Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day Eggs Guide

April has brought a new event to your world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With this Easter Themed event, you are able to gather various recipes and Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day Eggs throughout the event once you initiate it. Bunny Eggs are sort of the pre-requisite materials required to craft the new items introduced in the event.

In this little mini-game, you will have to find a total of six types of Bunny eggs scattered across the island, which you can then utilize to make different items of your choosing.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day Eggs

Once you’ve talked to our fellow bunny, Zipper T. You will be able to start your egg hunt across your island. There is a total of 6 type of eggs that can be collected using 6 unique methods. Each of these eggs grant access to a specific recipe.

Earth Egg
Similar to how you would dig up fossils out of the ground, try digging up cracks you find along your walks, and you might have a chance to find an earth egg, hidden by the bunny himself. Earth Eggs will be found by digging in the ground like you would when hunting for fossils or shiny bags of Bells. You should not be digging holes randomly in your island hoping for them to pop out.

There are only four fossils that spawn every day so once you get them all them all you know will get an Earth Egg instead of a fossil for sure in the next attempt.

Leaf Egg
There is a visual cue for Leaf Eggs which makes it easier to locate them around on the island compared to the other ones. Simply walk around the island, and try to look for a tree with green eggs going on it. Shake them off, and you’ve got yourself some leaf eggs.


Just like in getting Wood Egg, there is again risk of some wasps otherwise, Leaf Eggs are the easiest type of eggs to find and get.

Sky Egg
Look for the sky! For there are balloons flying around, pop ‘em for a chance to acquire one of the sky eggs for your collection. Make sure to keep an eye out for these balloons as you roam across your island, and use your slingshot to shoot them down.

Stone Egg
Get that shovel out and start hitting all the rocks you see. Other than the normal stuff you used to get before, there is a chance you might get yourself a stone egg too.

Water Egg
Head to any water body and start fishing as you would normally. Instead of catching a fish, you might find yourself with a water egg.

Wood Egg
Wood Eggs can be simply obtained by chopping trees down on your island; however, there is a higher chance of them dropping if you chop down trees on a mystery island. Coconut Trees seem to have a higher chance to drop these eggs as well.

Use of stone axe is advised and to avoid eating any food beforehand so as to preserve your trees and not chop them down completely. If you are using a high tier, remember to not hit a tree more than twice.

This might be considered one of the unsafe kinds of eggs to acquire as hitting the tree could prompt a swarm of wasps to attack your character.

That’s all the eggs you’ll be needing to complete everything you need in the event, and obtaining all your DIY recipes and a Bunny Wand!

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