Ark Fjordur Unique Creatures Locations

Fjordur, the latest map to roll out for Ark: Survival Evolved introduces five more unique creatures to add to the...

Fjordur, the latest map to roll out for Ark: Survival Evolved introduces five more unique creatures to add to the roster of more than four dozen unique creatures from the previous maps and expansions.

These are obviously exclusive to the new Fjordur map that is further divided into multiple regions and realms. You will need to hunt down all five of the new unique creatures to advance the endgame, one of which is a mandatory hunt to unlock Mjolnir, the might hammer of Thor.

The following guide will show you the coordinates where you can find all five unique creatures in Fjordur.

Ark Fjordur Unique Creatures Locations

There are actually more than five unique creatures in Fjordur but the rest of them spawn as minions when you encounter the main creatures. Hence, their locations are not needed.

Unique Creature #1: Aberrant Megalania

Aberrant Megalania is a large lizard-like creature found near the Hidden Grotto. This unique creature shares some resemblance to a Komodo Dragon. Its main way to attack a target is to climb the walls and sneak up from behind, leaving no room for escape for its prey.


  • LAT 41.0 and LON 82.0
  • LAT 25.0 and LON 71.0

Ark Fjordur Aberrant Megalania Coordinates

Unique Creature #2: Andrewsarchus

Andrewsarchus is a mammal-like creature that is found at the Broken Meadows. It resembles an extinct species with the same name. This unique creature is passive in nature and will walk alongside smaller creatures without causing any harm. However, if it encounters a player, it will not waste time going on the offensive.


  • LAT 35.0 and LON 31.0

Ark Fjordur Andrewsarchus Coordinates

Unique Creature #3: Desmodus

Desmodus is a bat-like creature that resembles the Diaemus genes of bats. This unique creature is mostly in caves at the Balheimr Trench, hanging on the ceiling with a few more of its kind. Once you get too close to this creature, it will launch itself at you and drain your health until you have nothing left.


  • LAT 90.0 and LON 78.0

Ark Fjordur Desmodus Coordinates

Unique Creature #4: Fjordhawk

Fjordhawk is a giant hawk-like creature that is mostly found nesting in the Snaerheimr Mountains and the Skadifjord region (northwest of the map). It flies from a distance to stalk its prey before swooping in for the kill.


  • LAT 15.0 and LON 24.0

Ark Fjordur Fjordhawk Coordinates

Unique Creature #5: Fenrir

Fenrir is a wolf-like creature that is also the final boss of Fjordur. It acts similar to a Direwolf when it comes to attacking its prey.

Killing Fenrir is how you unlock Mjolnir in Ark Fjord. This unique creature needs to be summoned through a long, grinding process that includes summoning and killing three Alpha mini-bosses and three Alpha island bosses.

Hence, there are no coordinates. You need to get all of the tokens to craft the portal that leads you to Fenrir.

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