Fallout New Vegas Tweaks Guide

Guide to Tweak Fallout New Vegas to make it look a whole lot better, and increase the performance of your machine while running it.

Fallout New Vegas is based on the same engine “Gamebryo” as Fallout 3 was, which provide a massive capability for tweaking. There are three methods excluding in-game settings to customize your game; Mods, .ini files and console commands.

You can refer to the Tweak Guide below to play around with your game to either enhance its beauty or improve performance.

Fallout New Vegas Tweaks

The two main .ini files which concern us are “Fallout_default.ini/Fallout.ini” and FalloutPrefs.ini which can be found here

\Program Files\Steam\userdata\(your UID, probably the only folder in there) \22380 (the game ID assigned by Steam to Fallout NV) \remote\falloutprefs.ini).

Now all the changes you make in Fallout.ini, you will have to do the same for “Fallout_default.ini” which can be found here

\Program Files\(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FNVegas

as it overwrites all the changes to “Fallout.ini” every time the game runs. So it is highly recommended that you make a backup of “Fallout_default.ini” config file.

There are many variables which do not affect the performance much and there are some which are altered from the in-game settings, hence we are excluding all those non useful variable, and focusing our attentions on only useful ones.

File name you need to edit for the tweak is also written against each variable, so you just have to open that configuration file in any text editor and find the specified variable (CTRL + F) and change values to recommended ones.

Fallout New Vegas Tweak Guide

iPresentInterval=0 – Disables/Enables Vertical Synchronization (VSync). Found in (Fallout_default.ini)

fForegroundMouseMult=4.0 – Mouse acceleration (increasing value will increase mouse speed and vice verse). (Fallout_default.ini)

fForegroundMouseAccelBase=0 – Removes Mouse trails.(Fallout_default.ini)

fForegroundMouseAccelTop=0 – (Fallout_default.ini)

fForegroundMouseBase=0 – (Fallout_default.ini)

fForegroundMouseMult=0 – (Fallout_default.ini)

bDisableAllGore=1 – Disables/Enables Gore (blood decals, dismemberment , etc) from game. If set to 1 it will disable Gore. (Fallout_default.ini)

bAllowScreenShot=1 – If value =1, it will allow you to take screenshot in-game with PRINT SCREEN key (screens will be saved as .bmp in \Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas , or you can also use any software like Fraps. (Fallout_default.ini)

SScreenShotBaseName=MyScreenShot – Name given to screenshot when taken by PRINT SCREEN key e.g: MyScreenShot3.bmp. (Fallout_default.ini)

iConsoleTextYPos=900 – Determines console command’s text Vertical Position

iConsoleTextXPos=20 – Determines console command’s text Horizontal Position

iConsoleVisibleLines=05 – Determines Maximum Number of console command lines displayed on screen

rDebugTextColor=255,251,233 – Determines color of the console text font, use this RGB Calculator for color code reference (Fallout_default.ini)

fDefaultWorldFOV=75.0000 – Change Field Of View (FOV) of the game, but you have to place this command at the end of Display section in (Fallout_default.ini).

fDefault1stPersonFOV=57.0000 – Alter FOV of your physical structure (how much of your body/weapon is visible)

bShowQuestMarkers=1 – Enable/Disable quest markers appearing on the Compass (FalloutPrefs.ini)

bBorderRegionsEnabled=1 – Removes/adds invisible barriers at the edges of the game world. (Fallout_Default.ini)

bInvalidateOlderFiles=0 – if value =1 then modded files will be launched instead of the original ones. (Fallout_Default.ini)

iFPSClamp=0 – In-Game physics and frames, by default its value is 0 and both frames and physics are synchronized, but if you are facing frame rate issues, you can play with this variable. So if you set value to 60 your frames will be fixed at 60 and your physics changes will be optimized. (Fallout_Default.ini)

bDisablePlayerCollision=0 – Set value =1 to disables player collisions, so that your character will pass through solid objects. (Fallout_Default.ini)
Fallout New Vegas Interface Tweaks


These variables determine position of HUD, less the value wider the HUD (elements will move towards edges). (Fallout_Default.ini)

fBlurIntensityPipboy=0.25 – This variable determines brightness and haziness of the Pip-Boy (Fallout.ini).

uPipboyColor=452952319 – Determines color for the PipBoy. (Fallout.ini).

uHUDColor=452952319 – Determines HUD color (Fallout.ini).

