ARK Survival Evolved Engram Points Leveling Tips

This detailed guide takes a look at some of the best tips for leveling engram points we have gathered over the years for Ark Survival Evolved.

Efficiency in ARK Survival Evolved is not limited to harvesting resources, but also Levelling up fast and spending Engram Points effectively.

Leveling up and managing your Engram Points in the ruthless world of ARK Survival Evolved is not so simple and easy. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you level up and decide on how to spend Engram Points in ARK Survival Evolved.

ARK Survival Evolved Leveling Tips

Our guide provides an overview of how to level up effectively and spend your Engram Points to Level 60 so that you’re able to acquire your desired items after hitting the Level Cap and not be short on Engram Points.

Getting Started

First of all, you’ll require an axe, a campfire, a spear, and a waterskin.

The waterskin will help you quench your thirst without actively looking for berries, a campfire will keep you warm and allow you to cook your meals, campfire needs wood which is why you’ll need an axe, and spear to acquire food.

Once you’re done with the basics, you’ll need some clothes to keep you warm and a place to sleep. Therefore, you’ll need thatch building material, cloth armor, and a sleeping bag which will all cost you 48 Engram Points.

You must spend the first day in Ark Survival Evolved collecting the basic resources and crafting the necessary items that you need to survive. As said, these include a campfire, a house, harvesting tools, and some basic weapons.

Defense and Offence

First off, you need to acquire a Slingshot which is not only a decent ranged weapon but also knocks out different dinosaurs, allowing you to kill them or tame them during the early game. This will also allow you to acquire Bow and Arrows and even Tranquilizer Arrows.

One thing to note here is that you’ll also require Narcotics which is another Tech Tree. You’ll also be needing a bed, something for storage, and wall upgrades.

All of the aforementioned things may cost you something around 179 Engram Points. It’s also recommended to upgrade your Hide Amour and Storage Box which will cost you another 54 Engram Points.

Staying Hidden

Try to stay out of open clearings and territories of strong beasts who will rip you to shreds. It will be a huge pain if you have to fight your way out or in your base.

Furthermore, if you have started on a PvP server, you will be destroyed by higher-level players on your first day if you build in open clearings.

You should make your first base in dense forests, as it helps you stay hidden and collect resources without getting interrupted a lot.

Hunting and Taming

Your best bet to start leveling up is by hunting the different creatures on the island of ARK Survival Evolved. Start with Dods. Punch them, shoot them, stab them, do whatever it gets to kill them.

Next, start taming basic Dinosaurs. Not only do you get some manpower to help you in your farming trips, but you also get a lot of XP for taming Dinosaurs.

Explore and Discover

Your explorations can be a great source of XP. Not only do you get XP for only being in the game, but discovering new places and landmarks also gives you a fixed amount of XP.

On the island, as you explore, finding collectibles such as Explorer Notes and Crafting Recipes also earn you a decent amount of XP, as well as in-game lore and new items for you to craft.

Harvesting and Crafting

For everything that you harvest or mine in ARK Survival Evolved, you get XP. The more you harvest for your adventures, the faster you level up.

Crafting items is also an easy way of earning extra XP. Since you may have harvested a lot of resources already, why not put them in your stations for crafting?

Anything that is crafted gets you XP, even making raw materials for high-grade buildings and craftables is a quick, easy and passive way of getting XP.

End Game Spending

You can acquire Fabricator and the Silencer if you wish to keep it quiet and avoid unwanted engagements. As for the Fabricator, you’ll need it to make Flak.

I would also suggest picking up Flashlight Attachment, but it’s your call! At this point, you’ll also be able to acquire items such as Assault Rifle, Advanced Rifle Bullet, Holographic Sight, Laser Attachment, Rocket Launcher, and Auto Turret; all of which will cost you around 292 Engram Points.

One important thing to note here is that you’ll also need Polymer and Cementing Paste for repairing items such as Assault Rifles.

Level Cap Spending

After hitting Level 100, you should have around 477 Engram Points to spend anywhere you want – if you followed this guide that is!

At this point, you can spend Engram Points on Cooking Pot and upgrade your walls to Metal. You can also go for Grenades or a Grenade Launcher. You can also opt for some Electronics or Saddles to ride those dinos and soar high in the sky!

Spending Engram Points

As you know there are limited Engram Points in ARK Survival Evolved, you need to be careful about what you are spending Engram Points on.

Not every Engram is crucial in ARK Survival Evolved. You need to pick and choose. You can specialize in unlocking better defenses, better weapons, better armor, or better dinosaur upgrades.

Whenever you are spending Engram Points for unlocking any Engram, make sure that you see if there is a crafting recipe for that Engram that you can find in the open world. This helps you unlock more Engrams without spending all your Engram Points.

Avoid unlocking decorations. You don’t need them on PvP servers, or servers where you cannot increase the amount of Engram Points you have. You best stick to the absolute must unless you have what you want.


Following is an overview of all items placed against their Engram Points cost:

  • Campfire – 3
  • Stone Hatchet – 3
  • Spear – 3
  • Cloth Pants – 3
  • Cloth Shirt – 3
  • Thatch Foundation – 3
  • Thatch Doorframe – 3
  • Waterskin – 6
  • Cloth Gloves – 3
  • Cloth Boots – 3
  • Cloth Hat – 3
  • Hide Sleeping Bag – 3
  • Thatch Rood – 3
  • Thatch Wall – 3
  • Thatch Door – 3
  • Slingshot – 6
  • Storage Box – 6
  • Simple Bed – 8
  • Mortar and Pestle – 6
  • Sparkpowder – 3
  • Narcotic – 6
  • Wooden Foundation – 9
  • Wooden Wall – 9
  • Gunpowder – 3
  • Flare Gun – 6
  • Spyglass – 6
  • Wooden Cieling – 6
  • Wooden Doorframe – 6
  • Wooden Door – 6
  • Wooden Ramp – 3
  • Hide Pants – 9
  • Hide Shirt – 6
  • Bow – 12
  • Stone Arrow – 3
  • Large Storage Box – 9
  • Wooden Fence Foundation – 6
  • Wooden Pillar – 9
  • Wooden Hatchframe – 9
  • Wooden Ladder – 6
  • Hide Gloves – 9
  • Hide Boots – 9
  • Hide Hat – 12
  • Tranq Arrow – 15
  • Refining Forge – 21
  • Dinosaur Gateway – 9
  • Dinosaur Gate – 6
  • Wooden Catwalk – 12
  • Wooden Trapdoor – 9
  • Wooden Windowframe – 12
  • Smithy – 16
  • Metal Pick – 12
  • Metal Hatchet – 12
  • Pike – 18
  • Cementing Paste – 3
  • Wooden Window – 12
  • Chitin Leggings – 15
  • Chitin Chestplate – 18
  • Chitin Helmet – 18
  • Scope Attachment – 13
  • Chitin Gauntlets – 15
  • Chitin Boots – 15
  • Longneck Rifle – 18
  • Simple Rifle Ammo – 6
  • Fabricator – 24
  • Silencer Attachment – 13
  • Polymer – 6
  • Flak Leggings – 15
  • Flak Chestplate – 18
  • Flashlight Attachment – 18
  • Flak Boots – 16
  • Flak Gauntlets – 16
  • Flak Helmet – 20
  • Assault Rifle – 24
  • Advanced Rifle Bullet – 8
  • Laser Attachment – 24
  • Holo-Scope – 24
  • Rocket Launcher – 32
  • Auto Turret – 40

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