Deus Ex: Human Revolution Weapons and Weapon Mods Location Guide

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is more about Stealth and sneaking past your enemies to get what you want and leave than about going gun-blazing into the heart of the enemy to get a bullet in your arse and leave with alarmingly low health. Still, when the time calls for it, weapons can save your arse and that’s why you need to know more about the best weapons in the game and where to get them.

You can also enhance effectiveness of your weapon by installing different weapon mods. These weapon mods are weapon specifics so every weapon supports only limited number of mods that you can install in it. We have detailed everything you need to know – from weapons to weapons mods to explosives and mines.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Weapons

You may want to look into our Key codes and Hacking Passwords if you can’t unlock a specific terminal, device or locked door to get the weapon you want.

10mm Handgun
It’s a common handgun in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Good stopping power makes it a decent weapon against unarmed enemies. It’s a short-range weapon with good fire rate and 10 round capacity. Standard reloading time and OK damage.

Weapon Mods

  • Silencer
  • Laser targeting system
  • Armor piercing rounds.
  • Extended Magazine
  • Faster Reload speed

Machine pistol
It’s a rapid-fire weapon best used for personal defense. 30 round capacity but weak stopping power. Low Power, high rate-of-fire makes it useful against multiple unarmed enemies but at all times, you should avoid engaging inorganics with this weapon equipped.

Weapon Mods

  • Silencer
  • Laser targeting system
  • Target-seeking system.

Revolver is powerful five-round handgun that fires match-grade high velocity ammunition.

Location. You will find it hidden in lockers or behind locked doors. Or you can take it from Zeke Sanders who carries it around at the Sarif Plant or buy it from the weapon dealer in the storage room of the Alice Pod Gardens.

Weapon Mods

  • You can only mod Revolver with Explosive Rounds.

Combat Rifle
It’s rapid-firing, automatic rifle that is equally good in warfare and open combat.

Location. You will get it on your first mission when Devid Sarif asks you about the mission approach, choose ‘Lethal’ then ‘Ranged’. It has a medium-to-long-range with a large ammo capacity but don’t rely on it against heavily armored enemies. You can takedown a police officer to retrieve this weapon off him though, it’s not recommended. Or you can get it from the locked locker. Give Letitia, the hobo informant four bears and she will give you the storage locker key codes.

Weapon Mods

  • Silencer
  • Target-Seeking system
  • Laser targeting system

King of the short-range combat. It’s a short-range weapon, that is extremely effective in close quarters combat due to its area of effect or rounds/shells spread. Burst round system helps it shoot 2 rounds per one shot, it nearly kills light to medium armored enemies in one go.

Location. It is often carried by gangsters in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Or you can buy it from Grayson, the weapons dealer in the Detroit gas station.

Weapon Mods

  • Burst round system

It is another short-range, area-of-effect weapon. It’s a non-lethal weapons that at best, knocks down the enemies.

Location. You can get in the Police Station Armory and in a Hangsha Locker.

Weapon Mods

  • There are no mods for this weapon.

The medieval inspired single shot weapon used for hunting medium game. You can retrieve your arrows, provided the bolts didn’t strike any hard surface or target.

Location. You will get it in Clock and Daggers side quest or you can buy it from the hotel on the first floor in Hangsha. It’s a long range weapon with a devastating amount of damage.

Weapon Mods

  • Target leading system

Sniper Rifle
It’s a long ranged weapon for marksmen.

Location. You will find it carried by Belltower Soldiers and Mercs, or unlock a Level 4 security door near the Detroit L.I.M.B. to enter an apartment building with an open window. Now, with Icarus Augmentation, look down, and use the vents to break your fall before you take the terminal damage.

Weapon Mods

  • Laser targeting system

Tranquilizer Rifle
Silent but deadly long-ranged weapon that fires tranquilizer darts to put your enemies to sleep without permanent injury. Do note that, there is a delay of a few seconds before the drugs take effect. It can be longer on stronger targets. The dart fired by the Tranquilizer Rifle follows an arc and doesn’t travel in a straight line so use the scope’s adaptable sight to line up your shot before firing.

Location. You will get it on your first mission. When asked by David Sarif, Choose Non-Lethal and Range. If you don’t get it on your first mission, it will quite some time before you get the chance to take it.

Weapon Mods

  • Reload speed
  • Target leading system

Stun Gun
Want to avoid all the bloodshed ? this weapon is for you. Be warned it isn’t that stealthy and its noise may give your position away. It is effective to take down enemies but is not silent. However, unlike Tranquilizer Rifle, it disables electronics (Robots, Cameras, and Inorganics) for a short time.

Location. When asked by David Sarif about your intent, Choose ‘Non-Lethal’ and ‘Close Up’. You can also get it from Storage Locker in Detroit and it will show up often at different places as the game progresses.

Weapon Mods

  • There are no mods for this weapon.

Rocket Launcher
A weapon of choice against heavily armored enemies. It is capable of firing a variety of warheads so is quite handy at times. Rocket Launchers are good against large robots and are one-hit-kill weapons.

Location. You can search D.R.B building to get it. Look for it in a walled area of the TYM Lower tower, next to a box of rockets. Beware of the robot that is patrolling the area when you enter the area for the first time.

Weapon Mods

  • Heat Seeking System

Heavy Rifle
It’s an advanced weapon capable of suppressive fire. It takes some time to reload it, but should a weapon of choice when you are up against large numbers.

Location. You will find it with Belltower Soldiers.

Weapon Mods

  • Internal Cooling System
  • Laser Targeting System

Laser Rifle
It’s an experimental weapon that fires a beam of energy. You will always be short on ammo when using this weapon.