Fallout New Vegas Graphics Tweaks

iSize W=1920
iSize H=1080

Sets Resolution (works only in Windowed Mode). (FalloutPrefs.ini)


Sets Brightness level , you can adjust beyond the limit given in-game menu. (FalloutPrefs.ini)

bUseRefractionShader=1 – Controls invisiblilty effect in the game, setting value to 0 boost up FPS. (Fallout_default.ini)

bDOSpecularPass=1 – If set to 0 removes shiny effect from most of the surfaces, removing shine also improves FPS. (Fallout_default.ini)

iMaxDecalsPerFrame=10 – Determines maximum number of decals(mainly blood splashes) visible at any time. (FalloutPrefs.ini)

uMaxDecals=100 – Determines the time for which a particular decal is visible. (FalloutPrefs.ini)

uGridsToLoad=5 – Determines number of grids around the character, increasing graphics details. Change it to an odd number 3,5,7,11… Increasing it will decrease performance. (Fallout_default.ini)


These variables determines visible range for building and trees, increasing value will increase number of building , trees visible in the distance. (FalloutPrefs.ini)


Determines the size of the sun in the sky. (Fallout_default.ini)

iMinGrassSize=80 – Determines density of grass clumps. Raising the value decreases Grass density and increases, lowering the value increases the density of the grass and decreases the FPS.(Fallout_default.ini) Thanks. Matt.L for Tip

bForceFullLOD=0 – If set to 1 increases visibility of bushes creating a more realistic and natural environment. (Fallout_default.ini)

fGrassStartFadeDistance=7500 – Distance across which grass is spreading. You can increase beyond the Limits in the launcher menu. (FalloutPrefs.ini)

bDrawShaderGrass=1 – If set to 0 removes all grass from wasteland, improving FPS lowering realism. (Fallout_default.ini)


These variables determine level of water details, higher the value more the crisp and detailed water reflections. Affect on performance is high. (FalloutPrefs.ini)

Fallout New Vegas Performance Tweaks


Determines number of cells buffered into RAM, changing values to higher number makes game smooth. If you have 1GB RAM change values to (6 and 72) for 2GB (16 and 102) and try raising them if you have greater RAM. (Fallout_default.ini)

iPreloadSizeLimit=26214400 – Determines amount (in bytes) of RAM allowed for pre-loading game data, helps reduce stuttering if value is increased, for users with 1GB RAM try 5242880, 104857600 (100MB) for 2GB RAM owners. (Fallout_default.ini)

bPreemtivelyUnloadCells=0 – If value =1 then it unloads unnecessary data, set to 1 if you have LOW RAM. (Fallout_default.ini)

bUseHardDriveCache=1 – Enables/Disables game to use hard drive cache, if you are experiencing stuttering, reduce it with this tweak. (Fallout_default.ini)









Some recommended settings for less stuttering and smoother gameplay, Setting them to 1 may help without causing trouble. (Fallout_default.ini)










All these commands enhance multi threading feature of the game engine, ensuring a smooth and fast gameplay with a multitasking capabilities. (Fallout_default.ini)

Fallout New Vegas Console Tweaks

Console commands provide a wide range of commands to alter game in many ways. For new users Console is opened by ‘~’ key, type ‘help’ and press enter to get list of all commands. However, steam wont let you obtain achievements if you use console commands.

player.forceav – Sets Any attribute, including s.p.e.c.i.a.l., skills resistances, weight limit, etc.

player.modav – Modifies a value, the value will max out at its normal maximum values (100 for skills, 85 for resistances, 10 for s.p.e.c.i.a.l. etc) e.g. player.modav carryweight 150 will result in 500 + 150 = 650.

Player.sexchange – Toggles between character’s sex.

ShowNameMenu – open menu to change player name.

ShowRaceMenu – Open menu to change race and face of player.

Player.advlevel – Advance one level.

Player.addperk X – set (X=perk ID).

player.setlevel – Set level (will not give you the bonus skills and perks you get from entering the “player.advlevel” command or advancing a level normally.)

addspecialpoints – Add indicated amount of Special Points.

addtagskills – Adds indicated amount of Tag Skill Points.

advlevel – Level up your character one level.

getXPfornextlevel – Gain one level.

modpca – Add indicated amount of points to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats.

modpcs – Add indicated amount of points to your skills.

player.setlevel – Set player level.

rewardKarma – Add indicated amount of Karma Points.

setpccanusepowerarmor – Toggle Power Armor use.

setspecialpoints – Set Special Points.

settagskills – Sets Tag Skill Points.

setgs fmoverunmult – Faster running, 4 is default.

setgs fmovesneakmult – Faster sneak.

setgs fjumpheightmin – Higher jump, default is 75.

setgs Shows the amount for fjumpheightmin, fmoverunmult, fmovesneakmult.

removefromallfactions – Remove player from all factions

addreputation F X Y – Set player reputation with faction. (F = faction ID, X = 0/neg or 1/pos, Y = amount)

GetQuestCompleted – Complete current quest.

movetoqt – Move player to current quest target.

showquestlog – Shows the quest log, everything the player has encountered and done.

