Animal Crossing New Horizons Balloons Farming Guide

Farm Balloons to get DIY recipes and Bells.

You can pop up balloons in Animal Crossing New Horizons using the Slingshot to get DIY recipes for many unique items. After the update 2.0, some new recipes were added that you can only get by popping balloons with presents.

All this makes it necessary to know where and when the Balloons will spawn in ACNH and how you can farm them.

ACNH Balloons Spawn Location and Time

You will find Balloons floating in Animal Crossing New Horizons from left to right or right to the left of your island. If the time is between 5 AM and 6 PM and the Balloons at your Island are traveling from left to right, they will travel right to left from 6 PM to 5 AM.

Once you spot a balloon, you will find the next Balloon after five minutes. For example, if one Balloon spawns at 2:34, the next will spawn at 2:39.

You can say balloons will spawn every fourth and ninth minute in ACNH. The wind direction will also matter since it can change the direction of the balloons. The color of the Balloon doesn’t matter much. There is no guarantee of finding a particular type of item in some specific color balloon.


The striped balloons are associated with the Bunny Day event, and if you find one, you may get eggs and Bunny Day recipes.

How to farm Balloons in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Once you spot the Balloon, the next thing is how to pop it to get DIY recipes. You must run Up and Down the beach to ensure it is in your hit range. Popping 300 balloons will also get you the golden slingshot recipe, so it is worth looking out for these balloons.

Once the Balloon with the present is in your range, you can hit it using the Slingshot. The present with the DIY recipe or bag of Bells will drop.


If you are popping Balloon during some event like the Cherry Blossom, you will get DIY recipes that need Cherry-Blossom petals for crafting.

Now, all you need to do is repeat the above step and continue to hit the Balloon every five minutes. If you think it is a bit difficult and tiring process, there is a trick you can use to farm balloons quickly and easily.

The Tall Wall Trick to Pop Balloons

This trick will guide the balloons in Animal Crossing New Horizons towards you, and you have to hit them with Slingshot. For this trick to work, you will need tall items like Jail bars and Climbing Walls.

Jail Bars are craftables, while the Climbing Walls can be purchased by spending Bells at Nook’s Cranny. Each Jail bar will require you to have x5 iron Nuggets for crafting. The Climbing wall will cost you 4,300 bells per piece.

If you have more Iron nuggets, you can craft the jail bars, and if you have more bells, you can purchase the Climbing Wall; the choice is yours. There are other tall items, and you can use them too. We recommend these because they are easier to get in large quantities than others.

These items are tall enough to block the Balloons and change their direction towards the south. It means you can stand at your beach’s down or south end and wait for the Balloons to spawn. You can travel up and down and pop Balloons at any spot in ACNH, so standing at the bottom is not a must.


Have at least two Slingshots, as they can break, and you will need a spare one to Pop balloons.

You must have at least 30 tall items for this trick to work properly. It is not a must to have the same 30 tall items. You can use 20 Climbing Walls and 10 Jail Bars for this trick to work. While placing the items, ensure you put them in a line and that there is no open space between them.

To test the open space, try to pass through the gap between items. If you can pass, squeeze the gap and try again. Once you can’t pass through the gaps, you can wait at the bottom for balloons in ACNH to spawn.


The drop rate of seasonal recipes is still low, around 15 percent, so even with this trick, you may have to put in some time to collect the recipes you are looking for.

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