sentence, you can assassinate her with your hidden blade or in any manner you choose. Then you can either run away from that place or stay around and kill the guards and leave.

This way, the Book Burner case will close, and Follow the Fiery Trail investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be completed. You will also salvage some notes from Zahra’s corpse, revealing the first clue about the other order member, Al-Rabisu.

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