Getquestcomplete – checks if the current quest is complete. if true = 1 false = 0

sqt – List current quest targets.

player.setweaponhealthperc 100 – Sets weapon health to 100% on equipped weapon.

player.additem – Get indicated amount of the selected item.

player.additem 000000F – Get indicated amount of caps.

setownership – Make the item yours.

unlock – Unlock doors, safes, terminals or any other locked container.

lock – Lock doors, safes, terminals or any other unlocked container. Adding a number after lock sets the difficulty. For example lock 1 would create an easy lock, lock 0 a very easy, and so on.

player.srm – Self repair of items up to your current repair skill.

tam – Toggles actor movement through pathing system.

tai – Toggle AI.

tais – Toggle AI Schedules.

tb – Show border lines for each cell.

tbvg – Toggles bound visualization for a ref.

tsh – Toggle Cast Shadows.

tcn – Toggle 3D for a Cell child node: 0-Actor, 1-Marker, 2-Land, 3-Water, 4-Static, 5-Active.

tccs – Toggle char controller shape type.

tcl – Toggle Collision.

tcg – Show collision geometry.

tcai – Toggles ALL Combat AI.

tcd – Toggles combat debug info.

tcs – Toggle Combat Stats.

tconv – Toggle conversation stats.

tdd – Toggle debug displays for decal creation : 0-Wireframe, 1-Solid, 2-Occlusion Query, 3-Transform.

tdt – Show debug numbers on the screen.

tdr – Toggle decal rendering.

tdb – Toggles depth bias for decals on or off.

tdetect – ToggleDetection.

tds – Show the detection stats of the current selected Ref.

temo – Toggle NPC facial emotions.

teofis – Toggles end of frame imagespace effects.

tfc -Toggles the Free Fly camera (UFO cam).

tfow – Turns fog of war on or off.

tfik – Toggles Foot IK system.

tfh – Toggle Full Help.

tfsmb – Toggles Full screen motion blur.

tgm – Toggle God mode.

tgik – Toggles Grab IK system.

tg – Toggle grass display.

tgu – Toggle Grass Update.

thd – Toggles HDR debug textures.

thighprocess – Toggle High Process.

tlv – Toggle Leaves.

tlb – Toggles lite brite render mode.

tll – Toggle LOD Land

tlik – Toggles Look IK system.

tlowprocess – Toggle Low Process.

tms – Toggle Magic Stats.

tmg – Show material geometry.

tm – Hide all the menus. Used for taking screen shots.

tmhighprocess – Toggle Middle High Process.

tmlowprocess – Toggle Middle Low Process.

mbc – Toggle all Multibound check functionality.

tnm – Toggle blocked display.

tocc – Toggle occlusion query for geometry.

tpi – Toggle path information.

tpl – Toggle path display.

tra – Toggles Ragdoll

trd – Toggles refraction debug render texture

tsz – Display the television 85% safe zone.

tscr – Turn Script processing on/off.

tspurb – Toggles the SPU render batch on or off.

tsputu – Toggles the SPU transform update on or off.

ttl – Toggle test light (radius, magnitude).

tt – Turn trees on/off.

tws – Toggles the water system.

twf – Show the world as wireframe.

tvl – Toggle VATS Light.

tpr – Toggle Primitives.

tsv – Toggle Shadow Volumes.

ts – Toggle Sky.

twr – Toggle Water Radius.

fov – Change the camera’s field of view (in deg): default 75

shgc – Set parameters for HUD glow.

slod – Set LOD Object Distance.

s1st – Show the 1st person Model from the 3rd person camera. If in 3rd person mode it will show both.

ShowSubtitle – Show all dialog subtitles (1 shows always, 0 hides always).

SetMPSParticleMax – Sets the maximum number of particles emitted by master particle system emitter set.

Do the tweaks, and share your results with us. If you know anything else, worth mentioning let us know and we will add it as part of the article.

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