Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY Crafting Guide

This Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY Crafting guide is about how to craft in the game, DIY recipes list, how to attain the recipes and crafting materials. Being able to craft stuff yourself instead of having to buy it will save you a ton of Bells in the long run.

Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY Crafting

In Animal Crossing New Horizons you will be able to build your own furniture and tools, also you will be able to modify them as long you have the materials and DIY recipes for them.

After reaching the island, DIY workshops will be announced by Tom Nook which you can attend. Attending these workshops will help you learn the basics of DIY crafting.

While progressing in the game you will also be able to learn how to customize your DIY crafts.

For DIY crafting you will have to collect materials too due to which a new game mechanic has been added which is gathering crafting materials.

You can acquire wood or stone by cutting down the trees or hitting the stones. These attained materials can be used for DIY crafting.

Crafting Procedure
There are three steps to crafting in Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • Learn DIY recipes
  • Gather Materials
  • Craft at Workbench

Let us have a look at all three mentioned procedures one by one.

Learn DIY recipes
The first step is that you need to learn the DIY recipes after which the can be added into your recipes list. You will need to open up your inventory and select the recipe manually in order to learn them.

DIY recipes can also be bought from Resident Services or can be redeemed from the Nook Stop terminal with Nook Miles.

Also there is a new tool called Nook Phone which allows you easily to get access to the new mechanics in the game. Through you this you can also check DIY recipes.

Gather Materials
You will need to check the requirements of crafting the materials after you have learned the DIY recipes. A variety of materials can be obtained from the island like stone, wood, etc. from the available sources like tress and rocks.

Craft at Workbench
After you have gathered the materials and learned the DIY recipe, head towards workbench and craft the item which you want to. After a short cinematization, the crafted item will appear in your inventory.

Items can also be crafted in the simple DIY workbench that you build yourself. It can be placed anywhere on the island making it easier for you to create workspace.

