Assassin’s Creed Mirage The Great Symposium Walkthrough

The Great Symposium quest in AC Mirage requires you to kill Al-Rabisu, aka Fazil.

The Great Symposium Mission in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a part of the Mastermind in the Shadows Investigation, aimed to assassinate Al-Rabisu, aka Fazil the Great Scholar. He is a great scholar in the House of Wisdom and a suspect of working for the order.

Ultimately, he emerges as one of the 5 top members of the Abbassiyah Order. Fazil is a corrupted and evil person who burns the great works of other scholars and corrupts people’s minds with his delusional research. He also performs deadly experiments on people in his secret hideout. Therefore, you must kill him in the Assassin’s Creed Mirage, The Great Symposium.

Go to House of Wisdom and attend the Lecture

You must get to the House of Wisdom in Baghdad and attend Scholar Fazil’s lecture to assassinate him. When you arrive at the Hosue of Wisdom, talk to the person with a red marker and ask him about Fazil’s Lecture.

From here, you must start exploring the area to gain more information about Fazil in AC Mirage, the Great Symposium. First, sit on a bench near the building square and eavesdrop on civilians talking about Arib Al-Mamuniyya, a famous poet.

Afterwards, proceed to one of the gates, and you will find Nehal. She will ask you to follow her as she has something to show. You will follow her in Ahmad Ibn Musa’s Office, where she wanted to show you his amazing drawings of different wondrous devices.

One of the drawings will be about the ancient device which Basim knew. Nehal will insist Basim tell her about it, but he will not, as he has taken an oath. Next, you must go into the courtyard to see Arib, the poet.


After a brief conversation, return to the House of Wisdom ground floor in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Turn on Eagle Vision to find the two people the game prompts you to meet. It is Hunayn, another poet, and Al-Farghani, a historical astronomer.

After a casual talk with them, it is time to attend the lecture of Fazil. Head to the next block and ask the coordinator about the lecture. He will ask you to head inside the room. The Fazil lecture will start in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the Great Symposium.

The cutscene will play in which he starts talking about the antediluvian age. Basim sneaks into the front row to assassinate him, but suddenly, a man whispers into Fazil’s ear that Zahra and Hassan are dead and he needs to hide himself. Fazil will leave the lecture and go into his hiding place.

Now that it is confirmed that Fazil is a member of the order, you must get into his hiding place to assassinate him. There are two ways to find his hideout.

Complete the Gatekeeper phrase

The first way is to get out of the lecture hall and go to another block where there is an artifact. You will find a gatekeeper standing outside of a door.

Ask him to let you enter, and he will say a phrase you must complete in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Leave him, and you will hear, “I have lost Fazil’s greatest work.” Get upstairs and sit on the bench to eavesdrop on two House of Wisdom workers.

The book they have has the complete phrase that the gatekeeper asked you. To find this book, head outside and climb the wall along the gate. You will enter a corridor and find a book on a bench.

Return to the gatekeeper and tell him the full phrase upon which he will allow you to enter. After entering, turn on Eagle Vision in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and you will spot a moveable shelf. Move it to reveal a hidden passage. Enter it to get to Fazil.

Find the courtyard passage

The second method is a little more time-consuming. But if you want to try this, go to the building square and eavesdrop on Al-Farghani talking about the mysterious leaving of Fazil in AC Mirage. You will learn about the secret basements in House of Wisdom.

Ask the coordinator from the person whom you met to attend the lecture. He will deny that it is a joke. You have to bribe him with a scholar favor token, and he will reveal a basement hatch in the northwest courtyard.

You have learned about the secret passage, but you will need a key to unlock its door, which a gardener holds. Use Enkidu, and it will mark the location of the Gardener on the roof in AC Mirage the Great Symposium. Head there and assassinate all the guards surrounding the gardener.

Then, proceed to pickpocket the key from him. Afterward, head into the western courtyard and look for a small shelter with a hatch. Open the hatch and get inside.

How to Assassinate Fazil in AC Mirage

You will have to fight multiple guards inside the secret passage. They will be there on every corner. The best way is to use the poison dart and let them finish each other AC Mirage the Great Symposium. Make your way ahead by quietly assassinating each of the guards.

You will reach a room with screams coming from behind. Enter there and read the note on the crate. It will prompt you to wear robes before you enter the next room. Luckily, that is not hard to find. There is a prison room on the right. Open its door and interact with the patient lying on the floor to wear its robes.

Afterward, proceed to the next room, where the fun part begins. You will enter a great hall where a soldier will ask you to follow him. You will see Fazil speaking with a mercenary, and then he will ask you to sit on the ritual floor.

This is where Fazil was performing experiments on several patients, eventually killing them. But this one will be his last. A cutscene will play in which Fazil will brag about his excellent knowledge. Basim will deny that Knowledge is Power.

To which Fazil will get near you to hear a whisper, but what he will receive instead is a reasonable stab in the chest. Fazil will be assassinated, and you will watch another cutscene in the assassination dream.

Now that the job is done, you must leave the House of Wisdom immediately and return to the bureau to tell them the good news. This will complete the Great Symposium quest in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

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