Fallout New Vegas Skill Books Location Guide

By   /   Aug 11, 2011

Fallout New Vegas features Skill Magazines and Skill Books as items that increase player stats.

The difference between Skill Books and Skill Magazines is, the effect of using Skill Magazine is temporary while the effect of using a Skill Book is permanent.

That makes finding Skill Books more important and useful in our quest to survive in Post Apocalyptic Wastelands of Las Vegas.

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I have listed down every Skill Book you can find in the wastelands of New Vegas categorized by each type in name, location, description format.

Table of Contents

Big Book of Science

Big Book of Science #1
Location. Brewer’s Beer Bootlegging
It is in the backroom lying on a table just on the right side of the chem kit.

Big Book of Science #2
Location. Camp Forlorn Hope
Look at the right corner-desk in the Command Center.

Big Book of Science #3
Location. Executive Suites
Go to the Sierra Madre Casino and head towards its Executive Suites area, get into Vera’s room and search her book shelf.

Big Book of Science #4
Location. HELIOS ONE
You’ll get this as a reward once you run the power of the network (That Lucky Old Sun)

Big Book of Science #5
Location. Nipton Hall
On the top floor of the Mayor’s office, on a desk. (Joseph Steyn)

Big Book of Science #6
Location. Repconn HQ
Go inside the door which is next to the radioactive barrel, then go past the 2nd door and you’ll see it on the table.

Big Book of Science #7
Location. Research Center
Look between the Xander Plants, just next to the skeleton. South of the Y-O building.

Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual

Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual #1
Location. Camp Searchlight
It is in the basement, lying just next to the metal shelves. (East Chapel)

Chinese Army : Special Ops Training Manual #2
Location. Goodsprings
You will find it inside the house of Trudy and Sunny Smiles, east from the schoolhouse. You will find it on the book shelf. You need to steal it.

Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual #3
Location. NCR Sharecropper farms
The barracks are located near the four water towers; it is inside them next to some files and papers.

Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual #4
Location. Puesta del Sol switching station
There is a big machine in the eastern most room – go towards the south of the room to find it. That machine has a catwalk and the book is on it.

Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual #5
Location. Vault 3
Go to the Living Quarters and go below the stairs from the recreation area, turn right and look on the shelves.

Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual #6
Location. X-13 Research Facility
It is in the room where you get the chest plate, just opposite to the door lying on the floor.

Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual #7
Location. X-13 Research Facility
It is given to you once you’ve completed the stealth suit tests.

D.C Journal of Internal Medicine

D.C Journal of Internal Medicine #1
Location. Followers Safehouse
Go to the second room and look the bed-side table.

D.C Journal of Internal Medicine #2
Location. Helios One
Go to the main building, 1st floor. It is lying on the bed of the room which had the Eastern terminal’s password.

D.C Journal of Internal Medicine #3
Location. Mesquite Mountains Crater
Check out the table beneath the Hat-like globe, Hell’s Motel.

D.C Journal of Internal Medicine #4
Location. Villa Clinic
Get to the basement and find the fire extinguisher, the book is in the cabinet just next to it.

Deans Electronics

Deans Electronics #1
Location. Abandoned Bunker
There is a reloading bench just next to the office; there is a metal sill on its opposite where the book can be found.

Dean’s Electronics #2
Location. Nellis AirForce Base
It’s on the big counter, Loyal’s house.

Dean’s Electronics #3
Location. Puesta del Sol Switching Station
It is next to the terminal which shuts off the power of the speakers, 2nd level of the station. Christine is recommended to be used in this one because her perk lowers the speaker power.

Dean’s Electronics #4
Location. Sloan
Look at the top left shelf just after you enter into the Worker Barracks.

Dean’s Electronics #5
Location. Southern Nevada Wind Farm
It is on the table which has the scrap metal.

Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover #1
Location. Mojave Outpost
Get in to the barracks and look beneath the bar’s counter, on the shelf.

Duck and Cover! #2
Location. Nellis AirForce Base
Get into the Pearl’s Barracks and find the grenade rifle, there is a book shelf just above to it.

Duck and Cover! #3
Location. Residential District
Go to the room where you meet Dean Domino, it is underneath the bed. You will have to use explosives and throwing spears to get the book though.

Duck and Cover! #4
Location. Sloan
It is on the shelf just beneath the first aid kit, Worker Barracks.

Grognak the Barbarian

Grognak the Barbarian #1
Location. Cannibal Johonson’s Crave
Just next to the fire, lying on the mattress.

Grognak the Barbarian #2
Location. Cottonwood Cove
1st floor, next to the bed of the nightstand – Headquarter building.

Grognak the Barbarian #3
Location. Hidden Supply Cave
Get into the cave and find it near the metallic crates.

Grognak the Barbarian #4
Location. Jacobstown
Head towards the lodge and enter the first house at the Eastern side and you will find it near the oven.

Grognak the Barbarian #5
Location. Police Station
Get to the northwest far-corner of the basement; it is in front of the filing cabinets.

