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Persona 5 Proficiency Guide – How to Increase Proficiency Stat, Reduce Crafting Time

Persona 5 Proficiency guide will help players in upgrading this social stat so they are well equipped for all sorts of infiltration encounters thanks to increased crafting speed.

One of the most important social stats, especially early on in the game, is Proficiency. Proficiency mainly focuses on decreasing the crafting time required for various tools and items in the game as well as increasing the amount players can craft. It also helps to improve the relationship with certain confidants.

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Persona 5 Proficiency

While Proficiency increases the number of tools players can craft in one night by reducing the time required, the best way to upgrade this stat is also by continuing to craft more. Basically, like real life where you get good by doing something repetitively. Once players have learned to craft from Morgana, they should regularly craft lockpicks to increase their proficiency. Since lockpicks are used in infiltrating palaces, there is no downside to this.

Alternatively, if players want to take a break, they can also visit the Batting Cages to increase their proficiency by playing the mini-game. This can be a bit time consuming but the rewards make up for it. Players will require a bit of money before they can take part in the Batting Cage minigame to increase their Proficiency stat.

Like every other stat, Proficiency can also be increased by reading books. The description of the book will tell players which social stat it improves so players can check beforehand before purchasing the book or renting it from the school library. These books can then be read in the library or the way to and from school.

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