Ark Aberration Bulbdog Location and Taming Guide

We have made a detailed guide to make the process of locating and taming the Bulbdog easier in Ark Aberration.

One of the newer things that have been released with the Ark Aberration expansion is the tameable creature known as Bulbdog. Among all the herbivores in the Aberration, Bulbdog is the only creature that is tamable.

It has high Health of 700 with a high Charge Capacity that allows you to shine a light, which can work as a portable torch that never runs out. Bulbdog can do minimal damage in a fight and can be used as a combat dino.

Along with this, there are numerous other features that the Bulbdog possesses such as a Radar and a Backpack. Considering how easy it is to catch a Bulbdog, the amount of stuff that he gives you makes him incredibly efficient.

Finding a Bulbdog is also not a difficult process as it can be found wandering around on the Aberration map. You can utilize all the abilities of Bulbdog if you tame him. We have made a detailed guide to make the process of locating and taming the Bulbdog easier in Ark Aberration.

Ark Aberration Bulbdog location

Bulbdog is not very hard to find in Ark Aberration. You can find the Bulbdog in the Northwest regions of the map such as the Mushroom Forest, Ancient Device, Fallen Nexus, and River Valley. These regions have Blubdog commonly wandering around so chances are that you will have already seen it.

You will find Bulbdog in the areas where there are not any dangerous creatures. The reason for that is Bulbdog is a passive creature and has no defense mechanism to protect himself. To learn all the spawning locations of Bulbdog, you can look at the map image below:


Ark Aberration Bulbdog Location

Let us take a look at how you can find the Bulbdog and tame it.

How to tame a Bulbdog

As we mentioned before, Bulbdogs can be found in abundance over the terrain and it should not be hard for you to locate one. Just keep moving around until you see the tiny passive dinosaur and then begin the process of taming it.

Taming them is quite simple. You just need to feed the Bulbdog his favorite food until the taming is full. Below is the list of the favorite food of the Bulbdog:

  • Plant Species Z Seed
  • Aquatic Mushroom
  • Cooked Lamb Chop
  • Cooked Prime Meat
  • Raw Mutton
  • Sweet Vegetable Cake
  • Cooked Meat

All you need to do is to find the Aquatic Mushroom, which can be found in the mushroom patches on the Aberration map. As the name indicates, Aquatic Mushrooms can be found near the water. Just keep on looking for various different mushrooms until you stumble upon the one that you need. Now we can move on to the next phase of the guide.

Once you have the Aquatic Mushrooms, you put them into your tenth slot. Now get up to the Bulbdog and press ‘E’ to tame it. That is pretty much all that you have to do. Now you have a shoulder-mounted torch and you are free to do whatever it is that you wish to do! Remember to feed it raw meat as you do not want it to die though.

There is another food that the Bulldog like more than the Aquatic Mushrooms. That food is Plant Species Z Seed, and you can tame Bulbdog faster than the Aquatic Mushrooms.

You can gather Plant Species Z Seed by standing in front of the plant found all over the Aberration map. It will spit the seed every 60 seconds. You can then use these to plant more plants of Plant Species Z and can give millions of seeds when harvested.

Construct a Pen

If you want, you can construct a small building around the Bulbdog so you won’t have to follow it all around the place, or you could put it in a pen using a flying mount.

Once you tame the Bulbdog, adventuring around the map will become a bit safer because of the light it emits. Though, this light has to be charged by creatures like the Glowbugs.

A helpful mechanic of the Bulbdog’s light is that it scares off the Nameless, which can summon the Reaper King if they gang up on you.

Apart from itself, the Bulbdog will also use the light to find max-level creatures in the nearby area and enemy players. Both of these features are automatically enabled

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