Animal Crossing New Horizons April 2024 Guide

April had fun events like Bunny Day: bugs, sea creatures, and villagers' birthdays in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

In April, you will find more fish and bugs and experience more events in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The events also have some seasonal items that you can buy or craft.

Just like in previous months, like March and February, many villagers will celebrate their birthdays during April. To help you plan how to spend April in Animal Crossing New Horizons, we just came up with a guide covering all new Fish, Bugs, Events, Sea Creatures, and even Birthdays during April.

Animal Crossing New Horizons April 2024 Events and Seasonal Items

From the start of April in ACNH, the Cherry Blossom season will start. You can collect the Cherry Blossom Petals to craft many seasonal DIY items. The event is from April 1 to 10 in the Northern Hemisphere and October 1 to 10 in the Southern.

This season collides with the Bunny Day event, where you can collect the eggs and trade them with Zipper for items and DIY recipes. It is a fun event that you can enjoy.

Besides these, you can also participate in the Fishing Tourney on April 13 to catch fish and get rewards.


Catching Fish will also count towards your Nook Mileage Program tasks and earn you Nook Miles.

Nature Day is The last event you will experience in Animal Crossing New Horizons during April. This will take place on 22nd April, and its main focus is improving the greenery of your Island.

Other than the events above, you may get to experience some small events like the Prom, which will also have their own unique items.

April Bugs

Unlike the previous months, where you find fewer new Bugs in the Northern Hemisphere, this time, you will find fewer in the Southern. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you can catch some new Bugs.

The southern hemisphere will only have one bug arriving, but we will cover that, too, so you are not missing anything during April in ACNH.

Northern Hemisphere

There are around ten new bugs that you can catch in Animal Crossing New Horizons during April. After catching them, you can donate or sell them to make Bells. We will cover all of them along with details about catching them.

BugWhere to CatchSell Price
Common BluebottleThis bug will fly from 4 AM to 7 PM on your Island. If it is raining, you will not find it.300
Agrias ButterflyNear the Flowers in ACNH, you will find this bug flying from 8 AM to 5 PM.3000
Rajah Brooke’s BirdwingThis one is available close to the flowers on any day unless it is not raining from 8 AM to 5 PM. It’s not available at night.2500
Atlas mothYou can catch This night moth from trees in any weather.3000
Madagascan Sunset MothThis is a daytime moth you can catch flying near flowers from 8 AM to 4 PM.2500
Long LocustYou can easily catch this ground bug from 8 AM to 7 PM.200
Darner DragonflyThe Darner dragonfly is available near the water from 8 AM to 5 PM.230
Giant Water bugFrom 7 PM to 8 AM, you can find this one on rivers and ponds.2000
Jewel BeetleThroughout the day, you can find this one on Tree Stumps.2400
FleaThis one is unique; instead of the ground and flowers, you can find it on Villagers.70

Southern Hemisphere

In the Southern Hemisphere, you can find the usual bugs during April in ACNH. Ladybug is the only new bug available, which you can find flying on flowers from 8 AM to 5 PM.

April Fish and Deep Sea Creatures

Besides the regular variety of Fish, you can find some new Fish and Sea Creatures in both Hemispheres. We will cover the fish and sea creatures in both Hemispheres separately.

Northern Hemisphere

You will find ten new Fish and two Sea Creatures in the northern hemisphere. These creatures and Fish will arrive in April, and you can catch them to sell or progress in Nook Miles tasks.

Fish/Deep Sea CreatureWhere to FindSell Price
KillifishThis is a pond fish that you can catch throughout the day and sell for Bells.300
CrawfishAnother pond fish that you can identify because of the small shadow throughout the day.200
Snapping turtleThis turtle has a large shadow; you can find it in the river from 9 PM to 4 AM.5000
GuppyThe Guppy is a tiny shadow river fish that you can catch from 9 AM to 4 PM in ACNH.1300
Neon tetraThis beautiful small fish is available in the river from 9 AM to 4 PM.500
Sea horseHead to the Sea and look for a tiny shadow to catch it is ACNH.1100
Clown FishIt is a sea fish that you can catch throughout the day.650
SurgeonfishThis sea fish is also available throughout the day in the Sea, and you can identify it because of the small shadow.1000
Butterfly FishThe butterfly fish is another sea fish that you can catch and sell for bells.1000
Zebra turkeyfishThe Zebra Turkeyfish is a medium shadow sea fish you can start finding in Animal Crossing New Horizons in April.500
LobsterAfter January, you can catch this Sea creature in April throughout the day by diving and looking for a large shadow. 
Sea PineappleThis small, slow shadow creature you can catch all day. 

Southern Hemisphere

You will find far fewer new fish and sea creatures in the southern hemisphere than in the northern hemisphere. It has just two new Fish and three Sea Creatures in ACNH.

Fish/Deep Sea CreatureWhere to FindSell Price
Yellow PerchIt is a river fish that you can identify because of the medium shadow.300
DabThis sea fish has a medium shadow, which you can find throughout the day.300
SeaweedThis sea creature has a stationary and large shadow, which makes it easier to catch.600
Spiny lobsterYou can identify this critter from 9 PM to 4 AM because of a fast and large shadow.5000
Venus Flower basketYou can find this medium-sized shadow creature throughout the day.5000

ACNH Villagers Birthdays in April

You can head to these villagers if you have them on your island and celebrate their birthdays throughout April in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

April DateBirthday Of
2Tammi and Cashmere
6Hopper and Mr. Resetti
17Charlise and Porter
23Miranda and Booker
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