Animal Crossing New Horizons Cherry Blossom DIY Recipes List

If you’re playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch, and you live in the Northern Hemisphere then you have a unique opportunity right now. From April 1st to 10th, cherry blossom trees will be blooming and you will be able to craft cherry blossom seasonal recipes. Here we have listed all the Animal Crossing New Horizons Cherry Blossom DIY Recipes.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Cherry Blossom DIY Recipes

During the start of the spring season, most of the trees standard trees on your island will be converted in Cherry Blossom trees. While they will continue to drop normal wood, softwood, hardwood and tree branches, these cherry blossom trees will also result in Cherry Blossom petals floating around which you can catch.

Cherry Blossom recipes can be found by using your slingshot to pop balloons or they may be hidden in bottles on the beach. You should try to find them all before the cherry blossoms stop blooming.

Below are all the Cherry Blossom DIY recipes you can find and then craft using daily use items as well as cherry blossom petals in Animal Crossing.

Cherry-blossom petal pile

  • Cherry Blossom x5

Blossom-viewing lantern

  • Cherry-blossom Petal x6
  • Hardwood x4

Cherry-blossom branches

  • Cherry-blossom Petal x8
  • Tree branch x4
  • Clay x5

Cherry-blossom wand

  • Cherry-blossom petal x3
  • Star fragment x3

Cherry-blossom pond stone

  • Stone x10
  • Cherry-blossom petal x3

Outdoor picnic set

  • Cherry-blossom petals x10

Cherry-blossom pochette

  • Cherry-blossom petal x6

Cherry-blossom umbrella

  • Cherry-Blossom Petal x7

Cherry-blossom clock

  • Cherry-blossom petal x5
  • Iron nugget x1

Cherry-blossom flooring

  • Cherry-blossom petal x10
  • Clump of weeds x20

Cherry-blossom trees wall

  • Cherry-blossom petal x1
  • Hardwood x5

Sakura-wood wall

  • Cherry-Blossom petal x5
  • Wood x1

Sakura-wood flooring

  • 5 Cherry-blossom Petals
  • 10 Wood

These are all the cherry blossom recipes in New Horizons. During this season of social isolation, you don’t have even to travel to countries with cherry blossoms to see the beautiful trees thanks to gaming.