Fallout 4 Diamond City Blues Side Quest Guide

By   /   Nov 16, 2015
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Diamond City Blues is a complex side quest in Fallout 4 with many branching possibilities. Many folks probably don’t know that even after the completion of the quest, you can still pursue some extra activities related to the quest to get some rewards.

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Fallout 4 Diamond City Blues Side Quest Walkthrough

This guide will help you complete this pretty confusing side quest in the best possible manner, and list all the possible outcomes and branches for you.

Diamond City Blues

Three to Tango
Head to Diamond City and head upstairs to the fancier part of the town. Go into the Colonial Taphouse. Inside, you’ll hear an argument between a husband (Paul Pembroke) and wife (Darcy Pembroke) and a fight between Paul and Henry Cooke, the barkeep.

Eventually, Paul will storm out. Talk to Darcy and Henry. Head outside and talk to Paul then. He’ll ask you to intimidate Henry for him. You can either agree to help or go alone.

If you agree to help and leave the city before visiting Taphouse again, Cooke will kill Paul prior to your return, so it’s best to try to go alone. Persuade Paul to do so, htne head up to the taphouse alone.

Speak with Cooke about his infraction. You can either win a speech challenge and resolve the matter peacefully, or start a fight.

If the conversation ends peacefully, Cooke will tell you of a chems deal he’s been involved in. If you end up killing Cooke though, you can check his body to find a note regarding the chems deal.

The Deal Goes South
The deal is done with a gangsters called Nelson Latimer. You’ll want to head over to his place. Head north to the river west of Back Street Apparel. That’s where you’ll find Nelson and his men.

Whatever you do, the standoff will result in a gunfight. Speak to the lone survivor of the carnage, who is Nelson’s supplier, Trish. You can either agree to let her live, remove her as threat, or promise to let her go.

Either way, you can acquire information about the location of chems lab. It’s generally better to agree to let her go, as it gives you a password for a terminal at the chems lab, which grants easier access as well as additional goods.

If Cooke is with you, he’ll gun her down when she tries to flee, so be vary of that. The real gangster in-charge of the chems is someone called Marowski.

If Paul is still involved in all this, he’ll want you to split the spoils of the chem deal with him. High enough Charisma can boost this to a 70-30 deal in your favor. Sadly, it’s impossible to take all the caps without killing him (if he is assisting you).

If Paul is still in the picture but you talked to Cooke alone and Paul never attended the chem deal, you can inform him of Cooke’s fate and part ways with him, keeping everything for yourself.

Regardless, you’ll need to travel to South Boston to find the Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant. There are plenty of Feral Ghouls here, so be careful. There’s also a lot of advanced tripwire security.

Instead of going inside the plant, climb the exterior walkway and go to the roof. The wall terminal here is what you got the password from Trish for. Use it to get inside the lab. You’ll encounter a few of Marowski’s men who you can slay, then enjoy all the chems you like here.

After Quest: The Latimer Situation
The quest can either end here, or you can extend it to kill either Marowski or Paul Pembroke. You’ll need to wait for 24 hours after you killed Nelson, after which his father Malcolm will become aware of what happened.

Go talk to him. He’s a suited, sunglasses wearing man close to the Colonial Taphouse. You’ll have several options in the conversation.

  • You can blame Marowski for his son’s death, for which you’ll be tasked to kill the gangster.
  • You can blame Paul Pembroke (if he is still alive) and agree to kill him.
  • End the conversation at an impasse, after which Latimer will send thugs after you (which can turn the entire Diamond City against you, so be careful).
  • End the conversation with Malcolm furious at you, after which you can either kill him or pay him off.

It’s best to end the talks diplomatically and head for Marowski to keep everything peaceful in Diamond City.

After Quest: The Collette Situation
If Henry Cooke died during the quest, his daughter Collette will appear in the Dugout Inn around one week after the quest concludes. You can talk to her. You’ll have several options.

  • Confess to killing Cooke (if you did), then resolve the matter diplomatically or resort to killing her.
  • Tell her Cooke is dead or vanished. She’ll either accept your story, get suspicious, or start a fight with you.
  • Tell her you don’t know anything. She’ll either be suspicious or believe you, but won’t start a fight.

If Paul Pembroke is alive, he’ll speak with you if Colette is still hanging around. You can either calm him down, agree to let Paul go off and kill Colette, or agree to kill her yourself.

If you let another week pass with Colette being still alive, you’ll see her again after a week, still investigating at the Dugout Inn.

If you split the chem ambush deal with Paul at 70-3- or took it all, he’ll blame you for killing Cooke in front of her. If she is still suspicious, she’ll confront you regardless.

Either kill her, confess to her, or tell the truth. If Paul is accusing you, you can counter-accuse, after which she will leave town. If she leaves the town suspicious of you, be wary of her turning up at one of your settlements in the future, leading to combat.

If she leaves while being suspicious of Paul, you’ll later find out from Darcy that her husband is dead.

After Quest: The Darcy Situation
Around three days after the completion of the quest, you might be confronted by Darcy in Diamond City market and she’ll try to know what happened.

You have the option of either telling the truth, answering with an evasive or unpleasant response, or agreeing to help find out what happened to Cooke and Paul. Of course, you can also tell her you don’t know anything.

If you do know what happened to Paul, you can confront Cooke about Paul’s disappearance and obtained a confession. You can then inform Darcy. You can also stumble upon Paul’s body in town and tell Darcy about it.

If you’ve been helpful to her, after one week she’ll find a heist poto and give it to you. You can then either talk to Marowski, Cooke, or Latimer about the photo, or kill Cooke and Latimer, or talk to Marowski.

Your options depend on who is alive in both Diamond City and Goodneighbor.

After Quest: The Marowski Situation
If you let anyone live during the standoff (either Nelson or Trish), you’ll be contacted by Marowski after around 24 hours later. He wants you to meet up with him at Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor.

You can choose to ignore this demand for confrontation, but a result of this will be you constantly being harassed by Marowski’s thugs all across the Commonwealth.

Meet Marowski there. He’ll demand that you pay 2,000 caps for the damage you’ve done to his chems trade. You can convince him to lower the fee to 1,000 caps if you wish.

After that, you can either pay up to end the conflict, ask for week to pay, or show Marowski a heist photo you obtained during ‘The Darcy Situation.’

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