Animal Crossing New Horizons Cherry Blossom DIY Recipes

Get the Petals of the Blooming Pink Trees in ACNH. 

Cherry Blossom Petals in Animal Crossing: New Horizons helps you craft many seasonal items. These are available in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres for a short duration of 10 days.

In the Northern Hemisphere, you can catch the falling petals from Cherry blossom trees from April 1 to 10, the same time the Bunny Day event happens. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, October 1 to 10 is when you can catch these petals and use them in crafting DIY items with cherry blossom petals as the main ingredient in their recipes.

ACNH Cherry Blossom Petal DIY Items

Before crafting, you will need DIY recipes that use Cherry Blossom Patels as an ingredient. However, the recipes are unavailable for purchase, and you must find them by Shooting balloons. You can also get the recipes from message bottles, but the chances are low, so shooting balloons using your slingshot is your best bet to find cherry blossom DIY recipes.


If you are behind or ahead of the Cherry Blossom season in ACNH, you can Time Travel and get the DIY recipes to craft the required items.

You will need Cherry Blossom Petals to craft the following DIY Recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to craft Cherry-blossom petal pile

You can craft this decorative furniture item with x6 Cherry Blossom Petals.

How to craft Blossom-viewing lantern

You can craft This furniture item in ACNH by getting its DIY recipe. It will need x6 Cherry-blossom Petals and x4 Hardwood for crafting.

How to craft Cherry-blossom branches

During the Cherry Blossom season, popping balloons will get you the DIY recipe for this item in ACNH. You will need eight cherry blossom petals, five clay, and four tree branches for crafting.

How to craft a Cherry-blossom wand

The Cherry-blossom wand in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is another decorative furniture item you can craft if you have x3 Cherry-blossom Petals and x3 Star fragments.

How to craft Cherry-blossom pond stone

This beautiful decorative item requires x10 Stones and x3 Cherry-blossom petals for crafting.

How to craft an Outdoor picnic set

The crafting recipe for this set is unavailable from the start and was added in Update 2.0. You can get the recipe either by pooping balloons or after the announcement about the Cherry Blossom Trees appearance by Isabelle.

To craft this picnic set, you will need x10 Cherry-blossom petals.

How to craft Cherry-blossom pochette

After getting the DIY recipe, you can craft the cherry blossom pochette in ACNH if you have six cherry blossom petals.

How to craft Cherry-blossom umbrella

This decorative furniture item can be crafted after getting its DIY recipe and collecting x7 Cherry-blossom petals.

How to craft Cherry-blossom clock

A beautiful clock whose recipe you can get by popping balloons during the Cherry Blossom season. You will need five cherry blossom petals and one iron nugget to craft it.

How to craft Cherry-blossom flooring

To craft this floor decorative item in ACNH, you will need x10 cherry blossom petals and x20 clump of weeds.

How to craft Cherry-blossom tree wall

You can craft This DIY item using x1 Cherry-blossom petals and x5 Hardwood. You can get its recipe by popping balloons.

How to craft Sakura-wood wall

The Sakura-wood wall is a decorative furniture item in ACNH that you can craft with x1 wood and x5 Cherry-blossom petals.

How to craft Sakura-wood flooring

You will need x10 wood and x5 cherry blossom petals to craft Sakura wood flooring.

How to get Cherry Blossom Petals in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Using the Net, you can get these petals the same way you get the Maple Leaf. Just wait for their season to start, grab your net and head to the area of the trees. During the start of the spring season, hardwood trees on your island will be converted into Cherry Blossom trees.


Only the non-fruit trees will convert into cherry blossom trees during their season.

The Cherry blossoms will fall from these trees; you can identify them by looking for pink petals. Try to get as many petals as possible; you will need many of them in crafting. Catching them during the day is better as the chances get a bit lower at night.

If you want the season to last a little longer and get permanent cherry blossom trees in ACNH, you can time travel and stay in the cherry blossom blooming season.

After collecting Cherry-Blossom petals, you can sell each for 200 bells. You can even sell items crafted using these petals to make a lot of Bells.

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