Guns and Bullets

Guns and Bullets #1
Location. Gomorrah
Go to the upper floor and look on the left side, it is on the first book shelf. Big Sal’s office.

Guns and Bullets #2
Location. Nevada Highway Patrol Station
Search the desks.

Guns and Bullets #3
Location. Raul’s Shack
There is a crate just next to a door.

Guns and Bullets #4
Location. Sierra Madre Casino
You’ll have to get into the cashier’s area, get to the 2nd floor and jump onto the beams so you can enter into the caged area. Search for it near the cashier’s table.

Guns and Bullets #5
Location. Vault-34
Go to the lounge (armory level) and find it near the pool table which is just next to the reloading bench.

Lying, Congressional Style

Lying, Congressional Style #1
Location. Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch
Go upstairs, into the room where the chessboard is located. It is a locker.

Lying, Congressional Style #2
Location. Cerulean Robotics
Next to the office desks, lying on the floor.

Lying, Congressional Style #3
Location. Lucky Jim Mine
It is inside the house (Lucky Jim Mine)

Lying, Congressional Style #4
Location. NCR CF
Get to the 2nd floor of the administration office, it is on the desk.

Lying, Congressional Style #5
Location. The Tampico
Opposite to the projector.

Nikola Tesla and You

Nikola Tesla and You #1
Location. Hidden Valley
Go to Schuler’s office, it’s in the white dust-bin. Just next to his desk.

Nikola Tesla and You #2
Location. Old Nuclear Test Site
It’s on the table, next to the exit door – Irradiated shack

Nikola Tesla and You #3
Location. Repconn HQ
Go to the first floor, and get to the top of the safe. You can either go via the security door or get to the 3rd floor and grab the key which is next to the skeleton, in a suitcase.

Nikola Tesla and You #4
Location. REPCONN HQ
Get to second floor and enter into the first room of your right side, check the computer table.

Nikola Tesla and You #5
Location. Sierra Madre Casino Vault
There are few pipes just before the vault’s door, jump onto them and go past the walkway. Check the bag.

Pugilism Illustrated

Pugilism Illustrated #1
Location. Fisherman’s Pride Shack
Get into the shack and check on the bedside table.

Pugilism Illustrated #2
Location. Nipton Road Reststop
There is a shelf at the center of the room, of the store.

Pugilism Illustrated #3
Location. The Tops
Go to the casino and enter into the Presidential suite, there is a pool room, check the corner table.

Pugilism Illustrated #4
Location. Vault 11
Go to the female dorm -1 of the living quarters, just next to the wardrobe.

Pugilism Illustrated #5
Location. Villa
Just next to the fountain.

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor #1
Location. Allied Technlogies Offices
Go to the biggest room of the area, and find it infront of the Nuka-Cola vending machine.

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor #2
Location. Cap Counterfeiting Shack
It is in the small cellar room, just next to the bed on a suitcase.

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor #3
Location. Primm
Go to the giftshop and search behind its counter – Bison Steve Hotel.

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor #4
Location. Salida del Sol
Check out the book shelf of the building which is opposite to the Salida del Sol House. (South)

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor #5
Location. Vault 22
Go to the Pest Control and look on the table. (Laboratory)

Tumblers Today

Tumblers Today #1
Location. Bitter Springs Recreation Area
There are two rooms inside the office area, get into the smaller one and look on the table.

Tumblers Today #2
Location. Sierra Madre Casino
There is a room at the SE side of the casino’s floor area which has an auto doc in it, there is a tool cabinet behind the bar, it’s on it.

Tumblers Today #3
Location. Silver Peak Mine
Get into the shack, at the right side of the entrance there are two tables, it is behind them lying on the floor.

Tumblers Today #4
Location. The Prospector’s Den
Enter into the big barracks room of the caves. It is lying on the floor on the right side. (Caves)

Tumblers Today #5
Location. Wolfhorn Ranch
There is a fridge without its door, check beneath it. (Inside Farmhouse)

Wasteland Survival Guide

Wasteland Survival Guide #1
Location. Lone Wolf Radio
Next to the mattress (In Radio’ Trailer)

Wasteland Survival Guide #2
Location. Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm
Next to the barrel crate of the top balcony – North Barn

Wasteland Survival Guide #3
Location. Mesquite Mountains Camp Site
Get into the western tent and you’ll find it lying on the ground just next to the toolbox.

Wasteland Survival Guide #4
Location. Scavenger Platform
Go to the northern platform and check the broken metal bookshelf.

Workbench Crate

Workbench Crate #1
Location. Angel Cave
Check out the right side of Joshua Graham just when you enter in the cave for the first time

Workbench Crate #2
Location. Cueva Guarache
You can go the Survivalist’s room by walking into the corridor, and then past the pile of wood and then triggering the locked door by causing some damage to it, the book is in the room.

Workbench Crate #3
Location. Fallen Rock Cave
This is in the room from where you get the Compliance Regulator, enable the frag mines and get to the bottom.

Workbench Crate #4
Location. Stone Bone’s Cave
It is in the same room from where you collect the Desert Ranger combat Armor.

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