Animal Crossing New Horizons Fishing Tournament Guide

As you progress through the world of Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will notice the island around you getting denser and full of activities for you to complete. One such activity that occurs is the Animal Crossing New Horizons Fishing Tournament ran by a beaver named C.J.

CJ will visit your island often and whenever he comes by, he will be overseeing a fishing competition that you can take part in to earn rewards in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fishing Tournament

Time for the Tourney
The fishing tournament happens about once every month; the most common occurrence being 2nd or 3rd week of every consecutive month or so. He will appear roughly between the day time, starting from 9 AM to 6 PM.

His schedule for the next few months is listed

  • April 11th, 2020 (2nd Saturday)
  • June 20th, 2020 (3rd Saturday)
  • July 11th, 2020 (2nd Saturday)

Whenever CJ appears around your island, you will receive an announcement that a fishing tournament will be hosted and that C.J. will be waiting outside of the Resident Services.

Head to the designated area and start talking to C.J. before 6 PM and you can participate in the tournament. Participation in the fishing tournament in New Horizons requires 500 Bells as a one time fee for that month.

CJ Visits Often
Aside from hosting the fishing tournament, you might find CJ. wandering on about randomly up for a conversation. You can simply sell him any fish you get for a profit you wouldn’t find selling it anywhere else.

Rules of the Tournament
There are essentially two things that can occur when you start the tournament, one is a very simple rule; catch as many fish as you can within the time-limit (3 minutes).

Fish, fish and fish away! Remember to bring some bait with you prior to starting the tournament to get an advantage.

You will receive points for every fish you catch and bonus points for more than 3 fish. You can later redeem these points for Fish Merchandise.

The second possibility is that you are tasked to catch three fish of the same size consecutively. This is a difficult task, and the best way is to judge the size of a fish by looking at its silhouette in the water.

  • You gain one point for catching a fish.
  • Catching three fish gives a bonus of two points.
  • No bonuses are given after catching the third fish.

If there aren’t a sufficient number of villagers, then the fishing tournament cannot be held; therefore, it is advised that you have progressed a considerable bit in the main story.

Winning the tournament allows for exclusive rewards and décor for you to use at your leisure. This includes items such as:

  • Fish Pochette
  • Fish Wand
  • Fish Door Plate
  • Fish Rug
  • Dried Fish

Depending on how many points you earned during the tournament, you can turn them in for the rewards mentioned above. It is random what you receive after turning your points in.

So if you really like something on the list, then you might have to try multiple times before you get your hand on it. The process really isn’t that grindy though, and there’s a lot of fun to be had in the competition.