ARK Aberration Hazard Suit Crafting Guide

ARK Aberration Hazard Suit Guide to help you learn all about crafting the Hazard Suit and using it in ARK Survival Evolved expansion.

With the new update, you now may require using the Hazard Suit much more than you had ever imagined before since Aberration is teeming with radiation pockets. This ARK Aberration Hazard Suit Crafting Guide will tell you all about what the Hazard Suit does, how you can acquire it and what is the best way to farm the materials for it.

Read on to find out how you can easily traverse the terrain of the entire Aberration without regard for being brutally murdered by an invisible force.

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ARK Aberration Hazard Suit Crafting

The Hazard Suit is not available to you until you get to Level 68. Once you do get the required level though, you can collect the required items for it and then build yourself a very important piece of armor that may not protect you from the harsh cold but will prevent you from getting high!

The Hazard Suit takes up 5 slots and if you want to manufacture it, you are going to require Blue Gems, Congealed gas Balls, Polymers, Crystals, Fibers and Hide. These items will take quite a bit of time to collect so get started and then read on once you have these materials.

Crafting and Using the Hazard Suit
To get the Gas Balls, all you need to do is to find yourself a gas collector and leave it over a gas vein. Eventually, it will have enough Congealed Gas Balls for you to be able to manufacture the Hazard Suit.

The polymer can be tricky to harvest, so the best way to do it is to keep on killing crabs and then harvesting the organic polymer off of them.

It may take time to kill the crab but they give you a lot of polymers so that is probably the best way to go around finding polymer.

The Suit is made in the Fabricator so you also need to mine oil. There are many places where you can find oil and if you are level 68, then you should not have any trouble finding oil.

Stuff like Fiber require run of the mill farming and you should be able to locate all of the other stuff that you need without much trouble.


  • Hide (x155)
  • Fiber (x235)
  • Blue Gem (x85)
  • Polymer (x72)
  • Cementing Paste (x144)
  • Chitin or Keratin (x576)
  • Stone (x1152)
  • Obsidian (x144)
  • Crystal (x166)
  • Congealed Gas Ball (x125)

Once the Suit has been manufactured and you adorn it, you will realize that it severely lacks the stats that you would expect with an armor of similar cost. However, all of the stats are irrelevant as the Hazard Suit serves one purpose, which is to move around in hallucinogens and radiation while taking no damage.

This includes all the environmental hazards; mushroom spores, poison gas and others of the family. This means that you can move through the map without having to worry about any environmental debuffs.

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