DIY Recipes List – Houseware

Items Required Materials
Campfire Tree branch x3
Bonfire Campfire x1 Wood x10
Log Stool Hardwood x4
Log Bench Hardwood x5
Wooden Washtub Softwood x3
Clothesline Softwood x6
Signpost Hardwood x2 Softwood x3
Tiny Library Wood x5 Book x3
Classic Pitcher Clay x4
Birdbath Stone x4
Oil-Barrel Bathtub Oil barrel x1 Campfire x1 Stone x2
Frying Pan Iron nugget x2
Coconut Juice Coconut x1
Leaf Weed x5
Tulip Crown Red tulips x2 Yellow tulips x2 White tulips x2
Destinations Signpost Hardwood x4 Softwood x8
Simple DIY Workbench Hardwood x5 Iron nugget x1
Tiki Torch Tree branch x5 Wood x5
Tire Toy Old tire x1
Stone Stool Stone x3
Hay Bed Weeds x20
Mini DIY Workbench Wood x3 Hardwood x3 Softwood x3 Iron Nugget x2
Wooden-Block Chair Wooden-Block Toy x1 Softwood x3
Wooden-Block Bookshelf Wooden-Block Toy x1 Softwood x3
Wooden-Block Stereo Wooden-Block Toy x1 Softwood x5 Iron Nugget x2
Rocking Chair Wood x3 Softwood x5
Swinging Bench Wood x5 Softwood x7
Mossy Garden Rock Stone x15 Clump of Weeds x15
Garden Wagon White Hyacinths x3 Red Cosmos x3 Yellow Roses x3 Wood x8 Iron Nugget x2
Water Pump Iron Nugget x2 Clay x6
Campfire Tree Branch x3
Bonfire Campfire x1 Wood x10
Tiki Torch Tree Branch x5 Wood x5
Clotheline Tree Branch x10
Wooden Chair Hardwood x5 Iron Nugget x1
Wooden End Table Wood x8
Wooden Wardrobe Wood x12
Wooden Chest Wood x16
Wooden Simple Bed Wood x18
Log Bench Hardwood x5
Log Dining Table Hardwood x15
Log Stakes Wood x3
Wooden-Block Table Wooden-Block Toy x1 Softwood x8
Plain Wooden Shop Sign Wood x6
Natural Garden Chair Hardwood x6 Iron Nugget x2
Hedge Standee Wood x2 Softwood x3
Barrel Wood x5 Iron Nugget x2
Wooden Bucket Wood x3 Iron Nugget x1
Stall Wood x12
Tire Stack Old tire x3
Stone table Stone x8
Drinking Fountain Stone x8 Iron Nugget x2
Flat Garden Rock Stone x20
Outdoor Bath Stone x20 Shovel x1
Wave Breaker Stone x10 Clay x10
Iron Garden Chair Iron Nugget x3
Iron Garden Table Iron Nugget x3
Iron Frame Iron Nugget x20
Ironwood bed Wood x20 Iron Nugget x10
Beekeeper’s Hive Wasp Nest x3 Wood x5
Bamboo Noodle Slide Young Spring Bamboo x7 Wood x3
Outdoor Picnic Set Cherry-blossom Petal x10
Shell Table Sand Dollar x7 Clay x3
Yellow-Leaf Pile Acorn x3 Clump of Weeds x5
Pile of Leaves Pine Cone x3 Clump of Weeds x5
Robot Hero Rocket x1 Gold Armor x1 Rusted Part x30 Iron Nugget x90 Gold Nugget x10
Silo Iron Nugget x12 Hardwood x6 Clay x12 Stone x12
Fountain Drinking Fountain x1 Stone x20 Iron Nugget x8
Stone Arch Stone x90
Simple Well Stone x15 Flimsy Shovel x1
Brick Well Clay x8 Wood x5 Flimsy Shovel x1
Destinations Signpost Hardwood x4 Softwood x8
Stone Tablet Stone x12
Manhole Cover Iron Nugget x3
Sleigh Wood x8
Red-leaf pile Maple Leaf x3 Clump of Weeds x4
Natural Garden Table Hardwood x9 Iron Nugget x3
Cardboard Chair Cardboard Box x1
Bamboo Doll Young Spring Bamboo x6
Wooden Table Message Bottle Wood x15
Tall Garden Rock Stone x60
Wooden Double Bed Wood x4
Kettle Bathtub Iron Nugget x8 Wood x2 Campfire x1
Iron Closet Iron Nugget x12
Cancer Table Star Fragment x3 Cancer Fragment x2 Gold Nugget x2 Stone x3
Cardboard Bed Cardboard Box x4
Wooden Stool Wood x4
Jail Bars Iron Nugget x5
Wooden Low table Received from the first letter of ‘Happy Home Academy’.
Sauna Heater Stone x6 Iron Nugget x3 Wood x3
Tea Table Hardwood x12
Garden Rock Stone x15
Frozen Counter Large Snowflake x1 Snowflake x5
Bamboo Speaker Bamboo Piece x3 Iron Nugget x1
Deer Scare Bamboo Piece x3 Stone x8 Clump of Weeds x3
Cardboard Table Cardboard Box x4
Pear Bed Pear x10 Softwood x6
Pear Wardrobe Pear x10 Wood x5
Wooden full-length mirror Wood x5 Iron Nugget x1
Scarecrow Tree Branch x3 Clump of Weeds x5
Hearth Clay x4 Hardwood x5
Ironwood Kitchenette Wood x4 Iron Nugget x3 Ironwood Dresser x1 Cutting Board x1
Brick Oven Clay x8 Iron Nugget x2 Wood x6
Plain Sink Wood x6 Clay x4 Iron Nugget x1
Iron Shelf Iron Nugget x14
Ironwood Low Table Wood x6 Iron Nugget x4
Wooden Mini Table Wood x6
Barbell Iron Nugget x10
Gong Iron Nugget x6 Wood x5
Ironwood Chair Wood x3 Iron Nugget x2
Log Stool Hardwood x4
Log Garden Lounge Hardwood x12
Orange End Table Orange x10 Wood x4
Birdhouse Stone x6

