Fallout New Vegas Unique Weapons Location Guide

You can find all sorts of conventional, energy, and sci-fi weapons in Fallout New Vegas.

You can find all sorts of conventional, energy, and sci-fi weapons in Fallout New Vegas. Read our Fallout New Vegas Weapons Guide for full breakdown of these weapons, and read below, where you can find these unique weapons.

Location. Ruby Hill Mine
You will find this Displacer Glove over a body of Jackal Gang member inside the mine.

oh, Baby!
Location. Charlestone Cave
In the farthest part of the cave near a broken stealth boy.

AER14 Prototype
Location. Vault 22
In vault 22, go to the common room via broken stairs only accessible from the food production level. You will find this Laser Rifle inside that common room.

Love and Hate
Location. Bonnie Springs
Kill Viper Gang Leader in Bonnie Springs to get these Spiked Knuckles.

Alien Blaster
Location. Hovering Anomaly
Get wild wasteland trust, and get it at hovering anomaly.

Location. Mercenary Camp
Get wild wasteland trust, and get this Gaus Rifle from mercenary camp.

Vance’s Submachine Gun
Location. Wins Hideout
You will find this 9mm Submachine Gun inside the safe at Wins Hideout.

Pew Pew
Location. Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters
Complete the side quest Legend of the Star, and you will find this Laser Pistol over the body of Allen Marks.

Cram Opener
Location. Camp McCarran
Little Buster is your guy in Camp McCarran to get this.

La Longue Carabine
Location. Camp McCarran
Corporal Sterling, member first recon team, has this Cowboy Repeater.

This Machine
Location. Camp McCarran
Complete “Dealing with Contreras” and don’t turn him in to get this gun as a reward.

Q-35 Matter Modulator
Location. REPCONN Headquarters
You will find this Plasma Rifle in a locked shipment room in REPCONN Headquarters.

Nephi’s Golf Driver
Location. REPCONN Headquarters
Find Driver Nephi, he carries this gun.

Euclid’s C Finder
Location. Mick & Ralph’s
Max is carrying the Euclid C-Finder, you can find him around the freeside of Mick & Ralph’s.

Location. Kings School of Impersonation
Find Sergio at the back of the school, he owns it.

Golden Gloves
Location. Lucky 38 Casino
You will find them in the upper bar of the casino floor.

Location. The Tops Casino
You get this 9mm Pistol from Benny, when you kill him.

The Humble Cudgel
Location. Sealed Sewers
You will find it near prospector’s corpse inside sealed sewers.

Thump Thump
. Nellis Array
You will find this Grenade Rifle lying on the floor near Ant Mound, in Nellis Array.

Abilene Kid LE BB Gun
. Field’s Shack
You will this BB Gun on the shelf inside Field’s Shack.

CZ57 Avenger
. The Devil’s Throat
Inside the devil’s throat at the back of the container, near the dead body.

All American
. Vault 34
You will find the gun on the upper floor on a table in the armory cache.

Pulse Gun
. Vault 34
You will find it in the armory cache in Vault 34.

Blade of the East
. Legate’s Camp
Legate Lanius is your man, if you want this Blade.

Mysterious Magnum
. Sunset Sarsaparilla Billboard
Lonesome Drifter is the man to find, in Sarsaparilla Billboard if want this gun. He can be found close to El Dorado Dry Lake.

Fat Man (.44 Magnum Revolver)
. Quarry Junction
You will find it near the skeleton by the south silt pool. You can also find this weapon in the prospector’s corpse.

Lucky (.357 Magnum Revolver)
. Primm
You will find it inside Cashier’s area of Vikki & Vance casino in Primm.

Chance’s Knife
. Chance’s Grave
You will find it in Chance’ Grave.

. Black Mountain
Black Mountain Sniper on the black mountain summit.

Paladin Toaster
. Black Rock Cave
You will near the dead prospector’s body in the cave.

Big Boomer (Shotgun)
. Gibson Scrap Yard
Old Lady Gibson has it.

That Gun
. Novac
You will find it in the locked storage room inside Dino Bite Gift Shop.

. Dead Wind Cavern
You will find it on the floor of the cavern, near the body of the dead brotherhood of steel paladin.

. Broc Flower Cave
You will find against the desk in the broc flower cave.

. Nelson
Carried by Dead Sea in Nelson.

. Wolfhorn Ranch
You will find it on the stove of wolfhorn ranch.

Holy Frag Grenade
. Camp Searchlight
First you need wild wasteland trust, get it. Go to camp searchlight and you will these in the basement of the eastern church.

Knock Knock (Fire Axe)
. Camp Searchlight
Search the restrooms of the upper floor of the fire station in camp searchlight.

Gobbi Campaign Scout Rifle (Sniper)
. Sniper’s Nest
You will find it in one of the lockers there.

Recompense of the Fallen
. Cottonwood Cave
Go to the upper floor of the main building in cottonwood cave, and you will find it on the desk of Aurelius.

Dinner Bell (Shotgun)
Complete the quest ‘Bleed Me Dry’ to get this weapon.

Tesla Beaten Prototype
. Crashed Vertibird
Search the ground near vertibird, it is there.

If you find anything else, let us know and we will add it up. I hope you can find these weapons with these hints. Check our Fallout New Vegas Guides for more info.

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