Location. You will find it in Tong’s office in (ACT 5) Hangsha. It is part of the main mission, don’t confuse it with the HIVE.

Weapon Mods

  • Internal Cooling System.

Plasma Rifle
It’s a high-damage long-range weapon capable of dealing damage to multiple targets at once provided you can get them in a cluster. Be careful with it though, if you are too close to the target, you can hurt yourself. Just use its impact from range, and you should be fine.

Location. You will find it after Defeating Namir. Look for it on the Panchaea in a cargo crate where you land.

Weapon Mods

  • Cooling System
  • Laser Targeting System

Grenade Launcher
It launches multiple high explosives and is very effective against crowds and bosses due to high damage area.

Location. You will only get it if you have pre-ordered the game with Gamestop in US. It is a quest reward you get from the bonus mission from the pre-order. If you didn’t get one from Tong, there is another one on Panchaea.

Weapon Mods

  • There are no weapon mods for Grenade Launcher.

Silenced Sniper Rifle
A sniper rifle with a silencer. How convenient ? It comes with sound suppressor and laser targeting system already built-in, which makes it silent and deadly. Otherwise, it’s just a standard sniper rifle.

Location. It’s a special marksman that is only obtainable if you have pre-ordered the game with certain retailers.

Weapon Mods

  • There are no weapon mods for Silenced Sniper Rifle.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Weapon Mods

Laser Targeting System
It replaces the traditional reticule with red-dot aiming sight.

Location. It’s a quest reward for completing ‘Lesser Evils’ quest, read our walkthrough if you seek help completing that quest. You can also get in Highland Park from the small building near electric field. Or purchase it at Gas Station weapons dealer or Hangsha 1st Floor hotel.

It’s a sound suppressor, reduces the noise when firing a gun. It is only Available for 10mm Pistol, Machine Pistol, and Combat rifle.

Location. You can purchase from 2nd Floor Apartments that are accessible through fire escape by the basketball court. You can get it for discount if you have rescued all hostages, and convinced Zeke to let hostage go in the first mission. If you are successful, go to Sarif building and check your office computer. You can also purchase it in Hangsha at Hotel 1st Floor. Or look for it in drawer in Montreal – Online News Division (Level 3). It is also a quest reward from ‘Smash the State’ Detroit which requires you to knock out target ‘White’ instead of killing him.

Ammo Capacity Upgrade
It increases ammo capacity of given weapon. Upgrade depends on the weapon: Pistol +3, Shotgun +2, Combat Rifle +10, Heavy Rifle +25, Machine Pistol +10.

Location. Quest reward in Clock and Dagger side quest. If you choose to give the crossbow and give her the option of arresting O’Malley, she will reward you with 2 Ammo Capacity Upgrades and 2000 credits. You can also get it from Tai Yong Medicals Cat walk Room 2.

Damage Upgrade
It increases weapon damage.

Location. You can purchase this upgrade at Gas Station Weapons dealer in Detroit.

Reload Speed Upgrade
It increases reload speed which can be really handy when you against many enemies, quickly closing down on you.

Location. You can purchase at Gas Station Weapons dealer in Detroit. Or from the Police Precinct – Go to the morgue door and you will find lockers behind you. Look for the reload upgrade on the far side of the locker that is next to the fire hydrant to the right.

Rate-of-Fire Upgrade
It increases rate of fire of given weapon.

Burst Round System
Shotgun fires 2 bullets with one shot after this upgrade.

Location. You can purchase it at Gas Station Weapons Dealer for 1500 credits.

Target Leading System
It helps predict where the projectile will hit, so you can aim accordingly.

Location. You can purchase it at Highland Park (Motor City Ballers) or in a Locker in Hangsha.

Target Seeking System
It allows your bullets to seek the target automatically. When the path is white it means your target is open and will be hit. When the path is red it means your target is not in sight or behind cover.

Location. It is purchasable in Hanghsa at Hotel 1st Floor.

Armor-Piercing System
It gives armor-piercing damage to given weapon.

Location. You can get it from your apartment in Detroit. You can either Hack or get the code for Pad to open a secret compartment behind the TV.

Cooling System
Weapons can overheat and get stuck in the heat of the battles so this upgrade makes sure your weapon stays cool after continuous use.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Explosives

Fragmentation Grenade
Standard grenade that bursts into fragments that in turn damage your enemies. If you aren’t careful, you can damage yourself from blast.

E.M.P Grenade
It’s an electro-magnetic pulse grenade that is good against robots and cameras. If you aren’t careful, you can damage yourself with blast.

Concussive Grenade
It’s a standard flash grenade that you can use it create a distraction, or temporarily blind your enemies.

Gas Grenade
You can knock your enemies off with its gas within its area of effect. It’s good for crowd control. You can also create a distraction with it.

Fragmentation Mines
There are multiple uses for Fragmentation Mines. You can use them as standard grenades or plant them on any surface. They will activate when anything triggers them. You should be careful with these babies though, you can yourself trigger them. You can also retrieve them by slowly walking up to them. They are good against all types of enemies; robots, cameras etc.

E.M.P Mines
Electro-Magnetic Pulse mines that can be used as grenade or can be planted on any surface. Can be used as standard mines, difference lies in their effectiveness against robots or electronics.

Concussive Mines
Standard mine use. Their effectiveness lies in their use as a distraction or to blind your enemies.

Gas Mines
Use is similar to Gas Grenade but they can also be planted on any surface.

Mine Template
You can combine Mine Template with any type of grenade to make a mine of that grenade type.

Remote Explosive Device
You can throw and press the button to blow it when you see fit. You can use it as a bait, attract enemies toward it and set it off.

Automatic Unlocking Device
You can throw this device at any Security Lock, Pad, or computer and it will automatically unlock.

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