Ark Aberration Ravager Location and Taming Guide

A guide on how to tame Ravager in Ark Aberration with taming Tips, locations, and pointers to know where to find it.

A Ravager is an aggressive creature in Ark Aberration that travels in packs. It is even deadlier than a Raptor and wouldn’t let you run away on the ground.

You can use them for scouting, transporting, meat gathering, etc., which makes them great creatures to tame in Ark Aberration. To make things easier, we will cover how to find and tame this creature in Ark Aberration.

Ark Aberration Ravager location

The places to search for them include dark caves and areas around them in Ark Aberration.

The coordinates below will cover both dark caves and areas around them where the chances of Ravager spawn are highest.

Ark Aberration Ravager Location

  • 6°Latitude, 25.2°Longitude to 50.9° Latitude, 25.28° Longitude
  • 3° Latitude, 35.2° Longitude to 51.5° Latitude, 38.48° Longitude

The chances of Ravager Spawning in the abovementioned areas are highest in Ark Aberration. But if you don’t want to spend your time and energy, you can summon a tamed Ravager using the console cheat below.


cheat gmsummon”cavewolf_character_bp_c”1000

How to tame a Ravager

Ravager is a pack hunter, so it requires extra care when you go to tame one. They usually move around in a pack of three or four, so you must prepare. In the pack, one of the Ravagers will be bigger and glowing.

This Ravager has the highest level, so you should want this one. Like any other creature, when you want to tame a Ravager, you must first bring it down. Once it is down, feed it some meat.

If you do not have enough meat in your inventory, you must first take down some sheep and collect some meat to feed the Ravager once it is down.

Since Ravager will be mostly in packs, you will need to take out the other ones so that you can focus on the glowing ones. Once the Ravager is down, keep it unconscious and feed it some food.

Once you tame a glowing one, you can tame the others, and they will follow you in a pack. You can hunt in a pack to quickly take down larger foes.

Before you can ride it, you will need a saddle available at level 47. Once level 47, collect the required items and craft the saddle to ride. Ravagers are good Pack hunters.

They have a left-click bite attack and a right-click slash attack. A slash attack stops the enemy from running away; however, to strike the enemy, the Ravager stops running, so it becomes useless if you run after an enemy.

They also have high stamina so that you can run for more extended periods. The best thing about Ravagers is that they can also walk on the zip lines. Aim at the zip line; when the crosshair appears, jump, and you will land on the zip line, and now you can walk on it back and forth.

Bait them using Honey

It is a great move and gives you the freedom to move around, especially if you have a zip line anchor on your crossbow. You can bait a Ravager away from their pack by using honey. If you’re alone, you shouldn’t tame more than one at a time.

So, bait them away and knock them down. Do this one by one to get all of them. Ravagers tend to be quite expensive to train when it comes to food. It is why you must have a crossbow with some tranq arrows.

Bolas do not last long, and you don’t want a Ravager escaping its bola to gnash you. So, to address the expensive need for food, go ahead and harvest a sheep nearby before you start taming. One sheep will be enough for a pack.

Wild Ravagers will be able to apply gash, regardless if they’re alpha or not, and it will deal a percentage of your health as damage over time while slowing you down as well.

It is why you will have to bola them and not get close to them. To tank the hits you take while you utilize bolas, you should tame a mid-level raptor.

Ravagers react more fiercely than raptors once you bola them; they tend to run away after getting loose. If you bola the alpha, the rest may have an increased chance at escaping once they’ve been bola-ed for long. Eventually, though, they will come at you, which is why you should have enough bolas ready.

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