How To Unlock Mjolnir In Ark Fjordur

Fjordur is a new map that rolls out an exciting new content expansion for Ark: Survival Evolved. If you manage to survive all of the new threats, including those from new realms, you have a chance of wielding the legendary Mjolnir to become the mighty Thor himself.

Mjolnir is the final reward Fjordur has to offer. It not only deals a ton of damage but also comes with a few special abilities. You can, for example, throw Mjolnir at enemies before calling it back. You can also summon a devastating chained lightning attack to hit over a dozen enemies at once.

The way to unlock Mjolnir is not easy though. It is an extremely long grind. You need to max out everything and complete all that Fjordur has to offer.

There are even certain requirements you need to meet before even starting to work towards unlocking Mjolnir.

How To Wield Mjolnir In Ark Fjordur

Even if you unlock Mjolnir, you will not be able to wield the hammer if you have not passed a set of requirements. When you try to equip the weapon, the game will simply tell you that you are not worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Hence, you must first understand how to become worthy of becoming Thor.

Collect All Fjordur Runes

The first step is to collect all 200x Fjordur Runes that are scattered across the new map. Take note that Fjordur Runes are different from the regular Runestones. These are red-colored runes that will be floating in mid-air when you find them.

Fjordur Runes do nothing besides offer a few experience points to help you level up, which brings us to the next requirement of being able to wield Mjolnir.

Reach Level 190

You need to be at least level 190 or higher to wield Mjolnir. Since leveling up can be a grind in Ark: Survival Evolved, you will need to have defeated all of the bosses and mini-bosses (the Alpha versions) from the previous maps for their Ascension levels, along with other content.

How To Unlock Mjolnir

Kill Alpha Creatures For Runestones

Your first step to getting the hammer of Thor is to hunt down Alpha Creatures in Fjordur to get Runestones.

Runestones previously helped you teleport in the game, but have now been revamped to act like a summoning stone to summon mini-bosses—more on that later.

If a creature is an Alpha, it will be written in its name above. Killing them is your only way of getting Runestones and you will need 90x Runestones.

If a creature is an Alpha, it will be written after its name above it.

Kill Alpha Mini-Bosses For Relics

There are three mini-bosses that you need to summon and kill to get Relics. Each summoning requires 30x Runestones, which is why you need to farm 90x Runestones in total.

However, the mini-bosses are located in different realms. Hence, you will need to find the Portal Cave or Portal Room on Fjordur that leads to Asgard, Vanaheim, and Jotunheim.

You can find the Portal Cave at 40.1 LAT and 47.7 LON.

Ark Fjordur Portal Cave

Hati and Skoll
This boss is a pair of two wolves that fight together. Use the Portal Cave to get to the Asgard region. There, head to 20.5 LAT and 37.1 LON and spend 30x Runestones to activate the terminal to fight Hati and Skoll.

The Relic gained from killing Haiti and Skoll will unlock the Dragon island boss.

This boss is a giant bee that is considered the weakest of all the three. Head to 04.6 LAT and 47.5 LON on Fjordur to find a small cave entrance at the edge of the map. Use 30x Runestones to activate the terminal and begin the boss fight.

The Relic gained from killing Beyla will unlock the Broodmother island boss.

This boss is considered the toughest out of all the three. It’s a giant ice bear that can use magic. Use the Portal Cave to go to the Jotunheim region. There, head to 77.7 LAT and 30.8 LON to find a cave. Spend 30x Runestones at the nearby terminal to activate the boss fight.

The Relic gained from killing Steinbjorn will unlock the Megapithecus island boss.

Kill Island Bosses For Trophies

The next step in unlocking Mjolnir is to use the Relics to summon their respective island bosses for trophies. Their heads will literally serve as a trophy for the final step in becoming Thor.

Do note that you have to defeat the Alpha variants of the island bosses or else you will not be able to unlock Mjolnir.

Dragon Island Boss
The boss is located at 87.0 LAT and 05.1 LON. You will require the Beyla Relic to activate the terminal.

Broodmother Lysrix Island Boss
The boss is located at 57.0 LAT and 66.0 LON. You will require the Hati and Skol Relics to activate the terminal.

Megapithecus Island Boss
The boss is located at 56.6 LAT and 84.6 LON. You will require the Steinbjorn Relic to activate the terminal.

Ark Fjordur Island Boss Locations

Kill Fenrir For Mjolnir

Fenrir is not just the final boss you need to defeat to unlock Mjolnir. Fenrir is also the final boss of Fjordur itself.

Take all three Alpha Trophies you got from killing the three island bosses to one of the floating Runestones in the sky to craft an Alpha Fenrir Portal.

Head into the portal and kill Fenrir to get a Mjolnir skin and a Tek Sword Engram as a reward. Combine the two and you’ve got yourself the legendary Mjolnir.

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