Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel Radiant / Misc Quests Guide

Complete walkthrough of Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel Radiant Quests and Miscellaneous Quests to complete all objectives.

Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel faction will not only offer you many side quests, but there are Misc. and Radiant activities you can do for the group.

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Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel Radiant / Misc Quests

Radiant and Miscellaneous Quests will get you one step closer to 100% completion. Below are all the Misc. and Radiant quests for Brotherhood of Steel.

Brotherhood of Steel Miscellaneous Quests

The Lost Patrol
Objective: Speak to Paladin Danse, report youR findings to the Brotherhood, Look for recon team, follow the distress signal, investigate the site, listen to Battlefield Holotape, investigate National Guard Training Yard, follow the distress signal and investigate another battle site to further information.

You are asked to find the missing recon team. There are more than one way to trigger this quest. You can complete Brotherhood of Steel Radiant Quest: “Quartermastery” or Cleansing the “Commonwealth” and speak with Kells or Danse. Also, you can complete “Show No Mercy” and speak with Kells to trigger this quest.

Head to the West Everett Estates in North Central Commonwealth near Med-Tek Research. Roam around until you come across a distress signal, tune the radio and follow the ping to reach a battle site.

Investigate the area and you will find the remains of Knight Varham. Listen to the Holotape on him for further information. Report the findingS or continue the search.

Head to the National Guard Training Yard in the North Central Commonwealth Zone. Once again, listen to the signal and follow the ping to reach another battle site. Listen to the Holotape on Knight Astlin.

Now go to the Revere Satellite Array, follow the signal and examine Scribe Faris for another Holotape. You now have a bunker code 429A. The bunker in question is Recon Bunker Theta in the North Central Commonwealth.

Inside, you will find Paladin Brandis, you have the option to mention his name to end things peacefully or kill him. He does have a nice looking weapon, so…. I say kill him!

Duty or Dishonor
Objective: Question Knight Lucia and Initiate Clarke, Speak to Knight-Sergeant Gavil and search for evidence, see Knight Lucia’s Log and confront Lucia, shadow Initiate Clarke confront him.

To trigger this quest you will have to complete side quest “Show No Mercy” and Miscellaneous quest “The Lost Patrol.”

Some supplies have gone missing at the airport and Kells wants you to investigate the situation. Talk to Kells at the Boston Airport supply depot for details. You will first need to speak with Knight Lucia and see if she’s guilty.

The second suspect is Clark, go and speak with him as well. Later, you will have to visit their sleeping quarters to find evidence. Footlockers are locked so you will have to pickpocket them for keys or pick the lock.

Clark will start to act suspicious, so tail him from a distance and see him enter Boston Airport Ruins. Kill some Ghouls inside and catch up with Clark. Kill him!

A Loose End
Objective: Kill Virgil and report to Kells.

First things first, this quest will be available during side quest “Liberty Reprimed.” Keep in mind that you must also complete Miscellaneous Quest “Duty or Dishonor.”

Speak with Lancer-Captain Kells aboard the Prydwen. He wants you to eliminate Virgil. Go to Virgil and kill him. However, after a conversation, you will also have the option of keeping him alive but lying to Kells.

Getting Technical
Objective: Get Technical Documents for Proctor Quinlan.

Proctor Quinlan is aboard the Prydwen, speak to him to trigger the quest. You can do so during Brotherhood of Steel Quest: “Tour of Duty.” Get any document you find while you’re out for “Tour of Duty” back to Quinlan.

Blood Bank
Objective: Secure Viable Blood Samples for Scribe Neriah.

Once you’re done with “Tour of Duty,” speak with Scribe Neriah aboard the Prydwen. She needs some blood samples from enemies you kill. Check the enemies you kill for “Viable Blood Samples.”

Reactor Coolant
Objective: Create Reactor Coolant for Proctor Ingram.

First, complete all main Brotherhood of Steel main quests before playing this one. Ingram is aboard the Prydwen and wants some Reactor Coolant. You will need to find the following items:

  • Gas Canister
  • Nuclear Material 2x
  • Antifreeze 3x
  • Dirty Water 5x

Go to the Chemistry Station near you to make the coolant.

Brotherhood of Steel Radiant Quests

Cleansing the Commonwealth
Objective: Secure a random location and report to Knight Rhys.

Rhys wants you to go out there and clear a location of mutant infestation, cultists, Super Mutants or Ferals etc. Kill only the tagged enemies, others are icing on the cake.


Objective: Recover the item Haylen wants.
Scribe Haylen wants a certain piece of technology and you have to recover it, obviously. She will let you know where it is, but the area isn’t marked with the item’s exact location.

You will need to find it, best bet is a steamer trunk nearby. Bring the item back in one piece and watch out for mutants.

Leading by Example
Objective: Talk to Brotherhood Squire, secure the location with Squire, report to Captain Kells.

Speak to Kells who will ask you to train Squires. Meet the Squire at the airport follow him to a random location for the mission. Reach the location and kill all the enemies tagged on the Pipboy.

Report back to Kells.

Learning Curve
Objective: Talk to Brotherhood Scribe and escort Scribe to a location, protect the Scribe and report back to Quinlan.

Speak to Quilan to trigger the quest and escort a Brotherhood Scribe on a research patrol.

Remember to complete “Tour of Duty” before engaging in this conversation. Follow the Scribe to a random location and protect him as he hacks the terminal.

Feeding the Troops
Objective: Secure settlement crops, talk to Teagan.

Complete “Tour of Duty” and speak with Teagan. He will ask you to visit the Commonwealth farm and secure the crops.

Speak with a settler there. You can purchase the crops for 1000 caps. If you feel like becoming a farmer, kill the settlers and starts growing crops yourself.

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