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ARK Aberration Rock Drake Eggs Locations Guide – How to Get Rock Drakes, How to Hatch, How to Raise

Taming the rock drake on the new Aberration expansion for ARK can be quite difficult. The process is not as simple as it is for other drakes and you need to be quite careful when you are in the process of acquiring one. The drake looks absolutely gorgeous, but it is hard to tame which makes the reward even more worth it. This ARK Aberration Rock Drake Eggs Locations Guide will lay out the entire process before your eyes so you do not have to wait to be able to make use of this revered beast. Read on to find out everything about how to tame the Rock Drake.

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Ark Aberration Rock Drake Eggs Location

Before you start your hunt, you need a Hazard Suit to avoid the Radioactivity. After you have it and you have the sufficient level required to capture the Drake, head down towards the bottom of the map. The coordinates are 56/57. Here in this area, you will find the Rock Drake Eggs.

Scour the area until you find a Rock Drake egg which has a good enough level. Make sure you run away as fast as you can after getting the egg as you will be chased by the parents. Take the egg back to your base once you are safe from the dragons.

Ark Aberration Rock Drake Eggs Hatching and Taming Tips

The egg needs to be really cool before it can be hatched. Incubate it until it hatches. While it is being hatched, it is a good idea to go and find food for the baby as it is essential for its survival.

To find food for your baby rock drake, you need to kill the Nameless Ones. Hide underground until they are close and keep on killing them until you get the Jaws of Venom. Keep on killing them until you have a plethora of them in store for the new drake. It is good to keep a backup of all of the items dropped by the Nameless Ones in your base since it might be difficult for you to get it every time your baby drake is famished.

You need to store the venom in a preserving bin which will allow you to save it for five hours rather than half an hour which is its life when in your hands. After you have preserved your Venom, you need to wait for the egg to hatch.

Eventually, the egg will hatch and you will get a brand new baby Rock Drake. Once it is hatched, get some food and feed it to the baby. It will last around 1.5 hours. If your baby is not hungry, then just wait a little while and it eventually will be. Alternatively, you can force feed it and wait for it to grow up.

Make sure you move the drake outside before it becomes too massive to fit through the gates of your base. Keep on feeding the baby regularly so that its growth is not hampered in any way. Once the drake has matured, you can take it for a spin.

The Rock Drake can climb the walls, and glide around to move quickly when you are high enough. You can also cloak and decloak. You can only glide with this drake and flying is not an option. And that is it! You now have your very own Rock Drake.

That is all we have for our ARK Aberration Rock Drake Eggs Locations Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!