 DIY Recipes List – Wall-Mounted Items

Items Required Materials
Cherry Lamp Cherry x10 Clay x2
Shell Wreath Summer Shell x1 Sea Snail x1 Sand Dollar x1 Coral x1 Giant Clam x1 Cowrie x1
Wooden-Block Wall Clock Wooden-Block Toy x1 Softwood x2 Iron Nugget x1
Pretty Cosmos Wreath  Orange Cosmos x3 Pink Cosmos x3 Red Cosmos x3
Coconut Wall Planter Coconut x1 Clump of Weeds x5
Paw-Print Doorplate Wood x3
Potted Ivy Clump of Weeds x5 Clay x5
Pansy Wreath Yellow Pansies x3 White Pansies x3 Red Pansies x3
Windflower Wreath Red Windflowers x3 White Windflowers x3 Orange Windflowers x3
Bamboo Wall Decoration Bamboo Piece x1
Iron Wall Lamp Iron Nugget x4 Clay x2
Snowflake Wreath Snowflake x4
Mushroom Wreath Tree Branch x10 Round Mushroom x1 Skinny Mushroom x1 Flat Mushroom
Orange Wall-Mounted Clock Orange x10 Wood x2
Rose Wreath Red Roses x3 White Roses x3 Yellow Roses x3
Lily Wreath White Lilies x3 Red Lilies x3 Yellow Lilies x3
Hyacinth Wreath White Hyacinths x3 Red Hyacinths x3 Yellow Hyacinths x3

DIY Recipes List – Additional House Décor

Items Required Materials
Woodden-Mosaic Wall Wood x15
Cabin Wall Hardwood x15
Backyard Lawn  Clump of Weeds x30
Sandy-Beach Flooring Sea Snail x1 Venus Comb x1 Sand Dollar x1 Coral x1 Giant Clam x1 Cowrie x1
Stacked-Wood Wall Hardwood x15
Rustic-Stone Wall Stone x5 Clay x5
Underwater Flooring Summer Shell x3 Coral x3
Garbage-Heap Flooring Empty Can x2 Boot x2 Old Tire x2
Jungle Flooring Clump of Weeds x10 Clay x10

 DIY Recipes List – Equipment

Items Required Materials
Recycled Boots Boot x2
Leaf Umbrella Clump of Weeds x15
Grass Skirt Clamp of Weeds x7
Acorn Pochette Acorn x6
Cherry Hat Cherry x5
Apple Dress Apple x8
Orange Dress Orange x8
Peach Dress Peach x8
Knitted-Grass Backpack Clump of Weeds x20

 DIY Recipes List – Misc. Items

Items Required Materials
Frying Pan Iron nugget x2
Old-fashioned Washtub Softwood x3
Wooden-Block Toy Softwood x3
Succulent Plant Clump of Weeds x10 Empty Can x1
Ringtoss Wood x2 Softwood x2
Traditional Balancing Toy Acorn x4 Hardwood x2
Wooden Table Mirror Wood x3 Iron Nugget x1
Fruit Basket x1 of Apple, Pear, Cherry, Orange and Peach
Golden Dung Beetle Golden Nugget x3
Kettlebell Iron Nugget x5
Wooden Fish Wood x3
Unglazed Dish Set Clay x3
Pine Bonsai Tree Clay x5 Pine Cone x8
Tree’s Bounty Little Tree Pine Cone x6 Acorn x4 Hardwood x1
Cherry Speakers Cherry x10 Iron Nugget x2
Tree’s Bounty Lamp Acorn x6 Clay x4
Pot Clay x5
Classic Pitcher Clay x4
Recycled-Can Thumb Piano Empty Can x1 Wood x1 Iron Nugget x1
Matryoshka Softwood x5


DIY Recipes List – Other Items

Items Required Materials
Medicine Wasp Nest x1 Clump of Weeds x3
Simple Wooden Fence Softwood x6
Rope Fence Iron Nugget x4
Ocarina Clay x5
Fish Bait Manila Clam x1
Barbed-Wire Fence Hardwood x4 Iron Nugget x2
Zen Fence Iron Nugget x3 Clay x3 Stone x3
Pitfall Seeds Clump of Weeds x4 Tree Branch x6
Straw Fence Clump of Weeds x10 Wood x3
Spiky Fence Hardwood x8

Any new recipes found will be consistently updated in this guide. Stay tuned.

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